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Fixing accesskeys in menus

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<!-- Link Toolbar Title -->
<!ENTITY linkToolbar.label "Barre de navigation du site">
<!ENTITY linkToolbar.accesskey "s">

<!-- Link Toolbar visibility options -->
<!ENTITY linkToolbarAlways.label "Toujours afficher">
<!ENTITY linkToolbarAlways.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY linkToolbarAsNeeded.label "Afficher si nécessaire">
<!ENTITY linkToolbarAsNeeded.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY linkToolbarNever.label "Toujours masquer">
<!ENTITY linkToolbarNever.accesskey "o">

<!-- Toolbar buttons, menus, and menuitems -->
<!ENTITY topButton.label "En haut">
<!ENTITY upButton.label "Vers le haut">
<!ENTITY firstButton.label "Le premier">
<!ENTITY prevButton.label "Précédent">
<!ENTITY nextButton.label "Suivant">
<!ENTITY lastButton.label "Le dernier">

<!ENTITY documentButton.label "Document">

<!ENTITY tocButton.label "Table des matières">
<!ENTITY chapterButton.label "Chapitres">
<!ENTITY sectionButton.label "Sections">
<!ENTITY subSectionButton.label "Sous-sections">
<!ENTITY appendixButton.label "Appendices">
<!ENTITY glossaryButton.label "Glossaire">
<!ENTITY indexButton.label "Index">

<!ENTITY moreButton.label "Plus">

<!ENTITY helpButton.label "Aide">
<!ENTITY searchButton.label "Rechercher">

<!ENTITY authorButton.label "Auteur(s)">
<!ENTITY copyrightButton.label "Copyright">

<!ENTITY bookmarkButton.label "Marque-pages">

<!ENTITY alternateButton.label "Autres versions">

<!ENTITY feedButton.label "S'abonner">