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[S] browser: Bug 1770960 - Enterprise policy for using system print dialog

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<!ENTITY accountWindow.title "Proprietà dell’account">
<!ENTITY accountWindow.width "300">
<!ENTITY account.general "Generale">
<!ENTITY account.advanced "Opzioni avanzate">
<!ENTITY "Nome utente:">
<!ENTITY account.password "Password:">
<!ENTITY account.alias "Alias:">
<!ENTITY account.newMailNotification "Notifica arrivo nuovi messaggi">
<!ENTITY account.autojoin "Canali con iscrizione automatica:">
<!ENTITY account.proxySettings.caption "Impostazioni Proxy:">
<!ENTITY account.proxySettings.change.label "Cambia…">
<!ENTITY account.proxySettings.change.accessKey "C">