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Update en-US dictionary to latest version (20230105)

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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jump	=移動
press	=押す
check	=チェックを入れる
uncheck	=チェックを外す
select	=選択
open	=開く
close	=閉じる
switch	=切り替え
click	=クリック
expand	=展開する
cycle	=切り替え
# An action provided to accessibility clients such as screen readers to allow
# them to click an element when the click will be handled by a container
# (ancestor) element. This is not normally reported to users.
# (^m^) Bug 1395181 で追加。Entity 名にスペースが入っているためコメントアウト
#click ancestor = 祖先要素をクリック

# Universal Access API support
# (Mac Only)
# The Role Description for AXWebArea (the web widget). Like in Safari.
htmlContent	=HTML コンテント
# The Role Description for the Tab button.
tab		=タブ
# The Role Description for definition list dl, dt and dd
term		=用語
definition	=定義
# The Role Description for an input type="search" text field
searchTextField	=テキスト検索フィールド
# The Role Description for WAI-ARIA Landmarks
application	=アプリケーション
search		=検索
banner		=バナー
navigation	=ナビゲーション
complementary	=補完コンテント
content		=コンテント
main		=メイン
# The (spoken) role description for various WAI-ARIA roles
alert		=警告
alertDialog	=警告ダイアログ
dialog		=ダイアログ
article		=記事
document	=文書
# The (spoken) role description for the WAI-ARIA figure role
figure		=
# The (spoken) role description for the WAI-ARIA heading role
heading		=見出し
log		=ログ
marquee		=マーキー
math		=数式
note		=注釈
region		=領域
status		=アプリケーション状態
timer		=タイマー
tooltip		=ツールチップ
separator	=区切り
tabPanel	=タブパネル
# The roleDescription for the html:mark element
highlight	=強調
# The roleDescription for the details element
details		=詳細
# The roleDescription for the summary element
summary		=要約