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hindi updfate for fx4
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/safebrowsing/phishing-afterload-warning-message.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/safebrowsing/phishing-afterload-warning-message.dtd
@@ -19,11 +19,11 @@
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.malwarePage.shortDesc "This web page at <span id='malware_sitename'/> has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.malwarePage.title "Reported Attack Page!">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.longDesc "<p>Web forgeries are designed to trick you into revealing personal or financial information by imitating sources you may trust.</p><p>Entering any information on this web page may result in identity theft or other fraud.</p>">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.shortDesc "This web page at <span id='phishing_sitename'/> has been reported as a web forgery and has been blocked based on your security preferences.">
-<!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.title "Reported Web Forgery!">
+<!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.title "रिपोर्ट की गई वेब धोखाधड़ी!">
-<!ENTITY safeb.palm.reportPage.label "Why was this page blocked?">
+<!ENTITY safeb.palm.reportPage.label "क्यों यह पृष्ठ रोका गया है?">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncGenericChange.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncGenericChange.properties
@@ -1,35 +1,35 @@
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (change.password.title): This (and associated change.password/passphrase) are used when the user elects to change their password.
-change.password.title = Change your Password
-change.password.acceptButton = Change Password
-change.password.status.active = Changing your password…
-change.password.status.success = Your password has been changed.
-change.password.status.error = There was an error changing your password.
+change.password.title = अपना कूटशब्द बदलें
+change.password.acceptButton = कूटशब्द बदलें
+change.password.status.active = कूटशब्द बदल रहा है…
+change.password.status.success = आपका कूटशब्द बदला गया है.
+change.password.status.error = आपके कूटशब्द को बदलने में त्रुटि थी.
-change.password2.introText = Your password must be at least 8 characters long.  It cannot be the same as either your user name or your Sync Key.
+change.password2.introText = आपके कूटशब्द को कम से कम 8 वर्ण लंबा होना चाहिए.  इसे वैसा ही नहीं होना चाहिए जैसा आपका उपयोक्ता नाम आपकी सिंक कुंजी में है.
 change.password.warningText = Note: All of your other devices will be unable to connect to your account once you change this password.
-change.synckey.title = Change your Sync Key
-change.synckey.acceptButton = Change Sync Key
-change.synckey.label = Changing Sync Key and uploading local data, please wait…
-change.synckey2.error = There was an error while changing your Sync Key!
-change.synckey2.success = Your Sync Key was successfully changed!
+change.synckey.title = अपनी सिंक कुंजी बदलें
+change.synckey.acceptButton = सिंक कुंजी बदलें
+change.synckey.label = सिंक कुंजी बदल रहा है और स्थानीय आँकड़ा अपलोड कर रहा है, कृपया प्रतीक्षा करें…
+change.synckey2.error = अपनी सिंक कुंजी बदलने के दौरान एक त्रुटि थी!
+change.synckey2.success = आपकी सिंक कुंजी सफलतापूर्वक बदल गई है!
-change.synckey.introText = Firefox Cares About Your Privacy
+change.synckey.introText = फ़ायरफ़ॉक्स आपकी गोपनीयता का सम्मान करता है
 change.synckey.introText2 = To ensure your total privacy, all of your data is encrypted prior to being uploaded. The key to decrypt your data is not uploaded.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (change.synckey2.warningText) "Sync" should match &syncBrand.shortName.label; from syncBrand.dtd
 change.synckey2.warningText = Note: Changing this will erase all data stored on the Sync server and upload new data secured by this Sync Key. Your other devices will not sync until the new Sync Key is entered for that device.
-new.synckey.label = Your Sync Key
+new.synckey.label = आपकी सिंक कुंजी
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (new.password.title): This (and associated new.password/passphrase) are used on a second computer when it detects that your password or passphrase has been changed on a different device.
-new.password.title            = Update Password
-new.password.introText        = Your password was rejected by the server, please update your password.
-new.password.label            = Enter your new password
-new.password.confirm          = Confirm your new password
-new.password.acceptButton     = Update Password
-new.password.status.incorrect = Password incorrect, please try again.
+new.password.title            = कूटशब्द अद्यतन करें
+new.password.introText        = आपके कूटशब्द को सर्वर के द्वारा अस्वीकृत किया गया कृपया अपने कूटशब्द को अद्यतन करें.
