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Sat Feb 08 20:07:49 2014 +0000
321452fd10f127e48d63024b880aedb8b16aef6dTheo Chevalier — [qa][browser] Fix translation mistake for Edit Controls
3cdb8831cd369bce5a411ab71a8655299dd46a84Theo Chevalier — [mail] Bug 958850 - Port Firefox Advanced | Update UI changes to Thunderbird (port bug 600505, bug 701987)
dda8ab56bec90700fc597fa3c4ce94a1bf7755afTheo Chevalier — [mail][suite] Bug 776438 - Create new pref for the delimiter of a forwarded message
4a2041207cd9bed5bf83ff833fa4e3345afa184bTheo Chevalier — [mail][suite] Default to UTF-8 for outgoing email for the fr locale
47d2936dec9a019559d9b9aab1d65163dbe80596Theo Chevalier — [mail] Bug 516354 - Get Mail-button should have more informative tooltip ("Get new messages for <account name>")
ce6f410a991bd946fd7ffc325850235ec6299e36Theo Chevalier — [mail][suite] Bug 878805 - Check UI consistency across all Thunderbird folderpickers - Part 2
8b40519d3ca258c545ea496ce0402efc79f87a19Theo Chevalier — [mail] Bug 878805 - Check UI consistency across all Thunderbird folderpickers
21e518f2d1ece9e450a6e48ff85fc71319ca33e7Theo Chevalier — [mobile] bug 962607 - automatically enable remote debugger when native app built in debug mode
9d6208bee2b4e724f39ddb2da938ec56d3dab205Theo Chevalier — [mobile] Bug 966386 - Final tweaks from Android Firefox Accounts UX sign off
f69562c4e2c089935947e554cb8eb6ade8d601e3Theo Chevalier — [mobile] Bug 961375 - Create a shorter label for dynamic toolbar pref
4281bf9f78f3b276a1dc32724e366203f4a2d880Theo Chevalier — [mobile] Bug 960725 - Rename Search Settings and reorder Customize list
a56a3c666b64af08d2eea11c74642d2ccc048db2Theo Chevalier — [mobile] bug 934760 - add strings for webapp update notifications
af2d59a0ecc98522cd6fb18f124ae77105f4f76aTheo Chevalier — [mq]: clean.diff
ddf182aec1c345f0463e401d93d188183ddf3b09Theo Chevalier — [browser] Bug 944640 - Add a "Watch" button on the new inspect popup
996f69b5c2912f07f40f70348b25dda7d79d402eTheo Chevalier — [browser] Bug 952277 - DOMNodes can be highlighted and selected from the debugger [Australis];
e7708cec6cdc0cd101587a55c760cf14ea9c74beTheo Chevalier — [browser] Bug 966755 - Network statistics report wrong total download times
80af22a11ed216e8f2a3cfb43e6d7781db3b93a8Theo Chevalier — [qa] Remove strings, shorten Australis strings