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Pontoon: Update Estonian (et) localization of Firefox Localization authors: - Merike Sell <>

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE This file contains the browser main menu items -->
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE Do not translate commandkeys -->

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.title): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.title "&brandFullName;">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlemodifier) : DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.titlemodifier "&brandFullName;">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlemodifiermenuseparator): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.titlemodifiermenuseparator " - ">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlePrivateBrowsingSuffix): This will be appended to the window's title
                                                                inside the private browsing mode -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.titlePrivateBrowsingSuffix "(privaatne veebilehitsemine)">

<!ENTITY appmenu.tooltip                     "Ava menüü">
<!ENTITY navbarOverflow.label                "Rohkem tööriistu…">

<!-- Tab context menu -->
<!ENTITY  reloadTab.label                    "Laadi kaart uuesti">
<!ENTITY  reloadTab.accesskey                "i">
<!ENTITY  selectAllTabs.label                "Vali kõik kaardid">
<!ENTITY  selectAllTabs.accesskey            "k">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (duplicateTab.label): This is a command to duplicate
a tab (i.e. it is a verb, not adjective). -->
<!ENTITY  duplicateTab.label                 "Klooni kaart">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (duplicateTab.accesskey, duplicateTabs.accesskey):
These items have the same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  duplicateTab.accesskey             "K">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (duplicateTabs.label): This is a command to duplicate
a tab (i.e. it is a verb, not adjective). -->
<!ENTITY  duplicateTabs.label                "Klooni kaart">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (duplicateTab.accesskey, duplicateTabs.accesskey):
These items have the same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  duplicateTabs.accesskey            "o">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (closeTabsToTheEnd.label): This should indicate the
direction in which tabs are closed, i.e. locales that use RTL mode should say
left instead of right. -->
<!ENTITY  closeTabsToTheEnd.label            "Sulge paremale jäävad kaardid">
<!ENTITY  closeTabsToTheEnd.accesskey        "u">
<!ENTITY  closeOtherTabs.label               "Sulge teised kaardid">
<!ENTITY  closeOtherTabs.accesskey           "t">

<!ENTITY  closeTabs.label                    "Sulge kaardid">
<!ENTITY  closeTabs.accesskey                "S">
<!ENTITY  pinSelectedTabs.label              "Tee püsikaartideks">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(pinTab.accesskey, pinSelectedTabs.accesskey,
unpinTab.accesskey, unpinSelectedTabs.accesskey): These share the
same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  pinSelectedTabs.accesskey          "p">
<!ENTITY  unpinSelectedTabs.label            "Tee tavakaartideks">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(pinTab.accesskey, pinSelectedTabs.accesskey,
unpinTab.accesskey, unpinSelectedTabs.accesskey): These share the
same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  unpinSelectedTabs.accesskey        "T">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(reloadTab.label, reloadTabs.label): have the same accesskey
but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  reloadTabs.label                   "Laadi kaardid uuesti">
<!ENTITY  reloadTabs.accesskey               "L">
<!ENTITY  bookmarkSelectedTabs.label         "Lisa kaardid järjehoidjatesse…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(bookmarkTab.accesskey, bookmarkSelectedTabs.accesskey):
These items have the same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  bookmarkSelectedTabs.accesskey     "k">