+new.password.label            = अपना नया कूटशब्द दाखिल करें
+new.password.confirm          = अपने नए कूटशब्द की पुष्टि करें
+new.password.acceptButton     = कूटशब्द अद्यतन करें
+new.password.status.incorrect = कूटशब्द गलत, कृपया फिर कोशिश करें.
-new.synckey.title          = Update Sync Key
-new.synckey.introText        = Your Sync Key has changed, please enter your new Sync Key
-new.synckey.acceptButton     = Update Sync Key
-new.synckey.status.incorrect = Sync Key incorrect, please try again.
+new.synckey.title          = सिंक कुंजी अद्यतन करें
+new.synckey.introText        = आपकी सिंक कुंजी बदल गई है कृपया नई सिंक कुंजी दाखिल करें
+new.synckey.acceptButton     = सिंक कुंजी अद्यतन करें
+new.synckey.status.incorrect = सिंक कुंजी गलत, कृपया फिर कोशिश करें
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncKey.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncKey.dtd
@@ -1,14 +1,14 @@
-<!ENTITY syncKey.page.title               "Your &syncBrand.fullName.label; Key">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.page.description         "This key is used to decode the data in your &syncBrand.fullName.label; account. You will need to enter the key each time you configure &syncBrand.fullName.label; on a new computer or device.">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSecret.heading     "Keep it secret">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.page.title               "आपकी &syncBrand.fullName.label; कुंजी">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.page.description         "इस कुंजी को आपके &syncBrand.fullName.label; खाते के आँकड़े को विगोपित करने के लिए उपयोग किया गया. आपको हर बार एक नए कंप्यूटर या युक्ति पर हर बार कुंजी दाखिल करने की जरूरत होगी जब भी आप &syncBrand.fullName.label; को विन्यस्त करते हैं.">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSecret.heading     "इसे गुप्त बनाए रखें">
 <!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSecret.description "Your &syncBrand.fullName.label; account is encrypted to protect your privacy. Without this key, it would take years for anyone to decode your personal information. You are the only person who holds this key. This means you're the only one who can access your &syncBrand.fullName.label; data.">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe.heading       "Keep it safe">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe1.description  "Do not lose this key.">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe2.description  " We don't keep a copy of your key (that wouldn't be keeping it secret!) so ">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe3.description  "we can't help you recover it">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe4.description  " if it's lost. You'll need to use this key any time you connect a new computer or device to &syncBrand.fullName.label;.">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.findOutMore1.label       "Find out more about &syncBrand.fullName.label; and your privacy at ">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe.heading       "इसे सुरक्षित रखें">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe1.description  "इस कुंजी को गुम मत होने दें.">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe2.description  " हम आपकी कुंजी की कोई नक़ल नहीं रखते हैं (जो इसे गुप्त नहीं रहने देगा!) इसलिए ">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe3.description  "हम इसे पुनर्प्राप्त करने में मदद नहीं कर सकते हैं">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe4.description  " यदि यह गुम होता है. आपको किसी समय इस कुंजी को उपयोग करने की जरूरत हो सकती है जब आप नए कंप्यूटर या युक्ति से &syncBrand.fullName.label; में कनेक्ट होते हैं.">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.findOutMore1.label       "&syncBrand.fullName.label; और अपनी गोपनीयता के बारे में यहाँ से अधिक पता करें ">
 <!ENTITY syncKey.findOutMore2.label       ".">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.footer1.label            "&syncBrand.fullName.label; Terms of Service are available at ">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.footer2.label            ". The Privacy Policy is available at ">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.footer1.label            "&syncBrand.fullName.label; सेवा शर्त यहाँ उपलब्ध है ">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.footer2.label            ". गोपनीयता नीति यहाँ उपलब्ध है ">
 <!ENTITY syncKey.footer3.label            ".">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncQuota.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncQuota.properties
@@ -1,37 +1,37 @@
-collection.bookmarks.label = Bookmarks
-collection.history.label   = History
-collection.passwords.label = Passwords
-collection.prefs.label     = Preferences
-collection.tabs.label      = Tabs
+collection.bookmarks.label = पुस्तचिह्न
+collection.history.label   = इतिहास
+collection.passwords.label = कूटशब्द
+collection.prefs.label     = वरीयताएँ
+collection.tabs.label      = टैब
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.usageNoQuota.label): %1$S and %2$S are numeric value
 # and unit (as defined in the download manager) of the amount of space occupied
 # on the server
-quota.usageNoQuota.label    = You are currently using %1$S %2$S.
