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Pontoon: Update Guarani (gn) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Abelardo Ayala Rodríguez <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

### UI strings for the simplified onboarding modal / about:welcome
### Various strings use a non-breaking space to avoid a single dangling /
### widowed word, so test on various window sizes if you also want this.

## These button action text can be split onto multiple lines, so use explicit
## newlines in translations to control where the line break appears (e.g., to
## avoid breaking quoted text).

onboarding-button-label-learn-more = Eikuaave
onboarding-button-label-get-started = Ñepyrũ

## Welcome modal dialog strings

onboarding-welcome-header = Eg̃uahẽporãite { -brand-short-name }-pe
onboarding-welcome-body = Eguerekóma kundaha.<br/>Eikuaa opamba’e { -brand-product-name } rehegua.
onboarding-welcome-learn-more = Eikuaave mba’eporã rehegua.
onboarding-welcome-modal-get-body = Erekóma kundahára. <br/>Ko’ág̃a eipurukuaánte { -brand-product-name }.
onboarding-welcome-modal-supercharge-body = Emyanyhẽrasa ne ñemigua ñemo’ã.
onboarding-welcome-modal-privacy-body = Erekóma kundahára. Ñamoĩvéta ñemigua ñemo’ã.
onboarding-welcome-modal-family-learn-more = Eñemomaranduve apopyre pehẽnguére { -brand-product-name }.
onboarding-welcome-form-header = Eñepyrũ ápe
onboarding-join-form-body = Eñepyrũ hag̃ua, ehai ne ñanduti veve kundaharape.
onboarding-join-form-email =
    .placeholder = Ehai ñandutiveve kundaharape
onboarding-join-form-email-error = Eikotevẽ ñandutiveve oikóva
onboarding-join-form-legal = Eku’ejeývo, emoneĩma umi <a data-l10n-name="terms">Mba’epytyvõrã ñemboguata</a> ha <a data-l10n-name="privacy">Temiñemi purureko</a>.
onboarding-join-form-continue = Eku’ejey
# This message is followed by a link using onboarding-join-form-signin ("Sign In") as text.
onboarding-join-form-signin-label = ¿Eguerekóma ne mba’ete?
# Text for link to submit the sign in form
onboarding-join-form-signin = Eñemboheraguapy
onboarding-start-browsing-button-label = Eñepyrũ eikundaha
onboarding-cards-dismiss =
    .title = Emboyke
    .aria-label = Emboyke