<!-- Tab context menu -->

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (pinTab.label, unpinTab.label): "Pin" is being
used as a metaphor for expressing the fact that these tabs are "pinned" to the
left edge of the tabstrip. Really we just want the string to express the idea
that this is a lightweight and reversible action that keeps your tab where you
can reach it easily. -->
<!ENTITY  pinTab.label                       "Tee püsikaardiks">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(pinTab.accesskey, pinSelectedTabs.accesskey,
unpinTab.accesskey, unpinSelectedTabs.accesskey): These share the
same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  pinTab.accesskey                   "e">
<!ENTITY  unpinTab.label                     "Tee tavakaardiks">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(pinTab.accesskey, pinSelectedTabs.accesskey,
unpinTab.accesskey, unpinSelectedTabs.accesskey): These share the
same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  unpinTab.accesskey                 "d">
<!ENTITY  sendPageToDevice.label             "Saada leht seadmesse">
<!ENTITY  sendPageToDevice.accesskey         "h">
<!ENTITY  sendLinkToDevice.label             "Saada link seadmesse">
<!ENTITY  sendLinkToDevice.accesskey         "i">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (moveTabOptions.label and moveSelectedTabOptions.label):
These two items have the same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  moveTabOptions.label               "Liiguta kaarti">
<!ENTITY  moveTabOptions.accesskey           "i">
<!ENTITY  moveSelectedTabOptions.label       "Liiguta kaarte">
<!ENTITY  moveSelectedTabOptions.accesskey   "i">
<!ENTITY  moveToStart.label                  "Liiguta algusesse">
<!ENTITY  moveToStart.accesskey              "a">
<!ENTITY  moveToEnd.label                    "Liiguta lõppu">
<!ENTITY  moveToEnd.accesskey                "p">
<!ENTITY  moveToNewWindow.label              "Liiguta uude aknasse">
<!ENTITY  moveToNewWindow.accesskey          "k">
<!ENTITY  reopenInContainer.label            "Taasava konteineris">
<!ENTITY  reopenInContainer.accesskey        "o">
<!ENTITY  bookmarkTab.label                  "Lisa kaart järjehoidjatesse">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(bookmarkTab.accesskey, bookmarkSelectedTabs.accesskey):
These items have the same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY  bookmarkTab.accesskey              "j">
<!ENTITY  undoCloseTab.label                 "Võta kaardi sulgemine tagasi">
<!ENTITY  undoCloseTab.accesskey             "g">
<!ENTITY  closeTab.label                     "Sulge kaart">
<!ENTITY  closeTab.accesskey                 "S">
<!ENTITY  hiddenTabs.label                   "Peidetud kaardid">

<!ENTITY  listAllTabs.label      "Näita kõigi kaartide nimekirja">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (allTabsMenu.searchTabs.label): "Search" is a verb, as
in "Search through tabs". -->
<!ENTITY  allTabsMenu.searchTabs.label       "Otsi kaartide hulgast">

<!ENTITY tabCmd.label "Uus kaart">
<!ENTITY tabCmd.accesskey "k">
<!ENTITY tabCmd.commandkey "t">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (openLocationCmd.label): "Open Location" is only
displayed on OS X, and only on windows that aren't main browser windows, or
when there are no windows but Firefox is still running. -->
<!ENTITY openLocationCmd.label "Ava asukoht…">
<!ENTITY openFileCmd.label "Ava fail…">
<!ENTITY openFileCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY openFileCmd.commandkey "o">
<!ENTITY printSetupCmd.label "Lehekülje sätted…">
<!ENTITY printSetupCmd.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY printPreviewCmd.label "Lehekülje eelvaade">
<!ENTITY printPreviewCmd.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY printCmd.label "Prindi…">
<!ENTITY printCmd.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY printCmd.commandkey "p">
<!ENTITY importFromAnotherBrowserCmd.label "Impordi teisest brauserist…">
<!ENTITY importFromAnotherBrowserCmd.accesskey "I">

<!ENTITY taskManagerCmd.label "Tegumihaldur">

<!ENTITY goOfflineCmd.label "Tööta võrguta">
<!ENTITY goOfflineCmd.accesskey "T">

<!ENTITY menubarCmd.label "Menüüriba">
<!ENTITY menubarCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY navbarCmd.label "Asukohariba">
<!ENTITY personalbarCmd.label "Järjehoidjariba">
<!ENTITY personalbarCmd.accesskey "J">
<!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarItem.label "Järjehoidjariba elemendid">

<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.reloadSelectedTab.label "Laadi valitud kaart uuesti">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (toolbarContextMenu.reloadSelectedTab.accesskey,
toolbarContextMenu.reloadSelectedTabs.accesskey): These share the
same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.reloadSelectedTab.accesskey "u">
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.reloadSelectedTabs.label "Laadi valitud kaardid uuesti">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (toolbarContextMenu.reloadSelectedTab.accesskey,
toolbarContextMenu.reloadSelectedTabs.accesskey): These share the
same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.reloadSelectedTabs.accesskey "d">
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.bookmarkSelectedTab.label "Lisa valitud kaart järjehoidjatesse…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (toolbarContextMenu.bookmarkSelectedTab.accesskey,
toolbarContextMenu.bookmarkSelectedTabs.accesskey): These share the
same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.bookmarkSelectedTab.accesskey "j">
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.bookmarkSelectedTabs.label "Lisa valitud kaardid järjehoidjatesse…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (toolbarContextMenu.bookmarkSelectedTab.accesskey,
toolbarContextMenu.bookmarkSelectedTabs.accesskey): These share the
same accesskey but will never be visible at the same time. -->
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.bookmarkSelectedTabs.accesskey "v">
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.selectAllTabs.label "Vali kõik kaardid">
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.selectAllTabs.accesskey "k">
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.undoCloseTab.label "Võta kaardi sulgemine tagasi">
<!ENTITY toolbarContextMenu.undoCloseTab.accesskey "V">