+quota.usageNoQuota.label    = आप अभी %1$S %2$S का उपयोग कर रहे हैं.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.usagePercentage.label):
 # %1$S is the percentage of space used,
 # %2$S and %3$S numeric value and unit (as defined in the download manager)
 # of the amount of space used,
 # %3$S and %4$S numeric value and unit (as defined in the download manager)
 # of the total space available.
-quota.usagePercentage.label = You are using %1$S%% (%2$S %3$S) of your allowed %4$S %5$S.
-quota.usageError.label      = Could not retrieve quota information.
-quota.retrieving.label      = Retrieving…
+quota.usagePercentage.label = आप %1$S%% (%2$S %3$S) का उपयोग कर रहे हैं अनुमतिप्राप्त %4$S %5$S में से.
+quota.usageError.label      = कोटा सूचना नहीं प्राप्त कर सका.
+quota.retrieving.label      = प्राप्त कर रहा है…
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.sizeValueUnit.label): %1$S is the amount of space
 # occupied by the engine, %2$K the corresponding unit (e.g. kB) as defined in
 # the download manager.
 quota.sizeValueUnit.label   = %1$S %2$S
-quota.remove.label          = Remove
-quota.treeCaption.label     = Uncheck items to stop syncing them and free up space on the server.
+quota.remove.label          = हटाएँ
+quota.treeCaption.label     = सर्वर पर तुल्यकालन रोकने के लिए मदों को अनचेक करें और स्थान खाली करें.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.removal.label): %S is a list of engines that will be
 # disabled and whose data will be removed once the user confirms.
-quota.removal.label         = Firefox Sync will remove the following data: %S.
+quota.removal.label         = फ़ायरफ़ॉक्स सिंक निम्नलिखित आँकड़े को हटा देगा: %S.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.list.separator): This is the separator string used
 # for the list of engines (incl. spaces where appropriate)
 quota.list.separator        = ,\u0020
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.freeup.label): %1$S and %2$S are numeric value
 # and unit (as defined in the download manager) of the amount of space freed
 # up by disabling the unchecked engines.  If displayed this string is
 # concatenated directly to quota.removal.label and may need to start off with
 # whitespace.
-quota.freeup.label          = \u0020This will free up %1$S %2$S.
+quota.freeup.label          = \u0020यह %1$S %2$S तक खाली कर देगा.
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncSetup.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncSetup.dtd
@@ -1,102 +1,102 @@
-<!ENTITY accountSetupTitle.label    "&syncBrand.fullName.label; Setup">
+<!ENTITY accountSetupTitle.label    "&syncBrand.fullName.label; सेटअप">
 <!-- First page of the wizard -->
-<!ENTITY setup.pickSetupType.description "Welcome, if you've never used &syncBrand.fullName.label; before, you will need to create a new account.">
-<!ENTITY button.createNewAccount.label "Create a New Account">
-<!ENTITY button.haveAccount.label "I Have a &syncBrand.fullName.label; Account">
+<!ENTITY setup.pickSetupType.description "आपका स्वागत है, यदि आपने कभी भी पहले &syncBrand.fullName.label; का उपयोग नहीं किया है, आपको नया खाता बनाने की जरूरत है.">
+<!ENTITY button.createNewAccount.label "एक नया खाता बनाएँ">
+<!ENTITY button.haveAccount.label "मेरे पास &syncBrand.fullName.label; खाता है">
-<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.title.label     "Have you used &syncBrand.fullName.label; before?">
-<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.new.label       "I've never used &syncBrand.shortName.label; before">
-<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.existing.label  "I'm already using &syncBrand.shortName.label; on another computer">
+<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.title.label     "क्या आपने कभी पहले &syncBrand.fullName.label; का प्रयोग किया है?">
