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Pontoon: Update Estonian (et) localization of Thunderbird Co-authored-by: Sander Lepik <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# LOCALIZATION NOTE - %S is brandFullName
PromptUsernameAndPassword3=Autentimine - %S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE - %S is brandFullName
PromptPassword3=Parool on nõutud - %S
Revert=&Võta tagasi
DontSave=Ä&ra salvesta
ScriptDlgGenericHeading=[JavaScripti rakendus]
ScriptDlgHeading=Veebileht aadressil %S ütleb:
ScriptDlgNullPrincipalHeading=Veebileht ütleb:
ScriptDialogLabel=Keela sellel lehel lisanduvate dialoogide loomine
ScriptDialogLabelNullPrincipal=Sellel lehel ei lubata rohkem dialooge kuvada
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (ScriptDialogLabelContentPrincipal):
# %S is either the domain and port of the site prompting, or the name of
# an add-on prompting.
ScriptDialogLabelContentPrincipal=Sellel allikal (%S) ei lubata rohkem dialooge kuvada
ScriptDialogPreventTitle=Dialoogide eelistuse kinnitamine
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (EnterLoginForRealm3, EnterLoginForProxy3):
# %1 is an untrusted string provided by a remote server. It could try to
# take advantage of sentence structure in order to mislead the user (see
# bug 244273). %1 should be integrated into the translated sentences as
# little as possible. %2 is the url of the site being accessed.
EnterLoginForRealm3=Sait aadressil %2$S nõuab kasutajanime ja parooli. Teade saidilt: “%1$S”
EnterLoginForProxy3=Puhverserver aadressil %2$S nõuab kasutajanime ja parooli. Teade saidilt: “%1$S”
EnterUserPasswordFor2=%1$S nõuab kasutajanime ja parooli.
EnterUserPasswordForCrossOrigin2=%1$S nõuab kasutajanime ja parooli. HOIATUS: sinu parooli ei saadeta saidile, mida praegu külastad!
EnterPasswordFor=Sisesta parool %1$S jaoks lehel %2$S
EnterCredentials=See sait palub sul sisse logida.
# %S is the username for which a password is requested.
EnterPasswordOnlyFor=See sait palub sul sisse logida kui %S.
# %S is the domain of the site being accessed.
EnterCredentialsCrossOrigin=See sait palub sul sisse logida. Hoiatus: sinu kasutajatunnuseid jagatakse saidiga %S, mitte saidiga, mida praegu külastad.
SignIn=Logi sisse