<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.label "Veebilehe lähtekood">
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.commandkey "u">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (pageSourceCmd.SafariCommandKey should match the
Option+Command keyboard shortcut letter that Safari and Chrome use for "View
Source" on macOS. pageSourceCmd.commandkey above is Firefox's official keyboard
shortcut shown in the GUI. SafariCommandKey is an alias provided for the
convenience of Safari and Chrome users on macOS. See bug 1398988. -->
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.SafariCommandKey "u">

<!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.label "Veebilehe info">
<!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.accesskey "i">
<!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.commandkey "i">
<!ENTITY ldbCmd.label "Layout Debugger">
<!ENTITY ldbCmd.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY mirrorTabCmd.label "Edasta kaarti">
<!ENTITY mirrorTabCmd.accesskey "E">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (enterFullScreenCmd.label, exitFullScreenCmd.label):
These should match what Safari and other Apple applications use on OS X Lion. -->
<!ENTITY enterFullScreenCmd.label "Lülitu täisekraanirežiimi">
<!ENTITY enterFullScreenCmd.accesskey "t">
<!ENTITY exitFullScreenCmd.label "Välju täisekraanirežiimist">
<!ENTITY exitFullScreenCmd.accesskey "V">
<!ENTITY fullScreenCmd.label "Täisekraani režiim">
<!ENTITY fullScreenCmd.accesskey "r">
<!ENTITY fullScreenCmd.macCommandKey "f">
<!ENTITY showAllTabsCmd.label "Kuva kõiki kaarte">
<!ENTITY showAllTabsCmd.accesskey "K">
<!ENTITY toggleReaderMode.key "R">

<!ENTITY fxaSignIn.label "Logi &syncBrand.shortName.label;i sisse">
<!ENTITY fxaSignedIn.tooltip "Ava &syncBrand.shortName.label;i sätted">
<!ENTITY fxaSignInError.label "Ühenda &syncBrand.shortName.label;iga uuesti">
<!ENTITY fxaUnverified.label "Kinnita oma konto">

<!ENTITY fullScreenMinimize.tooltip "Minimeeri">
<!ENTITY fullScreenRestore.tooltip "Taasta">
<!ENTITY fullScreenClose.tooltip "Sulge">
<!ENTITY fullScreenAutohide.label "Peida tööriistaribad">
<!ENTITY fullScreenAutohide.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY fullScreenExit.label "Välju täisekraanirežiimist">
<!ENTITY fullScreenExit.accesskey "V">

