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Pontoon: Update Interlingua (ia) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Melo46 <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# LOCALIZATION NOTE: The 1st %S is brandShortName and 2nd %S is update version
# where update version from the update xml
# example: MyApplication 10.0.5
updateName=%S %S

noThanksButton=No, gratias
restartLaterButton=Reinitiar plus tarde
restartNowButton=Reinitiar %S

statusFailed=Installation fallite

installSuccess=Le actualisation ha essite correctemente installate
installPending=Installation a facer
patchApplyFailure=Le actualisation non pote ser installate (application del pecia fallite)
elevationFailure=Tu non ha le permissiones necessari pro installar iste actualisation. Per favor contacta tu gestor de systema.

check_error-200=File de actualisation XML malformate (200)
check_error-403=Accesso negate (403)
check_error-404=File de actualisation XML non trovate (404)
check_error-500=Error interne del servitor (500)
check_error-2152398849=Fallite (ration incognite)
check_error-2152398861=Connexion refusate
check_error-2152398862=Connexion expirate
check_error-2152398864=Le rete es disconnectite (connecter se)
check_error-2152398867=Porta non autorisate
check_error-2152398868=Nulle datos era recipite (tenta ancora per favor)
check_error-2152398878=Servitor de actualisation non trovate (verifica tu connexion internet)
check_error-2152398890=Servitor proxy non trovate (verifica tu connexion internet)
check_error-2152398918=Le rete es disconnectite (connecter se)
check_error-2152398919=Transferimento del datos interrumpite (retenta per favor)
check_error-2152398920=Connexion al servitor proxy refusate
check_error-2153390069=Le certificato del servitor era expirate (per favor adjusta tu horologio de systema pro corriger data e tempore si illos es incorrecte)
check_error-verification_failed=Le integritate del actualisation non pote esser verificate
check_error-move_failed=Error al preparar le actualisation pro installation
check_error-update_url_not_available=URL de actualisation non disponibile
check_error-connection_aborted=Connexion abortate