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Fixing accesskeys in menus

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<!-- Window title -->
<!ENTITY windowTitle.label "Vérification de l'orthographe">

<!ENTITY misspelledWord.label "Mot mal orthographié :">
<!ENTITY wordEditField.label "Remplacer par :">
<!ENTITY wordEditField.accessKey "c">
<!ENTITY checkwordButton.label "Vérifier le mot">
<!ENTITY checkwordButton.accessKey "f">
<!ENTITY suggestions.label "Suggestions :">
<!ENTITY suggestions.accessKey "g">
<!ENTITY ignoreButton.label "Ignorer">
<!ENTITY ignoreButton.accessKey "I">
<!ENTITY ignoreAllButton.label "Tout ignorer">
<!ENTITY ignoreAllButton.accessKey "n">
<!ENTITY replaceButton.label "Remplacer">
<!ENTITY replaceButton.accessKey "R">
<!ENTITY replaceAllButton.label "Tout remplacer">
<!ENTITY replaceAllButton.accessKey "T">
<!ENTITY stopButton.label "Arrêter">
<!ENTITY stopButton.accessKey "A">
<!ENTITY userDictionary.label "Dictionnaire personnel :">
<!ENTITY moreDictionaries.label "Télécharger d'autres dictionnaires…">
<!ENTITY addToUserDictionaryButton.label "Ajouter un mot">
<!ENTITY addToUserDictionaryButton.accessKey "j">
<!ENTITY editUserDictionaryButton.label "Modifier…">
<!ENTITY editUserDictionaryButton.accessKey "M">
<!ENTITY recheckButton.label "Revérifier">
<!ENTITY recheckButton.accessKey "v">
<!ENTITY closeButton.label "Fermer">
<!ENTITY closeButton.accessKey "F">
<!ENTITY sendButton.label "Envoyer">
<!ENTITY sendButton.accessKey "E">
<!ENTITY languagePopup.label "Langue :">
<!ENTITY languagePopup.accessKey "L">