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[S] toolkit: Bug 1772339 - Hover states for PiP playback controls

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# LOCALIZATION NOTE These strings are used inside the Source Editor component.
# This component is used whenever source code is displayed for the purpose of
# being edited, inside the Firefox developer tools (like Style Editor).

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findCmd.promptMessage = Cerca:

gotoLineCmd.promptTitle = Vai alla riga…

autocompletion.docsLink = documentazione

autocompletion.notFound = non trovato

jumpToLine.commandkey = J

toggleComment.commandkey = /

indentLess.commandkey = ò

indentMore.commandkey = à

moveLineUp.commandkey = Alt-Up

moveLineDown.commandkey = Alt-Down

autocompletion.commandkey = Space

showInformation2.commandkey = Shift-Ctrl-Space

find.key = CmdOrCtrl+F

replaceAll.key = Shift+CmdOrCtrl+F

replaceAllMac.key = Alt+CmdOrCtrl+F

findNext.key = CmdOrCtrl+G

findPrev.key = Shift+CmdOrCtrl+G