Pontoon: Update French (fr) localization of Firefox for Android
authorAlpha <adrien.gat@gmail.com>
Sat, 04 Nov 2017 20:32:26 +0000
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Pontoon: Update French (fr) localization of Firefox for Android Localization authors: - Alpha <adrien.gat@gmail.com>
--- a/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
@@ -536,16 +536,18 @@
 <!ENTITY pref_compact_tabs "Onglets compacts">
 <!ENTITY pref_compact_tabs_summary2 "Réorganiser les onglets en deux colonnes en mode portrait">
 <!-- Localization note (page_removed): This string appears in a toast message when
      any page is removed frome about:home. This includes pages that are in history,
      bookmarks, or reading list. -->
 <!ENTITY page_removed "Page retirée">
+<!ENTITY folder_removed "Dossier supprimé">
 <!ENTITY bookmark_edit_title "Modifier le marque-page">
 <!ENTITY bookmark_edit_folder_title "Modifier le dossier">
 <!ENTITY bookmark_edit_name "Nom">
 <!ENTITY bookmark_edit_location "Emplacement">
 <!ENTITY bookmark_edit_keyword "Mot-clé">
 <!ENTITY bookmark_select_folder "Sélectionner un dossier">
 <!-- Localization note (site_settings_*) : These strings are used in the "Site Settings"