## Multistage 3-screen onboarding flow strings (about:welcome pages)

# The <span data-l10n-name="zap"></span> in this string allows a "zap" underline style to be
# automatically added to the text inside it. { -brand-short-name } should stay inside the span.
onboarding-multistage-welcome-header = Eg̃uahẽporã <span data-l10n-name="zap">{ -brand-short-name }</span>-pe
onboarding-multistage-welcome-subtitle = Kundahára ipya’e, hekorosã ha hekoñemi oykekóva chupe atyguasu viru’ỹguáva.
onboarding-multistage-welcome-primary-button-label = Eñepyrũ Ñemboheko
onboarding-multistage-welcome-secondary-button-label = Mboheraguapy
onboarding-multistage-welcome-secondary-button-text = ¿Erekópa mba’ete?
# The <span data-l10n-name="zap"></span> in this string allows a "zap" underline style to be
# automatically added to the text inside it. "more" should stay inside the span.
onboarding-multistage-import-header = Emba’egueru ñe’ẽñemi, techaukaha ha <span data-l10n-name="zap">hetave</span>
onboarding-multistage-import-subtitle = ¿Oúpa ambue kundaháragui? Ndahasyiete eguerahapávo { -brand-short-name } ndive.
onboarding-multistage-import-primary-button-label = Eñepyrũ ñemba’egueru
onboarding-multistage-import-secondary-button-label = Ani ko’ág̃a
# Info displayed in the footer of import settings screen during onboarding flow.
# This supports welcome screen showing top sites imported from the user's default browser.
onboarding-import-sites-disclaimer = Ko’ã tenda ipapapýva ápe ejuhúta ko mba’e’okápe. { -brand-short-name } noñongatúi ha nombojuehéi mba’ekuaarã ambue kundahára pegua nderegueruséirõ.
# Aria-label to make the "steps" of multistage onboarding visible to screen readers.
# Variables:
#   $current (Int) - Number of the current page
#   $total (Int) - Total number of pages
onboarding-welcome-steps-indicator =
    .aria-label = Ku’e ñepyrũgua: mba’erechaha { $current } { $total } pegua
# The <span data-l10n-name="zap"></span> in this string allows a "zap" underline style to be
# automatically added to the text inside it. "look" should stay inside the span.
onboarding-multistage-theme-header = Eiporavo peteĩva <span data-l10n-name="zap">ma’ẽ</span>
onboarding-multistage-theme-subtitle = Eñemomba’e { -brand-short-name } peteĩ téma ndive
onboarding-multistage-theme-primary-button-label = Eñongatu Téma
onboarding-multistage-theme-secondary-button-label = Ani ko’ág̃a
# Automatic theme uses operating system color settings
onboarding-multistage-theme-label-automatic = ijeheguietéva
# System refers to the operating system
onboarding-multistage-theme-description-automatic = Eipuru téma apopyvusugua
onboarding-multistage-theme-label-light = Vevúi
onboarding-multistage-theme-label-dark = Ypytũ
# "Firefox Alpenglow" here is the name of the theme, and should be kept in English.
onboarding-multistage-theme-label-alpenglow = Firefox Alpenglow

## Please make sure to split the content of the title attribute into lines whose
## width corresponds to about 40 Latin characters, to ensure that the tooltip
## doesn't become too long. Line breaks will be preserved when displaying the
## tooltip.

# Tooltip displayed on hover of automatic theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-automatic =
    .title =
        Emog̃uahẽ tembiapoite ohehechaháicha
        apopyvusu votõ, poravorã ha ovetãme g̃uarã.
    .aria-label = { onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-automatic.title }
# Tooltip displayed on hover of light theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-light =
    .title =
        Eipuru ojehechaporãva votõ,
        poravorã ha ovetã.
    .aria-label = { onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-light.title }
# Tooltip displayed on hover of dark theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-dark =
    .title =
        Eipuru iñypytũva votõ,
        poravorã ha ovetã.
    .aria-label = { onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-dark.title }
# Tooltip displayed on hover of Alpenglow theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-alpenglow =
    .title =
        Eipuru isa’yetáva votõ,
        poravorã ha ovetã.
    .aria-label = { onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-alpenglow.title }
# Tooltip displayed on hover of automatic theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-automatic-2 =
    .title =
        Emog̃uahẽ tembiapoite ohehechaháicha
        apopyvusu votõ, poravorã ha ovetãme g̃uarã.
# Input description for automatic theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-description-automatic-2 =
    .aria-description =
        Emog̃uahẽ tembiapoite ohehechaháicha
        apopyvusu votõ, poravorã ha ovetãme g̃uarã.
# Tooltip displayed on hover of light theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-light-2 =
    .title =
        Eipuru ojehechaporãva votõ,
        poravorã ha ovetã.
# Input description for light theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-description-light =
    .aria-description =
        Eipuru ojehechaporãva votõ,
        poravorã ha ovetã.
# Tooltip displayed on hover of dark theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-dark-2 =
    .title =
        Eipuru iñypytũva votõ,
        poravorã ha ovetã.
# Input description for dark theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-description-dark =
    .aria-description =
        Eipuru iñypytũva votõ,
        poravorã ha ovetã.
# Tooltip displayed on hover of Alpenglow theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-tooltip-alpenglow-2 =
    .title =
        Eipuru isa’yetáva votõ,
        poravorã ha ovetã.
# Input description for Alpenglow theme
onboarding-multistage-theme-description-alpenglow =
    .aria-description =
        Eipuru isa’yetáva votõ,
        poravorã ha ovetã.

