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Bug 1608188 - Migrate blocklist.dtd to Fluent, part 1.

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
   - You can obtain one at  -->

<!ENTITY downloads.title "Download">
<!ENTITY downloads.width "70ch">
<!ENTITY cmd.pause.label "Pausa">
<!ENTITY cmd.pause.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY cmd.resume.label "Riprendi">
<!ENTITY cmd.resume.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY cmd.cancel.label "Annulla">
<!ENTITY "Apri cartella di destinazione">
<!ENTITY cmd.showMac.label "Mostra nel Finder">
<!ENTITY cmd.showDownloads.label "Visualizza cartella di download">
<!ENTITY cmd.showMac.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY cmd.retry.label "Riprova">
<!ENTITY cmd.goToDownloadPage.label "Vai alla pagina di download">
<!ENTITY cmd.goToDownloadPage.accesskey "w">
<!ENTITY cmd.copyDownloadLink.label "Copia indirizzo di origine">
<!ENTITY cmd.copyDownloadLink.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY cmd.removeFromHistory.label "Elimina dalla cronologia">
<!ENTITY cmd.removeFromHistory.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY cmd.clearList2.label "Svuota pannello anteprima">
<!ENTITY cmd.clearList2.accesskey "o">
<!ENTITY cmd.clearDownloads.label "Cancella elenco download">
<!ENTITY cmd.clearDownloads.accesskey "n">
<!ENTITY cmd.unblock2.label "Consenti download">
<!ENTITY cmd.unblock2.accesskey "s">
<!ENTITY cmd.removeFile.label "Elimina file">
<!ENTITY cmd.chooseUnblock.label "Elimina file o consenti download">
<!ENTITY cmd.chooseOpen.label "Apri o elimina file">
<!ENTITY showMoreInformation.label "Visualizza ulteriori informazioni">
<!ENTITY openFile.label "Apri file">
<!ENTITY retryDownload.label "Riprova download">
<!ENTITY cancelDownload.label "Annulla download">
<!ENTITY blocked.label "BLOCCATO">
<!ENTITY learnMore.label "Ulteriori informazioni">
<!ENTITY downloadsHistory.label "Visualizza tutti i download">
<!ENTITY downloadsHistory.accesskey "V">
<!ENTITY downloadDetails.label "Dettagli download">
<!ENTITY openDownloadsFolder.label "Apri la cartella dei download">
<!ENTITY clearDownloadsButton.label "Cancella elenco download">
<!ENTITY clearDownloadsButton.tooltip "Rimuovi dall’elenco i download completati, annullati o non riusciti">
<!ENTITY downloadsListEmpty.label "Non sono presenti download.">
<!ENTITY downloadsPanelEmpty.label "Nessun download per questa sessione.">
<!ENTITY downloadsListNoMatch.label "Non è stato trovato alcun download corrispondente.">