+<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.new.label       "मैंने कभी भी &syncBrand.shortName.label; का पहले उपयोग नहीं किया है">
+<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.existing.label  "मैं पहले से &syncBrand.shortName.label; का उपयोग दूसरे कंप्यूटर पर कर रहा हूँ">
 <!-- New Account AND Existing Account -->
-<!ENTITY server.label               "Server">
-<!ENTITY serverType.main.label      "&syncBrand.fullName.label; Server">
-<!ENTITY serverType.custom.label    "Use a custom server">
-<!ENTITY signIn.account.label       "Email Address / User Name">
+<!ENTITY server.label               "सर्वर">
+<!ENTITY serverType.main.label      "&syncBrand.fullName.label; सर्वर">
+<!ENTITY serverType.custom.label    "किसी मनपसंद सर्वर का उपयोग करें">
+<!ENTITY signIn.account.label       "ईमेल पता / उपयोक्ता नाम">
 <!ENTITY signIn.account.accesskey   "E">
-<!ENTITY signIn.password.label      "Password">
+<!ENTITY signIn.password.label      "कूटशब्द">
 <!ENTITY signIn.password.accesskey  "P">
-<!ENTITY signIn.serverURL.label     "Server URL">
+<!ENTITY signIn.serverURL.label     "सर्वर URL">
 <!ENTITY signIn.serverURL.accesskey "L">
 <!-- New Account Page 1: Basic Account Info -->
 <!ENTITY setup.newAccountDetailsPage.title.label "Account Details">
-<!ENTITY setup.confirmPassword.label  "Confirm Password">
+<!ENTITY setup.confirmPassword.label  "कूटशब्द की पुष्टि करें">
 <!ENTITY setup.confirmPassword.accesskey  "m">
-<!ENTITY setup.emailAddress.label     "Email Address">
+<!ENTITY setup.emailAddress.label     "ईमेल पता">
 <!ENTITY setup.emailAddress.accesskey "E">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: tosAgree1, tosLink, tosAgree2, ppLink, tosAgree3 are
      joined with implicit white space, so spaces in the strings aren't necessary -->
-<!ENTITY setup.tosAgree1.label      "I agree to the">
+<!ENTITY setup.tosAgree1.label      "मैं सहमत हूँ">
 <!ENTITY setup.tosAgree1.accesskey  "a">
-<!ENTITY setup.tosLink.label        "Terms of Service">
-<!ENTITY setup.tosAgree2.label      "and the">
-<!ENTITY setup.ppLink.label         "Privacy Policy">
+<!ENTITY setup.tosLink.label        "सेवा शर्तोंTerms of Service">
+<!ENTITY setup.tosAgree2.label      "और">
+<!ENTITY setup.ppLink.label         "गोपनीयता नीति से">
 <!ENTITY setup.tosAgree3.label      "">
 <!ENTITY setup.tosAgree2.accesskey  "">
 <!-- New Account Page 2: Sync Key -->
-<!ENTITY setup.newSyncKeyPage.title.label "&brandShortName; Cares About Your Privacy">
-<!ENTITY setup.newSyncKeyPage.description.label "To ensure your total privacy, all of your data is encrypted prior to being uploaded. The Sync Key which is necessary to decrypt your data is not uploaded.">
-<!ENTITY syncKeyEntry.label        "Your Sync Key">
+<!ENTITY setup.newSyncKeyPage.title.label "&brandShortName; आपकी गोपनीयता का सम्मान करता है">
+<!ENTITY setup.newSyncKeyPage.description.label "आपकी समग्र गोपनीयता बनाए रखने के लिए, आपके सभी आँकड़े अपलोड किए जाने के पहले सभी आँकड़े गोपित हैं. सिंक कुंजी आपके आँकड़े को विगोपित करने के लिए जरूरी हैं कि वे अपलोड नहीं किए गए हैं.">
+<!ENTITY syncKeyEntry.label        "आपकी सिंक कुंजी">
 <!ENTITY syncKeyEntry.accesskey    "K">
-<!ENTITY syncKeyGenerate.label     "Generate">
-<!ENTITY syncKeyStrength.label     "Strength:">
-<!ENTITY syncKeyHelp.label         "What does the strength mean?">
-<!ENTITY syncKeyBackup.description "Your Sync Key is required to access &syncBrand.fullName.label; on other machines. Please create a backup copy. We cannot help you recover your Sync Key.">
+<!ENTITY syncKeyGenerate.label     "उत्पन्न करें">
+<!ENTITY syncKeyStrength.label     "ताकत:">
+<!ENTITY syncKeyHelp.label         "ताकत से क्या मतलब है?">
+<!ENTITY syncKeyBackup.description "आपकी सिंक कुंजी दूसरे मशीन पर &syncBrand.fullName.label; की पहुँच के लिए जरूरी है. कृपया एक बैकअप कॉपी बनाएँ. हम आपकी सिंक कुंजी को वापस पाने आपकी मदद कर सकते हैं.">
-<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.print.label     "Print…">
