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Pontoon: Update French (fr) localization of Thunderbird Localization authors: - Théo Chevalier <> - goofy <>

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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<!ENTITY matchAll.label     "valident toutes les conditions suivantes">
<!ENTITY matchAll.accesskey "t">
<!ENTITY matchAny.label     "valident au moins une des conditions suivantes">
<!ENTITY matchAny.accesskey "u">
<!ENTITY matchAllMsgs.label     "valident toutes les conditions pour les filtres et les dossiers virtuels">
<!ENTITY matchAllMsgs.accesskey "f">

  The values below are used to control the widths of the search widgets.
  Change the values only when the localized strings in the popup menus
  are truncated in the widgets.
<!ENTITY searchTermListAttributesFlexValue "1">
<!ENTITY searchTermListOperatorsFlexValue "1">
<!ENTITY searchTermListValueFlexValue "3">