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[S] toolkit: Bug 1772339 - Hover states for PiP playback controls

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- extracted from content/pref-fonts.xul -->

<!ENTITY pref.fonts.title "Caratteri">

<!ENTITY language.label "Caratteri per la codifica:">
<!ENTITY language.accesskey "C">

<!ENTITY typefaces.label "Carattere visualizzato">
<!ENTITY sizes.label "Dimensione (pixel)">

<!ENTITY proportional.label "Proporzionale:">
<!ENTITY proportional.accesskey "P">

<!ENTITY serif.label "Con grazie:">
<!ENTITY serif.accesskey "z">
<!ENTITY sans-serif.label "Senza grazie:">
<!ENTITY sans-serif.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY monospace.label "Spaziatura fissa:">
<!ENTITY monospace.accesskey "a">
<!ENTITY fantasy.label "Fantasia:">
<!ENTITY fantasy.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY cursive.label "Corsivo:">
<!ENTITY cursive.accesskey "o">

<!ENTITY font.langGroup.latin "Latino">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.japanese "Giapponese">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.trad-chinese "Cinese Tradizionale(Taiwan)">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.simpl-chinese "Cinese Semplificato">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.trad-chinese-hk "Cinese Tradizionale(Hong Kong)">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.korean "Coreano">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.cyrillic "Cirillico">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.el "Greco">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.thai "Tailandese">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.hebrew "Ebraico">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.arabic "Arabo">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.devanagari "Devengari">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.tamil "Tamil">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.armenian "Armeno">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.bengali "Bengalese">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.canadian "Sillabario canadese unificato">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.ethiopic "Etiope">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.georgian "Georgiano">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.gujarati "Gujarati">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.gurmukhi "Gurmukhi">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.khmer "Khmer">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.malayalam "Malayalam">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.math "Matematica">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.odia "Oriya">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.telugu "Telugu">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.kannada "Kannada">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.sinhala "Singalese">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.tibetan "Tibetano">
<!ENTITY font.langGroup.other "Altri sistemi di scrittura">
<!ENTITY minSize.label "Dimensione minima caratteri:">
<!ENTITY minSize.accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY minSize.none "Nessuna">

<!ENTITY useDefaultFontSerif.label "Con grazie">
<!ENTITY useDefaultFontSansSerif.label "Senza grazie">

<!ENTITY useDocumentFonts.label "Permetti ai documenti di utilizzare i propri caratteri">
<!ENTITY useDocumentFonts.accesskey "n">

<!-- leaving this stuff in for now -->

<!ENTITY header2 "Quando una pagina web specifica i propri caratteri">
<!ENTITY useDefaultFont.label "Utilizza i caratteri selezionati, ignorando i caratteri specificati dalla pagina">
<!ENTITY useDefaultFont.accesskey "U">