 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (fxa.signin) Used to define the different labels
     for the Firefox Account toolbar signin menu screen. -->
<!ENTITY fxa.signin.callout.label "Võta Firefox endaga kaasa">
<!ENTITY fxa.signin.description.label "Kasuta järjehoidjaid, ajalugu, paroole ja muid sätteid kõigil enda seadmetel.">
<!ENTITY fxa.signin.button.label "Lülita &syncBrand.shortName.label; sisse…">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (fxa.unverified) Used to define the different labels
     for the Firefox Account toolbar unverified menu screen. -->
<!ENTITY fxa.unverified.callout.label "Kontrolli oma e-posti">
<!ENTITY fxa.unverified.description.label "Enne sünkroonimise alustamist pead oma konto kinnitama.">
<!ENTITY fxa.unverified.button.label "Ava &syncBrand.shortName.label;i sätted…">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE ( Used to define the different labels
     for the Firefox Account toolbart menu screen. The `Signed in as` text is
     followed by the user's email. -->
<!ENTITY "Sisse logitud kasutajana">
<!ENTITY "Halda kontot…">
<!ENTITY "&syncBrand.shortName.label;i sätted…">
<!ENTITY "&syncedTabs.sidebar.connectAnotherDevice;">
<!ENTITY "Ühenda teine seade…">
<!ENTITY "&syncBrand.fxAccount.label;">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (fullscreenWarning.beforeDomain.label,
     fullscreenWarning.afterDomain.label): these two strings are used
     respectively before and after the domain requiring fullscreen.
     Localizers can use one of them, or both, to better adapt this
     sentence to their language. -->
<!ENTITY fullscreenWarning.beforeDomain.label "Sait">
<!ENTITY fullscreenWarning.afterDomain.label "on nüüd täisekraanirežiimis">
<!ENTITY fullscreenWarning.generic.label "See dokument on nüüd täisekraanirežiimis">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (exitDOMFullscreen.button,
     exitDOMFullscreenMac.button): the "escape" button on PC keyboards
     is uppercase, while on Mac keyboards it is lowercase -->
<!ENTITY exitDOMFullscreen.button "Välju täisekraanirežiimist (Esc)">
<!ENTITY exitDOMFullscreenMac.button "Välju täisekraanirežiimist (esc)">
<!ENTITY leaveDOMFullScreen.label "Välju täisekraanirežiimist">
<!ENTITY leaveDOMFullScreen.accesskey "t">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (pictureInPicture.label, pictureInPicture.accesskey):
     these two strings are used when right-clicking on a video in the
     content area when the Picture-in-Picture feature is enabled. -->
<!ENTITY pictureInPicture.label "Pilt-pildis">
<!ENTITY pictureInPicture.accesskey "P">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (pointerlockWarning.beforeDomain.label,
     pointerlockWarning.afterDomain.label): these two strings are used
     respectively before and after the domain requiring pointerlock.
     Localizers can use one of them, or both, to better adapt this
     sentence to their language. -->
<!ENTITY pointerlockWarning.beforeDomain.label "Sait ">
<!ENTITY pointerlockWarning.afterDomain.label " kontrollib sinu kursori tegevust. Kontrolli tagasivõtmiseks vajuta klahvile Esc.">
<!ENTITY pointerlockWarning.generic.label "See dokument kontrollib sinu kursori tegevust. Kontrolli tagasivõtmiseks vajuta klahvile Esc.">

<!ENTITY closeWindow.label "Sulge aken">
<!ENTITY closeWindow.accesskey "S">

<!ENTITY bookmarksMenu.label "Järjehoidjad">
<!ENTITY bookmarksMenu.accesskey "J">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisPageCmd.label "Lisa see veebileht järjehoidjatesse">
<!ENTITY editThisBookmarkCmd.label "Muuda seda järjehoidjat">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisPageCmd.commandkey "d">

<!ENTITY addCurPagesCmd.label "Lisa kõik kaardid järjehoidjatesse...">
<!ENTITY showAllBookmarks2.label "Kuva kõiki järjehoidjaid">
<!ENTITY recentBookmarks.label "Viimati järjehoidjatesse lisatud">
<!ENTITY otherBookmarksCmd.label "Muud järjehoidjad">
<!ENTITY mobileBookmarksCmd.label "Mobiilsed järjehoidjad">
<!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarChevron.tooltip "Veel järjehoidjaid">

<!ENTITY backCmd.label                "Tagasi">
<!ENTITY backCmd.accesskey            "T">
<!ENTITY backButton.tooltip           "Tagasi üks leht">
<!ENTITY forwardCmd.label             "Edasi">
<!ENTITY forwardCmd.accesskey         "E">
<!ENTITY forwardButton.tooltip        "Edasi üks leht">
<!ENTITY backForwardButtonMenu.tooltip "Ajaloo kuvamiseks tee paremklõps või hoia all">
<!ENTITY backForwardButtonMenuMac.tooltip "Ajaloo kuvamiseks hoia all">
<!ENTITY reloadCmd.label              "Laadi uuesti">
<!ENTITY reloadCmd.accesskey          "L">
<!ENTITY stopCmd.label                "Peata">
<!ENTITY stopCmd.accesskey            "P">
<!ENTITY stopCmd.macCommandKey        ".">
<!ENTITY goEndCap.tooltip             "Mine aadressiribal olevale aadressile">
<!ENTITY printButton.label            "Prindi">
<!ENTITY printButton.tooltip          "Prindi see leht">

