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82.0+: sync mail, calendar, suite with en-US rev13637:13b4438fad03 (2020-10-07)

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- The page shown when not logged in... -->
<!ENTITY setupButton.label          "&syncBrand.fullName.label; をセットアップ">
<!ENTITY setupButton.accesskey      "S">
<!ENTITY weaveDesc.label            "&syncBrand.fullName.label; を使えば、SeaMonkey の履歴、ブックマーク、パスワード、開いているタブに、様々な端末からアクセスできます。">

<!-- The page shown when logged in... -->
<!ENTITY accountGroupboxCaption.label "&syncBrand.fullName.label; アカウント">
<!ENTITY accountName.label            "アカウント名:">

<!-- Login error feedback -->
<!ENTITY updatePass.label             "更新">
<!ENTITY updatePass.accesskey         "U">
<!ENTITY resetPass.label              "リセット">
<!ENTITY resetPass.accesskey          "R">

<!-- Manage Account -->
<!ENTITY manageAccount.label          "アカウントを管理">
<!ENTITY manageAccount.accesskey      "M">
<!ENTITY viewQuota.label              "サーバー使用量を表示">
<!ENTITY viewQuota.accesskey          "V">
<!ENTITY changePassword.label         "パスワードを変更">
<!ENTITY changePassword.accesskey     "C">
<!ENTITY myRecoveryKey.label          "自分のリカバリーキー">
<!ENTITY myRecoveryKey.accesskey      "M">
<!ENTITY resetSync.label              "Sync をリセット">
<!ENTITY resetSync.accesskey          "R">
<!ENTITY unlinkDevice.label           "この端末を切り離す">
<!ENTITY unlinkDevice.accesskey       "D">
<!ENTITY addDevice.label              "端末を追加">
<!ENTITY addDevice.accesskey          "A">

<!-- Sync Settings -->
<!ENTITY syncComputerName.label       "端末名:">
<!ENTITY syncComputerName.accesskey   "N">

<!ENTITY syncMy2.label              "同期するデータ:">
<!ENTITY engine.addons.label        "アドオン">
<!ENTITY engine.addons.accesskey    "A">
<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.label     "ブックマーク">
<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY engine.tabs.label          "タブ">
<!ENTITY engine.tabs.accesskey      "T">
<!ENTITY engine.history.label       "履歴">
<!ENTITY engine.history.accesskey   "r">
<!ENTITY engine.passwords.label     "パスワード">
<!ENTITY engine.passwords.accesskey "w">
<!ENTITY engine.prefs.label         "個人設定">
<!ENTITY engine.prefs.accesskey     "P">

<!-- Footer stuff -->
<!ENTITY prefs.tosLink.label        "利用規約">
<!ENTITY prefs.ppLink.label         "プライバシーポリシー">