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Bug 1609556 - Migrate toolbar-context-menu to Fluent, part 3.

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- Event Menu -->
<!ENTITY                        "Nouvel évènement…">
<!ENTITY              "N">

<!ENTITY                         "Nouvelle tâche…">
<!ENTITY               "t">

<!ENTITY calendar.import.label                  "Importer…">
<!ENTITY calendar.import.accesskey              "i">

<!ENTITY calendar.export.label                  "Exporter l’agenda…">
<!ENTITY calendar.export.accesskey              "x">

<!ENTITY calendar.publish.label                 "Publier…">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.accesskey             "P">

<!ENTITY calendar.deletecalendar.label          "Supprimer l’agenda sélectionné…">
<!ENTITY calendar.deletecalendar.accesskey      "S">
<!ENTITY calendar.unsubscribecalendar.label     "Se désabonner de l’agenda sélectionné…">
<!ENTITY calendar.unsubscribecalendar.accesskey "d">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (calendar.removecalendar.label): Removing the calendar
      is the general action of removing it, while deleting means to clear the
      data and unsubscribing means just taking it out of the calendar list. -->
<!ENTITY calendar.removecalendar.label          "Retirer l’agenda sélectionné…">
<!ENTITY calendar.removecalendar.accesskey      "R">

<!ENTITY          "Personnaliser…">
<!ENTITY      "l">

<!ENTITY showUnifinderCmd.label                 "Recherche d’évènements">
<!ENTITY showUnifinderCmd.accesskey             "c">
<!ENTITY showUnifinderCmd.tooltip               "Afficher/Masquer le panneau de recherche d’évènements">

<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.label       "Afficher les tâches dans l’agenda">
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.accesskey   "i">

<!ENTITY goTodayCmd.label                       "Aujourd’hui">
<!ENTITY goTodayCmd.accesskey                   "A">

<!ENTITY showCurrentView.label                  "Vue courante">
<!ENTITY showCurrentView.accesskey              "V">

<!ENTITY              "Propriétés de l’agenda…">
<!ENTITY          "P">