<!ENTITY urlbar.viewSiteInfo.label                      "Vaata saidi teavet">

<!ENTITY urlbar.defaultNotificationAnchor.tooltip         "Ava teavituse paneel">
<!ENTITY urlbar.geolocationNotificationAnchor.tooltip     "Ava asukohataotluse paneel">
<!ENTITY urlbar.autoplayNotificationAnchor.tooltip        "Ava automaatse esitamise paneel">
<!ENTITY urlbar.addonsNotificationAnchor.tooltip          "Ava lisa paigaldamise teavituspaneel">
<!ENTITY urlbar.canvasNotificationAnchor.tooltip          "Halda kanvaa ekstraktimise õigusi">
<!ENTITY urlbar.indexedDBNotificationAnchor.tooltip       "Ava võrguta režiimi andmete teavituspaneel">
<!ENTITY urlbar.passwordNotificationAnchor.tooltip        "Ava parooli salvestamise teavituspaneel">
<!ENTITY urlbar.pluginsNotificationAnchor.tooltip         "Halda pluginate kasutust">
<!ENTITY urlbar.webNotificationAnchor.tooltip             "Määra, kas soovid sellelt saidilt teavitusi saada">
<!ENTITY urlbar.persistentStorageNotificationAnchor.tooltip     "Salvesta andmeid püsivalt">
<!ENTITY urlbar.remoteControlNotificationAnchor.tooltip   "Veebilehitseja on kaugjuhtimisel">
<!ENTITY urlbar.webAuthnAnchor.tooltip                    "Ava veebiautentimise paneel">
<!ENTITY urlbar.storageAccessAnchor.tooltip               "Ava veebilehitsemise jälitamise õiguste paneel">

<!ENTITY urlbar.webRTCShareDevicesNotificationAnchor.tooltip      "Halda kaamera ja/või mikrofoni jagamist saidiga">
<!ENTITY urlbar.webRTCShareMicrophoneNotificationAnchor.tooltip   "Halda mikrofoni jagamist saidiga">
<!ENTITY urlbar.webRTCShareScreenNotificationAnchor.tooltip       "Halda ekraani või akende jagamist saidiga">

<!ENTITY urlbar.servicesNotificationAnchor.tooltip        "Ava paigaldamise teavituspaneel">
<!ENTITY urlbar.translateNotificationAnchor.tooltip       "Tõlgi see leht">
<!ENTITY urlbar.translatedNotificationAnchor.tooltip      "Halda lehe tõlkimist">
<!ENTITY urlbar.emeNotificationAnchor.tooltip             "Halda DRM-tarkvara kasutust">
<!ENTITY urlbar.midiNotificationAnchor.tooltip            "Ava MIDI paneel">

<!ENTITY urlbar.cameraBlocked.tooltip            "Oled sellel lehel keelanud kaamera kasutamise.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.microphoneBlocked.tooltip        "Oled sellel lehel keelanud mikrofoni kasutamise.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.screenBlocked.tooltip            "Oled sellel lehel keelanud ekraanijagamise.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.geolocationBlocked.tooltip       "Oled sellel lehel keelanud asukohateabe kasutamise.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.webNotificationsBlocked.tooltip  "Oled sellel lehel teavitused keelanud.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.persistentStorageBlocked.tooltip "Oled sellel saidil keelanud andmete püsivalt salvestamise.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.popupBlocked.tooltip             "Oled sellel lehel hüpikaknad blokkinud.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.autoplayMediaBlocked.tooltip     "Oled sellel lehel heliga meedia automaatse esitamise blokkinud.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.canvasBlocked.tooltip            "Oled sellel lehel keelanud kanvaa andmete ekstraktimise.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.flashPluginBlocked.tooltip       "Oled sellel lehel keelanud plugina Adobe Flash kasutamise.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.midiBlocked.tooltip              "Oled sellel lehel keelanud ligipääsu MIDIle.">

<!ENTITY urlbar.installBlocked.tooltip           "Oled sellel lehel keelanud lisade paigaldamise.">

<!ENTITY urlbar.openHistoryPopup.tooltip                "Kuva ajalugu">

<!ENTITY searchItem.title             "Otsi">

<!-- Toolbar items -->
<!ENTITY homeButton.label             "Kodu">
<!ENTITY homeButton.defaultPage.tooltip "&brandShortName;i avaleht">

<!ENTITY bookmarksButton.label          "Järjehoidjad">
<!ENTITY bookmarksCmd.commandkey "b">

