Pontoon: Update Interlingua (ia) localization of Thunderbird
authorMartijn Dekker <martijn@inlv.org>
Fri, 25 Jun 2021 07:34:45 +0000
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Pontoon: Update Interlingua (ia) localization of Thunderbird Co-authored-by: Martijn Dekker <martijn@inlv.org>
--- a/chat/irc.properties
+++ b/chat/irc.properties
@@ -118,30 +118,30 @@ message.invited=%1$S era invitate con su
 #    %1$S is the nickname of the invited user, %2$S is the conversation name
 #    they were invited to but are already in
 message.alreadyInChannel=%1$S es jam in %2$S.
 #    %S is the nickname of the user who was summoned.
 message.summoned=%S ha essite convocate.
 #    %S is the nickname of the user whose WHOIS information follows this message.
 message.whois=Information WHOIS de %S:
 #    %1$S is the nickname of the (offline) user whose WHOWAS information follows this message.
-message.whowas=%1$S es disconnexe. Information WHOIS de %1$S:
+message.whowas=%1$S es foras de linea. Information WHOWAS de %1$S:
 #    %1$S is the entry description (from tooltip.*), %2$S is its value.
 message.whoisEntry=\ua0\ua0\ua0\ua0%1$S : %2$S
 #    %S is the nickname that is not known to the server.
 message.unknownNick=%S es un supernomine incognite.
 #    %1$S is the nickname of the user who changed the mode and %2$S is the new
 #    channel key (password).
 message.channelKeyAdded=%1$S ha cambiate le contrasigno del canal a %2$S.
 message.channelKeyRemoved=%S ha removite le contrasigno del canal.
 #    This will be followed by a list of ban masks.
-message.banMasks=Usatores connexe ab le locos sequente es bannite ex %S:
+message.banMasks=Le usatores connectite ab le locos sequente es bannite de %S:
 message.noBanMasks=Il non ha ulle locos bannite pro %S.
-message.banMaskAdded=Le usatores connexe an locos concordante %1$S ha essite bannite ex %2$S.
-message.banMaskRemoved=Le usatores connexe an locos concordante %1$S non es plus bannite ex %2$S.
+message.banMaskAdded=Le usatores connectite ab locos correspondente a %1$S ha essite bannite per %2$S.
+message.banMaskRemoved=Le usatores connectite ab locos correspondente a %1$S non es plus bannite per %2$S.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (message.ping): Semi-colon list of plural forms.
 #  See: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 #   %1$S is the nickname of the user or the server that was pinged.
 #   #2 is the delay (in milliseconds).
 message.ping=Responsa al ping ab %1$S in #2 millisecunda.;Responsa al ping ab %1$S in #2 millisecundas.
@@ -177,21 +177,21 @@ error.channelForward=Tu non pote entrar 
 #    by the server as a valid mode.
 error.unknownMode='%S' non es un modo de usator valide sur iste servitor.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.*):
