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Tue Jul 22 15:59:06 2014 +0000
45e97ab86373d582187b50448458306f84bc021cTheo Chevalier — Bug 1024897 - [tracking] Remove productization files for Metro
288c150c1c98decd629edbbe79df551b1022fc76Theo Chevalier — [toolkit] Bug 1009909 - Firefox desktop: Integrate the openh264 media plugin in the add-ons manager
78e5866967c7435e8eb6279725cb48e67ec826e5Theo Chevalier — [mobile] Bug 755228 - 'Add Search Engine' label on text input fields should be 'Add as Search Engine'
43a17cd4e13095bbc26bfdda196fe762ffc2befcTheo Chevalier — [browser] Bug 693808 - part 2: use the notification from the browser UI in order to let the user navigate to the original URI
64565cd52edfeffe162cf6794deff6b950dc8bceTheo Chevalier — [browser] Bug 1037405 - implement the screen/window sharing doorhangers
fec0e3797db883aa8bd89632a0bc650d12138c72Theo Chevalier — [browser] Loop update