<!ENTITY bookmarksSubview.label             "Järjehoidjad">
<!ENTITY bookmarksMenuButton2.label         "Järjehoidjate menüü">
<!ENTITY bookmarksMenuButton.other.label    "Muud järjehoidjad">
<!ENTITY   "Mobiilsed järjehoidjad">
<!ENTITY viewBookmarksSidebar2.label        "Kuva järjehoidjate külgriba">
<!ENTITY hideBookmarksSidebar.label         "Peida järjehoidjate külgriba">
<!ENTITY viewBookmarksToolbar.label         "Kuva järjehoidjariba">
<!ENTITY hideBookmarksToolbar.label         "Peida järjehoidjariba">
<!ENTITY searchBookmarks.label              "Otsi järjehoidjatest">
<!ENTITY bookmarkingTools.label             "Järjehoidjate tööriistad">
<!ENTITY addBookmarksMenu.label             "Lisa järjehoidjate menüü tööriistaribale">
<!ENTITY removeBookmarksMenu.label          "Eemalda järjehoidjate menüü tööriistaribalt">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (bookmarksGtkCmd.commandkey): This command
  -  key should not contain the letters A-F, since these are reserved
  -  shortcut keys on Linux. -->
<!ENTITY bookmarksGtkCmd.commandkey "o">
<!ENTITY bookmarksWinCmd.commandkey "i">

<!ENTITY historyButton.label            "Ajalugu">
<!ENTITY historySidebarCmd.commandKey   "h">

<!ENTITY toolsMenu.label              "Tööriistad">
<!ENTITY toolsMenu.accesskey          "T">

<!ENTITY keywordfield.label           "Lisa võti sellele otsingule...">
<!ENTITY keywordfield.accesskey       "v">

<!ENTITY downloads.label              "Allalaadimised">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (libraryDownloads.label): This label is similar to
  -  downloads.label, but used in the Library panel. -->
<!ENTITY libraryDownloads.label       "Allalaadimised">
<!ENTITY downloads.accesskey          "A">
<!ENTITY downloads.commandkey         "j">
<!ENTITY downloadsUnix.commandkey     "y">
<!ENTITY addons.label                 "Lisad">
<!ENTITY addons.accesskey             "L">
<!ENTITY addons.commandkey            "A">

<!ENTITY webDeveloperMenu.label       "Veebiarendajale">
<!ENTITY webDeveloperMenu.accesskey   "b">

<!ENTITY inspectContextMenu.label     "Inspekteeri elementi">
<!ENTITY inspectContextMenu.accesskey "n">

<!ENTITY inspectA11YContextMenu.label     "Inspect Accessibility Properties">

<!ENTITY fileMenu.label         "Fail">
<!ENTITY fileMenu.accesskey       "F">
<!ENTITY newUserContext.label             "Uus konteinerkaart">
<!ENTITY newUserContext.accesskey         "o">
<!ENTITY manageUserContext.label          "Halda konteinereid">
<!ENTITY manageUserContext.accesskey      "H">
<!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.label        "Uus aken">
<!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.key        "N">
<!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.accesskey      "U">
<!ENTITY newPrivateWindow.label     "Uus privaatne aken">
<!ENTITY newPrivateWindow.accesskey "p">

<!ENTITY editMenu.label         "Redigeerimine">
<!ENTITY editMenu.accesskey       "R">
<!ENTITY undoCmd.label            "Võta tagasi">
<!ENTITY undoCmd.key            "Z">
<!ENTITY undoCmd.accesskey          "V">
<!ENTITY redoCmd.label            "Tee uuesti">
<!ENTITY redoCmd.key            "Y">
<!ENTITY redoCmd.accesskey          "T">
<!ENTITY cutCmd.label           "Lõika">
<!ENTITY cutCmd.key             "X">
<!ENTITY cutCmd.accesskey         "L">
<!ENTITY copyCmd.label            "Kopeeri">
<!ENTITY copyCmd.key            "C">
<!ENTITY copyCmd.accesskey          "K">
<!ENTITY pasteCmd.label           "Aseta">
<!ENTITY pasteCmd.key           "V">
<!ENTITY pasteCmd.accesskey         "A">
<!ENTITY deleteCmd.label          "Kustuta">
<!ENTITY deleteCmd.key            "D">
<!ENTITY deleteCmd.accesskey        "u">
<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.label         "Vali kõik">
<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.key         "A">
<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.accesskey       "i">
<!ENTITY preferencesCmd2.label       "Sätted">
<!ENTITY preferencesCmd2.accesskey     "S">
<!ENTITY preferencesCmdUnix.label       "Eelistused">
<!ENTITY preferencesCmdUnix.accesskey     "E">
<!ENTITY logins.label                           "Kasutajatunnused ja paroolid">