## Welcome full page string

onboarding-fullpage-welcome-subheader = Eñepyrũ ehapereka opaite ejapokuaáva.
onboarding-fullpage-form-email =
    .placeholder = Ne ñanduti veve…

## Firefox Sync modal dialog strings.

onboarding-sync-welcome-header = Egueraha { -brand-product-name } nendive
onboarding-sync-welcome-content = Eike nde techaukaha, tembiasakue, ñe’ẽñemi ha ambueve ñemoĩporã opaite nde mba’e’okápe.
onboarding-sync-welcome-learn-more-link = Eikuaave Firefox Accounts rehegua
onboarding-sync-form-input =
    .placeholder = Ñandutiveve
onboarding-sync-form-continue-button = Eku’ejey
onboarding-sync-form-skip-login-button = Ehejánte kóva

## This is part of the line "Enter your email to continue to Firefox Sync"

onboarding-sync-form-header = Emoinge ne ñandutiveve
onboarding-sync-form-sub-header = eike hag̃ua { -sync-brand-name }-pe.

## These are individual benefit messages shown with an image, title and
## description.

onboarding-benefit-products-text = Ejapo mba’e tembipuru aty ndive omomba’éva iñemigua opaite imba’e’okápe.
# "Personal Data Promise" is a concept that should be translated consistently
# across the product. It refers to a concept shown elsewhere to the user: "The
# Firefox Personal Data Promise is the way we honor your data in everything we
# make and do. We take less data. We keep it safe. And we make sure that we are
# transparent about how we use it."
onboarding-benefit-privacy-text = Rojapóva guive omomba’e mba’ekuaarã nemba’éva: E’u’ive. Eguereko tekorosãme. Kañygua’ỹre.
onboarding-benefit-sync-title = { -sync-brand-short-name }
onboarding-benefit-sync-text = Take your bookmarks, passwords, history, and more everywhere you use { -brand-product-name }.
onboarding-benefit-monitor-title = { -monitor-brand-short-name }
onboarding-benefit-monitor-text = Og̃uahẽta ndéve marandu nemba’etéva mba’ekuaarã ñembyai oikóramo.
onboarding-benefit-lockwise-title = { -lockwise-brand-short-name }{ -lockwise-brand-short-name }
onboarding-benefit-lockwise-text = Eñangareko ñe’ẽñemi oñemo’ãva ha oku’ekuaávare.

## These strings belong to the individual onboarding messages.

## Each message has a title and a description of what the browser feature is.
## Each message also has an associated button for the user to try the feature.
## The string for the button is found above, in the UI strings section

