[browser] Bug 847627 (part 2) - Unify Browsing and Download history entries in shutdown Sanitize dialog.
authorTheo Chevalier <theo.chevalier11@gmail.com>
Sat, 23 Mar 2013 22:39:52 +0100
changeset 3376 c77eb486d87d665c9d06c74b138b8a5a7cf67fe4
parent 3375 588f340b34a7486f7e6c1842528aacc83ab1c402
child 3377 e616fc932a8226e750ac67dbc103bae6cbabf958
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push usertheo.chevalier11@gmail.com
push dateSat, 23 Mar 2013 21:39:59 +0000
[browser] Bug 847627 (part 2) - Unify Browsing and Download history entries in shutdown Sanitize dialog.
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/sanitize.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/sanitize.dtd
@@ -27,39 +27,36 @@ that require it.  -->
      of the "Details" progressive disclosure button.  See UI mockup at bug
      480169 -->
 <!ENTITY detailsProgressiveDisclosure.label     "Détails">
 <!ENTITY detailsProgressiveDisclosure.accesskey "D">
 <!ENTITY historySection.label         "Historique">
 <!ENTITY dataSection.label            "Données">
-<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (item*): itemHistoryAndDownloads.* and
-     itemBrowsingHistory.* will never be used at the same time, so they can
-     have the same accesskey. -->
 <!ENTITY itemHistoryAndDownloads.label     "Historique de navigation et des téléchargements">
 <!ENTITY itemHistoryAndDownloads.accesskey "H">
-<!ENTITY itemBrowsingHistory.label         "Historique de navigation">
-<!ENTITY itemBrowsingHistory.accesskey     "H">
 <!ENTITY itemFormSearchHistory.label       "Historique des formulaires et des recherches">
 <!ENTITY itemFormSearchHistory.accesskey   "F">
 <!ENTITY itemPasswords.label               "Mots de passe enregistrés">
 <!ENTITY itemPasswords.accesskey           "M">
 <!ENTITY itemCookies.label                 "Cookies">
 <!ENTITY itemCookies.accesskey             "C">
 <!ENTITY itemCache.label                   "Cache">
 <!ENTITY itemCache.accesskey               "a">
 <!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.label             "Données de site web hors connexion">
 <!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.accesskey         "W">
-<!ENTITY itemDownloadHistory.label         "Historique des téléchargements">
-<!ENTITY itemDownloadHistory.accesskey     "o">
 <!ENTITY itemActiveLogins.label            "Connexions actives">
 <!ENTITY itemActiveLogins.accesskey        "x">
 <!ENTITY itemSitePreferences.label         "Préférences de site">
 <!ENTITY itemSitePreferences.accesskey     "P">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (sanitizeEverythingUndoWarning): Second warning paragraph
      that appears when "Time range to clear" is set to "Everything".  See UI
      mockup at bug 480169 -->
 <!ENTITY sanitizeEverythingUndoWarning     "Cette action est irréversible.">
-<!ENTITY dialog.width                 "30em">
-<!ENTITY column.width                 "10em">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (dialog.width2): width of the Clear Recent History and
+     Clear History on Shutdown dialogs.  Should be large enough to contain
+     the item* strings above on a single line.  The column width should be set
+     at half of the dialog width. -->
+<!ENTITY dialog.width2                 "36em">
+<!ENTITY column.width2                 "17em">