<!ENTITY clearRecentHistory.label               "Kustuta hiljutine ajalugu…">

<!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.commandkey          "P">

<!ENTITY viewMenu.label         "Vaade">
<!ENTITY viewMenu.accesskey       "V">
<!ENTITY viewToolbarsMenu.label       "Tööriistaribad">
<!ENTITY viewToolbarsMenu.accesskey     "T">
<!ENTITY viewSidebarMenu.label "Külgriba">
<!ENTITY viewSidebarMenu.accesskey "K">
<!ENTITY viewCustomizeToolbar.label       "Kohanda...">
<!ENTITY viewCustomizeToolbar.accesskey     "o">
<!ENTITY overflowCustomizeToolbar.label       "Kohanda tööriistariba…">
<!ENTITY overflowCustomizeToolbar.accesskey   "K">

<!ENTITY historyMenu.label "Ajalugu">
<!ENTITY historyMenu.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY historyUndoMenu.label "Hiljuti suletud kaardid">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (historyUndoWindowMenu): see bug 394759 -->
<!ENTITY historyUndoWindowMenu.label "Hiljuti suletud aknad">
<!ENTITY historyRestoreLastSession.label "Taasta eelmine seanss">

<!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd2.label "Näita kogu ajalugu">
<!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd.commandkey "H">

<!ENTITY appMenuHistory.showAll.label "Kuva kogu ajalugu">
<!ENTITY appMenuHistory.clearRecent.label "Kustuta hiljutine ajalugu…">
<!ENTITY appMenuHistory.restoreSession.label "Taasta eelmine seanss">
<!ENTITY appMenuHistory.viewSidebar.label "Kuva ajaloo külgriba">
<!ENTITY appMenuHistory.hideSidebar.label "Peida ajaloo külgriba">
<!ENTITY appMenuHistory.recentHistory.label "Hiljutine ajalugu">
<!ENTITY appMenuHelp.label "Abi">

<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.label "Sünkroniseeritud kaardid">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (appMenuRemoteTabs.notabs.label): This is shown beneath
     the name of a device when that device has no open tabs -->
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.notabs.label "Avatud kaarte pole">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (appMenuRemoteTabs.showMore.label, appMenuRemoteTabs.showMore.tooltip):
     This is shown after the tabs list if we can display more tabs by clicking on the button -->
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.showMore.label "Kuva rohkem">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.showMore.tooltip "Kuva rohkem selle seadme kaarte">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (appMenuRemoteTabs.showAll.label, appMenuRemoteTabs.showAll.tooltip):
     This is shown after the tabs list if we can all the remaining tabs by clicking on the button -->
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.showAll.label "Kuva kõiki">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.showAll.tooltip "Kuva kõiki selle seadme kaarte">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (appMenuRemoteTabs.tabsnotsyncing.label): This is shown
     when Sync is configured but syncing tabs is disabled. -->
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.tabsnotsyncing.label "Teistes seadmetes avatud kaartide nägemiseks lülita sisse kaartide sünkroniseerimine.">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (appMenuRemoteTabs.noclients.subtitle): This is shown
     when Sync is configured but this appears to be the only device attached to
     the account. We also show links to download Firefox for android/ios. -->
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.noclients.subtitle "Soovid näha teistes seadmetes avatud kaarte?">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.opensyncprefs.label "Ava Synci sätted">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.notsignedin.label "Teistes seadmetes avatud kaartide vaatamiseks logi sisse.">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.unverified.label "Sinu konto vajab kinnitamist.">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.signin.label "Logi Synci sisse">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.managedevices.label "Halda seadmeid…">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.sidebar.label "Vaata sünkroniseeritud kaartide külgriba">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.hidesidebar.label "Peida sünkroniseeritud kaartide külgriba">
<!ENTITY appMenuRemoteTabs.connectdevice.label "Ühenda teine seade">

