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<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- Title -->
<!ENTITY addressbookWindow.title                        "Rubrica">

<!-- Menus:  the . means that the menu item isn't implemented yet -->

<!ENTITY blankResultsPaneMessage.label                  "Questa rubrica mostra i contatti solo dopo una ricerca">
<!ENTITY localResultsOnlyMessage.label                  "I contatti di rubriche remote non vengono visualizzati fino a quando non si effettua una ricerca">
<!-- File Menu -->
<!ENTITY newContact.label                               "Contatto…">
<!ENTITY newContact.accesskey                           "C">
<!ENTITY newContact.key                                 "N">
<!ENTITY newListCmd.label                               "Lista di distribuzione…">
<!ENTITY newListCmd.accesskey                           "L">
<!ENTITY newAddressBookCmd.label                        "Rubrica…">
<!ENTITY newAddressBookCmd.accesskey                    "R">
<!ENTITY newLDAPDirectoryCmd.label                      "Directory LDAP…">
<!ENTITY newLDAPDirectoryCmd.accesskey                  "D">
<!ENTITY newIM.label                                    "IM">
<!ENTITY printContactViewCmd.label                      "Stampa contatto…">
<!ENTITY printContactViewCmd.accesskey                  "p">
<!ENTITY printContactViewCmd.key                        "P">
<!ENTITY printPreviewContactViewCmd.label               "Anteprima di stampa contatto">
<!ENTITY printPreviewContactViewCmd.accesskey           "A">
<!ENTITY printAddressBook.label                         "Stampa rubrica…">
<!ENTITY printAddressBook.accesskey                     "r">
<!ENTITY printPreviewAddressBook.label                  "Anteprima di stampa rubrica">
<!ENTITY printPreviewAddressBook.accesskey              "u">

<!-- Edit Menu -->
<!ENTITY deleteAbCmd.label                              "Elimina rubrica">
<!ENTITY deleteContactCmd.label                         "Elimina il contatto">
<!ENTITY deleteContactsCmd.label                        "Elimina contatti selezionati">
<!ENTITY deleteListCmd.label                            "Elimina lista">
<!ENTITY deleteListsCmd.label                           "Elimina elementi selezionati">
<!ENTITY deleteItemsCmd.label                           "Elimina elementi selezionati">
<!ENTITY swapFirstNameLastNameCmd.label                 "Scambia Nome/Cognome">
<!ENTITY swapFirstNameLastNameCmd.accesskey             "m">
<!ENTITY propertiesCmd.label                            "Proprietà…">
<!ENTITY propertiesCmd.accesskey                        "o">
<!ENTITY propertiesCmd.key                              "i">

<!-- View Menu -->
<!ENTITY showAbToolbarCmd.label                         "Barra della rubrica">
<!ENTITY showAbToolbarCmd.accesskey                     "R">
<!ENTITY layoutMenu.label                               "Struttura">
<!ENTITY layoutMenu.accesskey                           "S">
<!ENTITY showDirectoryPane.label                        "Pannello Rubrica">
<!ENTITY showDirectoryPane.accesskey                    "R">
<!ENTITY showContactPane2.label                         "Pannello Contatti">
<!ENTITY showContactPane2.accesskey                     "C">
<!ENTITY menu_ShowNameAs.label                          "Visualizza nome come">
<!ENTITY menu_ShowNameAs.accesskey                      "V">
<!ENTITY firstLastCmd.label                             "Nome Cognome">
<!ENTITY firstLastCmd.accesskey                         "N">
<!ENTITY lastFirstCmd.label                             "Cognome, Nome">
<!ENTITY lastFirstCmd.accesskey                         "C">
<!ENTITY displayNameCmd.label                           "Nome visualizzato">
<!ENTITY displayNameCmd.accesskey                       "v">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (toggleDirectoryPaneCmd.key): This is only used on the
     mac platform, other platforms use VK_F9. -->
<!ENTITY toggleDirectoryPaneCmd.key                     "S">

<!-- Tasks Menu -->
<!ENTITY importCmd.label                                "Importa…">
<!ENTITY importCmd.accesskey                            "I">
<!ENTITY exportCmd.label                                "Esporta…">
<!ENTITY exportCmd.accesskey                            "E">

<!-- Toolbar and Popup items -->
<!ENTITY newContactButton.label                         "Nuovo contatto">
<!ENTITY newContactButton.accesskey                     "c">
<!ENTITY newlistButton.label                            "Nuova lista">
<!ENTITY newlistButton.accesskey                        "N">
<!ENTITY editItemButton.label                           "Proprietà">
<!ENTITY editItemButton.accesskey                       "P">
<!ENTITY newmsgButton.label                             "Scrivi">
<!ENTITY newmsgButton.accesskey                         "C">
<!ENTITY deleteItemButton.label                         "Elimina">
<!ENTITY deleteItemButton.accesskey                     "E">
<!ENTITY newimButton.label                              "Messaggio istantaneo">
<!ENTITY newimButton.accesskey                          "M">
<!ENTITY printButton.label                              "Stampa">
<!ENTITY printButton.accesskey                          "m">
<!ENTITY searchNameAndEmail.placeholder                 "Cerca per nome ed email">
<!ENTITY searchBox.title                                "Cerca">

<!-- Tooltips -->
<!ENTITY addressbookToolbar.tooltip                     "Barra della Rubrica">
<!ENTITY newContactButton.tooltip                       "Crea un nuovo contatto in rubrica">
<!ENTITY newlistButton.tooltip                          "Crea una nuova lista">
<!ENTITY editItemButton.tooltip                         "Modifica elemento selezionato">
<!ENTITY newmsgButton.tooltip                           "Crea un nuovo messaggio">
<!ENTITY newIM.tooltip                                  "Spedisce un messaggio o avvia la chat">
<!ENTITY printButton.tooltip                            "Stampa l'elemento selezionato">
<!ENTITY deleteItemButton.tooltip                       "Rimuovi elemento selezionato">
<!ENTITY advancedButton.tooltip                         "Apre la finestra di dialogo per la ricerca indirizzi">

<!-- Dir Tree header -->
<!ENTITY dirTreeHeader.label                            "Rubriche">

<!-- Card Summary Pane -->
<!-- Box Headings -->
<!ENTITY contact.heading                                "Contatto">
<!ENTITY home.heading                                   "Pagina iniziale">
<!ENTITY other.heading                                  "Altro">
<!ENTITY chat.heading                                   "Chat">
<!ENTITY phone.heading                                  "Telefono">
<!ENTITY work.heading                                   "Lavoro">
<!-- Special Box Headings, for mailing lists -->
<!ENTITY description.heading                            "Descrizione">
<!ENTITY addresses.heading                              "Indirizzi">
<!-- For Map It! -->
<!ENTITY mapItButton.label                              "Ottieni mappa">
<!ENTITY mapIt.tooltip                                  "Mostra mappa di questo indirizzo via web">

<!-- Status Bar -->
<!ENTITY statusText.label                               "">

<!-- Swap FN/LN UI  Set to "false" to show swap fn/ln UI -->
<!ENTITY  hideSwapFnLnUI                                "true">