onboarding-tracking-protection-title2 = Ñemo’ã jehapykueho rovake
onboarding-tracking-protection-text2 = { -brand-short-name } oipytyvõ omboykévo umi tenda nde rapykuehóva ñandutípe, asyve hag̃uáicha umi maranduñemurã nde rapykuehóvo eikundaha jave.
onboarding-tracking-protection-button2 = Mba’éichapa omba’apo
onboarding-data-sync-title = Egueraha ne mbohekopyahu nendive
# "Sync" is short for synchronize.
onboarding-data-sync-text2 = Embojuehe nde rechaukaha, ñe’ẽñemi ha hetave eipurúvo { -brand-product-name } oimehápe.
onboarding-data-sync-button2 = Emoñepyrũ tembiapo { -sync-brand-short-name } ndive
onboarding-firefox-monitor-title = Ema’ẽ tapiáke mba’ekuaarã ñembogua rehe
onboarding-firefox-monitor-text2 = { -monitor-brand-name } ohecha ne ñanduti vevépa oĩ peteĩ mba’ekuaarã ojekuaáva ñembyaípe ha ohechauka oĩtaramo ñembyai ipyahúva.
onboarding-firefox-monitor-button = Eñemboheraguapy og̃uahẽ hag̃ua ndéve kehyjerã
onboarding-browse-privately-title = Eikundaha ñemi
onboarding-browse-privately-text = Pe kundaha ñemi ombogue umi jehekaha ha kundaha rembiasakue emoñemi hag̃ua oimeraẽva oipurúvagui mohendaha.
onboarding-browse-privately-button = Embojuruja ovetã ñemigua
onboarding-firefox-send-title = Eguerekóke ne marandurenda moherakuãpyre ñemihápe
onboarding-firefox-send-text2 = Ehupi ne marandurenda { -send-brand-name }-pe emoherakuã hag̃ua papapýpe oñepyrũ guive opaha peve ha juajuha opareíva ijehegui.
onboarding-firefox-send-button = Eipuru { -send-brand-name }
onboarding-mobile-phone-title = Eguareko { -brand-product-name } ne pumbyrýpe
onboarding-mobile-phone-text = Emboguejy { -brand-product-name } iOS ha Android peg̃uarã ha embojuehe ne mba’ekuaarã opaite mba’e’okápe.
# "Mobile" is short for mobile/cellular phone, "Browser" is short for web
# browser.
onboarding-mobile-phone-button = Emboguejy kundaha pumbyrygua
onboarding-send-tabs-title = Emondo tendayke ko’ag̃aite
# "Send Tabs" refers to "Send Tab to Device" feature that appears when opening a
# tab's context menu.
onboarding-send-tabs-text2 = Emoherakuã kuatiarogue ne mba’e’okakuéra ndive ehai’ỹre juajuha térã emboty’ỹre kundaha.
onboarding-send-tabs-button = Eipurúkatu Send Tabs
onboarding-pocket-anywhere-title = Emoñe’ẽ ha ehendu opa hendápe
onboarding-pocket-anywhere-text2 = Eñongatu pe tetepy eguerohoryvéva ñanduti’ỹre tembipuru’i rupive { -pocket-brand-name } ha emoñe’ẽ, ehendu térã ehecha ehechase vove.
onboarding-pocket-anywhere-button = Eipuru { -pocket-brand-name }
onboarding-lockwise-strong-passwords-title = Emoheñói ha embyaty ñe’ẽñemi hekorosãva
onboarding-lockwise-strong-passwords-text = { -lockwise-brand-name } emoheñói ñe’ẽñemi hekorosãva ha eñongatu peteĩ hendápe añoite.
onboarding-lockwise-strong-passwords-button = Eñangareko ne rembiapo ñepyrũre
onboarding-facebook-container-title = Eikuaauka hu’ã con Facebook ndive
onboarding-facebook-container-text2 = { -facebook-container-brand-name } oipe’a imba’ete Facebook pegua opavavégui, péicha ombohasy Facebook-pe ohechauka hag̃ua imaranduñemurã ñemomba’epyre.
onboarding-facebook-container-button = Embojuaju jepysokue
onboarding-import-browser-settings-title = Emba’egueru nde rechaukaha, ñe’ẽñemi ha hetave
onboarding-import-browser-settings-text = Eikepaite — egueraha Chrome renda ha ñemboheko nendive.
onboarding-import-browser-settings-button = Emba’egueru Chrome mba’ekuaarã
onboarding-personal-data-promise-title = Iñemi moha’ãnga rupi
onboarding-personal-data-promise-text = { -brand-product-name } oguereko imba’ekuaarãkuéra poyhúpe ojapyhy’ivévo, omo’ãvo ha mba’eichatépa roipuru.
onboarding-personal-data-promise-button = Emoñe’ẽ rome’ẽkuaáva

## Message strings belonging to the Return to AMO flow

return-to-amo-sub-header = Iporãite, eguereko { -brand-short-name }
# <icon></icon> will be replaced with the icon belonging to the extension
# Variables:
#   $addon-name (String) - Name of the add-on
return-to-amo-addon-header = Ko’ág̃a roguerekóta <icon></icon><b>{ $addon-name }.</b>
return-to-amo-extension-button = Embojuaju jepysokue
return-to-amo-get-started-button = Eñepyrũ { -brand-short-name } ndive