+<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.print.label     "छापें…">
 <!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.print.accesskey "P">
-<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.save.label      "Save…">
+<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.save.label      "सहेजें…">
 <!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.save.accesskey  "S">
 <!-- New Account Page 3: Captcha -->
-<!ENTITY setup.captchaPage2.title.label     "Please Confirm You're Not a Robot">
+<!ENTITY setup.captchaPage2.title.label     "कृपया पुष्टि करें कि आप रोबोट नहीं हैं">
 <!-- Existing Account Page 1: Login -->
-<!ENTITY setup.existingAccount.title.label "Enter Account Information">
-<!ENTITY resetPassword.label          "Reset Password">
-<!ENTITY connecting.label             "Connecting…">
+<!ENTITY setup.existingAccount.title.label "खाता सूचना दाखिल करें">
+<!ENTITY resetPassword.label          "कूटशब्द फिर सेट करें">
+<!ENTITY connecting.label             "कनेक्ट कर रहा है…">
 <!-- Existing Account Page 2: Sync Key -->
-<!ENTITY setup.existingSyncKeyPage.title "Please Enter Your Sync Key">
-<!ENTITY setup.existingSyncKeyPage.description "The Sync Key was generated for you, or you entered your own, when you first signed up for &syncBrand.fullName.label;. It is not the same as your password.">
-<!ENTITY existingSyncKeyHelp.description "You can find your saved Sync Key by going to your other computer and checking the Saved Passwords under Security. If you still cannot get the correct Sync Key, you can choose to reset it, but you will lose any data stored on the server.">
-<!ENTITY lostSyncKey.label            "I have lost my Sync Key">
-<!ENTITY verifying.label              "Verifying…">
+<!ENTITY setup.existingSyncKeyPage.title "अपनी सिंक कुंजी कृपया दाखिल करें">
+<!ENTITY setup.existingSyncKeyPage.description "सिंक कुंजी को आपके लिए उत्पन्न किया गया है या आपने अपना स्वयं का दाखिल किया है जब आपने &syncBrand.fullName.label; के लिए पहली बार साइनअप किया. यह आपके कूटशब्द के समान नहीं है.">
+<!ENTITY existingSyncKeyHelp.description "आप अपने सहेजे सिंक कुंजी को अपने दूसरे कंप्यूटर में जाकर और सुरक्षा के अंतर्गत सहेजे कूटशब्द को जाँचकर ढूँढ़ सकते हैं. यदि आप अभी भी सही सिंक कुंजी नहीं पाते हैं, आप इसे फिर सेट करने के लिए चुन सकते हैं लेकिन आप सर्वर पर जमा किसी आँकड़े को जरूर खो देंगे.">
+<!ENTITY lostSyncKey.label            "मेरी सिंक कुंजी गुम हो गई है">
+<!ENTITY verifying.label              "जाँच रहा है…">
 <!-- Sync Options -->
-<!ENTITY setup.optionsPage.title      "Sync Options">
-<!ENTITY syncComputerName.label       "Computer Name:">
+<!ENTITY setup.optionsPage.title      "सिंक विकल्प">
+<!ENTITY syncComputerName.label       "कंप्यूटर नाम:">
 <!ENTITY syncComputerName.accesskey   "c">
-<!ENTITY syncMy.label               "Sync My">
-<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.label     "Bookmarks">
+<!ENTITY syncMy.label               "तुल्यकालित करें">
+<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.label     "पुस्तचिह्न">
 <!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.accesskey "m">
-<!ENTITY engine.tabs.label          "Tabs">
+<!ENTITY engine.tabs.label          "टैब">
 <!ENTITY engine.tabs.accesskey      "T">
-<!ENTITY engine.history.label       "History">
+<!ENTITY engine.history.label       "इतिहास">
 <!ENTITY engine.history.accesskey   "r">
-<!ENTITY engine.passwords.label     "Passwords">
+<!ENTITY engine.passwords.label     "कूटशब्द">
 <!ENTITY engine.passwords.accesskey "P">
-<!ENTITY engine.prefs.label         "Preferences">
+<!ENTITY engine.prefs.label         "वरीयताएँ">
 <!ENTITY engine.prefs.accesskey     "S">
-<!ENTITY choice2.merge.main.label      "Merge this computer's data with my &syncBrand.shortName.label; data">
-<!ENTITY choice2.merge.recommended.label "Recommended:">
-<!ENTITY choice2.client.main.label     "Replace all data on this computer with my &syncBrand.shortName.label; data">
