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Pontoon: Update Hebrew (he) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Itiel <>

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- Account manager window for Instantbird -->
<!ENTITY accounts.title                      "חשבונות - &brandShortName;">
<!ENTITY accountManager.width                "450">
<!-- Instant messaging account status window for Thunderbird -->
<!ENTITY accountsWindow.title                "מצב הודעות מיידיות">
<!ENTITY               "width: 41em; height: 27em;">

<!ENTITY accountManager.newAccount.label     "חשבון חדש">
<!ENTITY accountManager.newAccount.accesskey "ח">
<!ENTITY accountManager.close.label          "סגירה">
<!ENTITY accountManager.close.accesskey      "ס">
<!-- This should match account.commandkey in instantbird.dtd -->
<!ENTITY accountManager.close.commandkey     "ח">
<!-- This title must be short, displayed with a big font size -->
<!ENTITY accountManager.noAccount.title      "טרם הוגדרו חשבונות">
<!ENTITY accountManager.noAccount.description "יש ללחוץ על הכפתור &accountManager.newAccount.label; כדי לאפשר ל־&brandShortName; להנחות אותך בתהליך ההגדרה של אחד כזה.">
<!ENTITY account.autoSignOn.label     "התחברות עם הכניסה">
<!ENTITY account.autoSignOn.accesskey "כ">
<!ENTITY account.connect.label        "התחברות">
<!ENTITY account.connect.accesskey    "ח">
<!ENTITY account.disconnect.label     "ניתוק">
<!ENTITY account.disconnect.accesskey "נ">
<!ENTITY account.delete.label         "מחיקה">
<!ENTITY account.delete.accesskey     "ח">
<!ENTITY account.edit.label           "מאפיינים">
<!ENTITY account.edit.accesskey       "א">
<!ENTITY account.moveup.label         "להזיז מעלה">
<!ENTITY account.movedown.label       "להזיז מטה">
<!ENTITY account.cancelReconnection.label         "ביטול התחברות מחדש">
<!ENTITY account.cancelReconnection.accesskey     "ב">
<!ENTITY account.copyDebugLog.label     "העתקת רישום ניפוי שגיאות">
<!ENTITY account.copyDebugLog.accesskey "ע">
<!ENTITY account.showDebugLog.label     "הצגת רישום ניפוי שגיאות">
<!ENTITY account.showDebugLog.accesskey "צ">
<!ENTITY account.connecting           "מתבצעת התחברות…">
<!ENTITY account.disconnecting        "מתבצע ניתוק…">
<!ENTITY account.disconnected         "לא מחובר">