 #    These are the descriptions given in a tooltip with information received
 #    from a whois response.
 #    The human readable ("realname") description of the user.
-tooltip.server=Connexe a
+tooltip.server=Connectite a
 #    The username and hostname that the user connects from (usually based on the
 #    reverse DNS of the user's IP, but often mangled by the server to
 #    protect users).
-tooltip.connectedFrom=Connexe ab
+tooltip.connectedFrom=Connectite ab
 tooltip.registeredAs=Registrate como
 tooltip.secure=Connexion secur
 # The away message of the user
 tooltip.ircOp=Operator IRC
 tooltip.lastActivity=Ultime activitate
--- a/editor/ui/chrome/dialogs/EditorInsertMath.dtd
+++ b/editor/ui/chrome/dialogs/EditorInsertMath.dtd
@@ -3,17 +3,17 @@
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
 <!-- Window title -->
 <!ENTITY windowTitle.label "Inserer expression mathematic">
 <!ENTITY sourceEditField.label "Insere le codice fonte LaTeX:">
 <!ENTITY options.label "Optiones">
-<!ENTITY optionInline.label "Modo connexe">
+<!ENTITY optionInline.label "Modo in linea">
 <!ENTITY optionInline.accesskey "x">
 <!ENTITY optionDisplay.label "Modo de monstrar">
 <!ENTITY optionDisplay.accesskey "M">
 <!ENTITY optionLTR.label "Direction de sinistra a dextra">
 <!ENTITY optionLTR.accesskey "s">
 <!ENTITY optionRTL.label "Direction de dextra a sinistra">
 <!ENTITY optionRTL.accesskey "d">
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/chat.dtd
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/chat.dtd
@@ -7,17 +7,17 @@
 <!ENTITY conversationsHeader.label     "Conversationes">
 <!ENTITY searchResultConversation.label "Resultato del recerca">
 <!ENTITY chat.noConv.title             "Le conversationes essera monstrate hic.">
 <!ENTITY chat.noConv.description       "Usa le lista de contactos in le pannello de sinistra pro initiar le conversation.">
 <!ENTITY chat.noPreviousConv.description       "&brandShortName; actualmente non ha ulle previe conversationes conservate pro iste contacto.">
 <!ENTITY chat.noAccount.title             "Tu non ha ancora definite un conto chat.">
 <!ENTITY chat.noAccount.description       "Consenti a &brandShortName; de guidar te a traverso le configuration de tu conto chat.">
 <!ENTITY chat.accountWizard.button       "Comenciar">
-<!ENTITY chat.noConnectedAccount.title             "Tu contos chat non es connexe.">
+<!ENTITY chat.noConnectedAccount.title             "Tu contos de chat non es connectite.">
 <!ENTITY chat.noConnectedAccount.description       "Tu non pote connecter les ab le fenestra de dialogo 'Stato del chat':">
 <!ENTITY chat.showAccountManager.button       "Monstrar stato del chat">
 <!ENTITY chat.participants             "Participantes:">
 <!ENTITY chat.previousConversations    "Conversationes precedente:">
 <!ENTITY chat.ongoingConversation      "Conversation in curso">
 <!ENTITY openConversationCmd.label     "Initiar un conversation">
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/devtools/dbgserver.properties
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/devtools/dbgserver.properties
@@ -1,11 +1,15 @@
+# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
+# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
+# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
 options.stop.label=Stoppar le servitor de utensiles de disveloppamento
 options.start.label=Poner in marcha le servitor del utensiles de disveloppamento
-options.connected.label=#1 cliente connexe;#1 clientes connexe
-options.connected.tooltip=Le servitor del utensiles de disveloppator es fluente e il ha clientes connexe.
+options.connected.label=#1 cliente connectite;#1 clientes connectite
+options.connected.tooltip=Le servitor del utensiles de disveloppator es active e il ha clientes connectite.
 options.listening.tooltip=Le servitor del utensiles de disveloppator es fluente e attende le connexion.
 options.idle.label=Non fluente
 options.idle.tooltip=Le servitor del utensiles de disveloppator non es fluente. Tu pote lancear lo ab iste fenestra de dialogo.
 options.unsupported.label=Non supportate
 options.unsupported.tooltip=Un error occurreva al cargamento del servitor integrate de utensiles de disveloppator. Verifica que illo es pacchettate e verifica tu consola de error pro messages.
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/imAccounts.properties
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/imAccounts.properties
@@ -25,23 +25,23 @@ account.connection.error=Error: %S
 # %S is the id (not very user friendly; hence the quotes) of the missing plugin.
 account.connection.errorUnknownPrpl=Nulle plugin pro le protocollo '%S'.
 account.connection.errorEnteringPasswordRequired=Es necessari inserer un contrasigno pro connecter iste conto.
 account.connection.errorCrashedAccount=Un collapso ha occurrite durante le connexion a iste conto.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (account.connection.progress):
 # %S is a message indicating progress of the connection process
 account.connection.progress=Connectente: %S…
-account.connectedForSeconds=Connexe per poc secundas.
+account.connectedForSeconds=Connectite durante alcun secundas.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (account.connectedFor{Double,Single},
 #                    account.reconnectIn{Double,Single}):
 # Each pair of %S is a number followed by a unit. The units are
 # already localized in a downloads.properties file of the toolkit.
-account.connectedForDouble=Connexe per %1$S %2$S e %3$S %4$S.
-account.connectedForSingle=Connexe per circa %1$S %2$S.
+account.connectedForDouble=Connectite durante %1$S %2$S e %3$S %4$S.
+account.connectedForSingle=Connectite durante circa %1$S %2$S.
 account.reconnectInDouble=Reconnexion in %1$S %2$S e %3$S %4$S.
 account.reconnectInSingle=Reconnexion in %1$S %2$S.
 requestAuthorizeTitle=Requesta de autorisation
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (requestAuthorizeAllow, requestAuthorizeDeny):
 # the & symbol indicates the position of the character that should be
 # used as the accesskey for this button.