-<!ENTITY choice2.server.main.label     "Replace all other devices with this computer's data">
+<!ENTITY choice2.merge.main.label      "इस कंप्यूटर के आँकड़े को मेरे &syncBrand.shortName.label; आँकड़े से मिलाएँ">
+<!ENTITY choice2.merge.recommended.label "अनुशंसित:">
+<!ENTITY choice2.client.main.label     "इस कंप्यूटर पर सारे आँकड़े को मेरे &syncBrand.shortName.label; आँकड़े से प्रतिस्थापित करें">
+<!ENTITY choice2.server.main.label     "इस कंप्यूटर आँकड़े से सारे अन्य युक्तियों को प्रतिस्थापित करें">
 <!-- Confirm Merge Options -->
-<!ENTITY setup.optionsConfirmPage.title "Confirm">
-<!ENTITY confirm.merge.label    "&syncBrand.fullName.label; will now merge all this computer's browser data into your Sync account.">
-<!ENTITY confirm.client2.label         "Warning: The following &brandShortName; data on this computer will be deleted:">
-<!ENTITY confirm.client.moreinfo.label "&brandShortName; will then copy your &syncBrand.fullName.label; data to this computer.">
-<!ENTITY confirm.server2.label         "Warning: The following devices will be overwritten with your local data:">
+<!ENTITY setup.optionsConfirmPage.title "पुष्टि करें">
+<!ENTITY confirm.merge.label    "&syncBrand.fullName.label; अब इस कंप्यूटर के सारे ब्राउज़र आँकड़े को आपके सिंक खाते से मिलाएगा.">
+<!ENTITY confirm.client2.label         "चेतावनी: इस कंप्यूटर पर निम्नलिखित &brandShortName; आँकड़ा मिटाया जाएगा:">
+<!ENTITY confirm.client.moreinfo.label "&brandShortName; तब आपके &syncBrand.fullName.label; आँकड़े को इस कंप्यूटर पर लेबल करेगा.">
+<!ENTITY confirm.server2.label         "चेतावनी: निम्नलिखित युक्तियाँ आपके स्थानीय आँकड़े से अधिलिखित किया जाएगा:">
 <!-- New & Existing Account: Setup Complete -->
-<!ENTITY setup.successPage.title "Setup Complete">
-<!ENTITY changeOptions.label "You can change this preference by selecting Sync Options below.">
-<!ENTITY continueUsing.label "You may now continue using &brandShortName;.">
+<!ENTITY setup.successPage.title "सेटअप पूर्ण">
+<!ENTITY changeOptions.label "आप इस वरीयता को नीचे सिंक विकल्प चुनकर बदल सकते हैं.">
+<!ENTITY continueUsing.label "आप &brandShortName; का उपयोग करना जारी रख सकते हैं.">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncSetup.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncSetup.properties
@@ -7,27 +7,27 @@ serverInvalid.label         = कृपया एक वैध सर्वर URL दाखिल करें
 usernameNotAvailable.label  = पहले से प्रयुक्त
 verifying.label = Verifying…
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (additionalClientCount.label):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # #1 is the number of additional clients (was %S for a short while, use #1 instead, even if both work)
-additionalClientCount.label = and #1 additional device;and #1 additional devices
+additionalClientCount.label = और #1 अतिरिक्त युक्ति;और #1 अतिरिक्त युक्तियाँ
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (bookmarksCount.label):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # #1 is the number of bookmarks (was %S for a short while, use #1 instead, even if both work)
-bookmarksCount.label        = #1 bookmark;#1 bookmarks
+bookmarksCount.label        = #1 पुस्तचिह्न;#1 पुस्तचिह्न
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (historyDaysCount.label):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # #1 is the number of days (was %S for a short while, use #1 instead, even if both work)
-historyDaysCount.label      = #1 day of history;#1 days of history
+historyDaysCount.label      = #1 दिन का इतिहास;#1 दिनों का इतिहास
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (passwordsCount.label):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # #1 is the number of passwords (was %S for a short while, use #1 instead, even if both work)
 passwordsCount.label        = #1 कूटशब्द;#1 कूटशब्द
 save.synckey.title = Save Sync Key