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Pontoon: Update French (fr) localization of Thunderbird Localization authors: - Théo Chevalier <> - goofy <>

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- extracted from am-addressing.xul -->

<!ENTITY addressing.label          "Rédaction et adressage">
<!ENTITY addressingGroupTitle.label "Adressage">
<!ENTITY autocompleteToMyDomain.label     "Ajouter automatiquement mon domaine aux adresses">
<!ENTITY autocompleteToMyDomain.accesskey "u">
<!ENTITY addressingText.label      "Quand on cherche à adresser :">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (override.label) : do not translate "LDAP" in below line -->
<!ENTITY useGlobal.label           "Utiliser mes préférences globales de serveur LDAP pour ce compte">
<!ENTITY useGlobal.accesskey       "l">
<!ENTITY editDirectories.label     "Modifier les annuaires…">
<!ENTITY editDirectories.accesskey "M">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (directories.label) : do not translate "LDAP" in below line -->
<!ENTITY directories.label         "Utiliser un serveur LDAP différent :">
<!ENTITY directories.accesskey     "d">
<!ENTITY directoriesNone.label     "Aucun">

<!-- am-addressing.xul -->

<!ENTITY compositionGroupTitle.label          "Rédaction des messages">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (useHtml.label) : do not translate "html" in below line -->
<!ENTITY useHtml.label                        "Rédiger les messages en HTML">
<!ENTITY useHtml.accesskey                    "R">
<!ENTITY autoQuote.label                      "Citer le message original dans la réponse">
<!ENTITY autoQuote.accesskey                  "a">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quoting.label): This will concatenate with the 4 strings that follow. -->
<!ENTITY quoting.label                        "Dans ce cas,">
<!ENTITY quoting.accesskey                    "c">
<!ENTITY aboveQuote.label                     "la réponse commence avant la citation">
<!ENTITY belowQuote.label                     "la réponse commence après la citation">
<!ENTITY selectAndQuote.label                 "la citation est sélectionnée">
<!ENTITY place.label                          "et placer la signature">
<!ENTITY place.accesskey                      "s">
<!ENTITY belowText.label                      "sous la citation (recommandé)">
<!ENTITY aboveText.label                      "sous ma réponse (au-dessus de la citation)">
<!ENTITY includeSigOnReply.label              "Ajouter la signature pour les réponses">
<!ENTITY includeSigOnReply.accesskey          "o">
<!ENTITY includeSigOnForward.label            "Ajouter la signature pour les transferts">
<!ENTITY includeSigOnForward.accesskey        "e">

<!ENTITY globalComposingPrefs.label           "Préférences globales de rédaction…">
<!ENTITY globalComposingPrefs.accesskey       "g">

<!ENTITY globalAddressingPrefs.label          "Préférences globales d’adressage…">
<!ENTITY globalAddressingPrefs.accesskey      "P">