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Bug 1599303 - Migrate bookmark panel to Fluent, part 2.

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<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.title "Import Address Book">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.size "width: 40em; height: 30em;">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.recordNumber "Imported data for Record: ">
<!ENTITY "بعدی">
<!ENTITY "ب">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.previous.label "قبلی">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.previous.accesskey "ق">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.text "Use Move Up and Move Down to match the address book fields on the left to the correct data for import on the right. Uncheck items you do not want to import.">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.up.label "انتقال به بالا">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.up.accesskey "ا">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.down.label "انتقال به پایین">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.down.accesskey "ا">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.fieldListTitle "Address Book fields">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.dataTitle "Record data to import">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.skipFirstRecord.label "First record contains field names">
<!ENTITY fieldMapImport.skipFirstRecord.accessKey "F">