<!ENTITY appMenuRecentHighlights.label "Hiljuti esile tõstetud">

<!ENTITY customizeMenu.addToToolbar.label "Lisa tööriistaribale">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.addToToolbar.accesskey "L">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (customizeMenu.addToOverflowMenu.label,
     customizeMenu.pinToOverflowMenu.label, customizeMenu.unpinFromOverflowMenu.label)
     The overflow menu is the menu that appears if you click the chevron (>> button)
     in the location bar. -->
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.addToOverflowMenu.label "Lisa nurgatagusesse menüüsse">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.addToOverflowMenu.accesskey "n">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (customizeMenu.pinToOverflowMenu.accesskey)
     can appear on the same context menu as menubarCmd and personalbarCmd,
     so they should have different access keys.  -->
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.pinToOverflowMenu.label "Liiguta nurgatagusesse menüüsse">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.pinToOverflowMenu.accesskey "r">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.unpinFromOverflowMenu.label "Eemalda nurgatagusest menüüst">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.unpinFromOverflowMenu.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.removeFromToolbar.label "Eemalda tööriistaribalt">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.removeFromToolbar.accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.addMoreItems.label "Lisa rohkem elemente…">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.addMoreItems.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.autoHideDownloadsButton.label "Peidetakse tööriistaribalt automaatselt">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.autoHideDownloadsButton.accesskey "r">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.manageExtension.label "Halda laiendust">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.manageExtension.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.removeExtension.label "Eemalda laiendus">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.removeExtension.accesskey "i">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (reportExtension.label) This label is used in the extensions
     toolbar buttons context menus, a user can use this command to submit to Mozilla
     an abuse report related to that extension. "Report" is a verb. -->
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.reportExtension.label "Raporteeri laiendusest">
<!ENTITY customizeMenu.reportExtension.accesskey "R">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (moreMenu.label) This label is used in the new Photon
    app (hamburger) menu. When clicked, it opens a subview that contains
    secondary commands. -->
<!ENTITY moreMenu.label "Veel">

<!ENTITY openCmd.commandkey           "l">
<!ENTITY urlbar.placeholder2          "Otsi või sisesta aadress">
<!ENTITY urlbar.accesskey             "d">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (urlbar.extension.label): Used to indicate that a selected autocomplete entry is provided by an extension. -->
<!ENTITY urlbar.extension.label       "Laiendus:">
<!ENTITY urlbar.switchToTab.label     "Lülitu kaardile:">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (urlbar.searchSuggestionsNotification.hintPrefix): Shown just before the suggestions opt-out hint. -->
<!ENTITY urlbar.searchSuggestionsNotification.hintPrefix "Nipp:">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (urlbar.searchSuggestionsNotification.hint): &#x1F50E; is the magnifier icon emoji, please don't change it. -->
<!ENTITY urlbar.searchSuggestionsNotification.hint "Leia asju kergemini! Märka &#x1F50E; otsingusoovituste kõrval.">
<!ENTITY urlbar.searchSuggestionsNotification.changeSettingsWin "Muuda sätteid…">
<!ENTITY urlbar.searchSuggestionsNotification.changeSettingsWin.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY urlbar.searchSuggestionsNotification.changeSettingsUnix "Muuda eelistusi…">
<!ENTITY urlbar.searchSuggestionsNotification.changeSettingsUnix.accesskey "M">

  Comment duplicated from

  Search Command Key Logic works like this:

  Unix: Ctrl+J (0.8, 0.9 support)
        Ctrl+K (cross platform binding)
  Mac:  Cmd+K (cross platform binding)
        Cmd+Opt+F (platform convention)
  Win:  Ctrl+K (cross platform binding)
        Ctrl+E (IE compat)

  We support Ctrl+K on all platforms now and advertise it in the menu since it is
  our standard - it is a "safe" choice since it is near no harmful keys like "W" as
  "E" is. People mourning the loss of Ctrl+K for emacs compat can switch their GTK
  system setting to use emacs emulation, and we should respect it. Focus-Search-Box
  is a fundamental keybinding and we are maintaining a XP binding so that it is easy
  for people to switch to Linux.

<!ENTITY searchFocus.commandkey       "k">
<!ENTITY searchFocus.commandkey2      "e">
<!ENTITY searchFocusUnix.commandkey   "j">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (contentSearchInput.label):
     This is set as the aria-label attribute for the search input box in the
     in-content search UI, to be used by screen readers. -->
<!ENTITY contentSearchInput.label     "Otsingukast">
<!ENTITY contentSearchSubmit.tooltip  "Soorita otsing">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (searchInput.placeholder):
     This string is displayed in the search box when the input field is empty. -->
<!ENTITY searchInput.placeholder      "Otsi">
<!ENTITY searchIcon.tooltip           "Otsi">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (searchFor.label, searchWith.label):
     These two strings are used to build the header above the list of one-click
     search providers:  "Search for <used typed keywords> with:" -->
<!ENTITY searchFor.label              "Otsi fraasi ">
<!ENTITY searchWith.label             " otsingumootoriga:">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (search.label, searchAfter.label):
     This string is used to build the header above the list of one-click search
     providers when a one off engine has been selected.  The searchAfter text is
     intentionally left empty for en-US and can be used by other localizations to
     display a string after the search engine name.  This string will be displayed
     as:  "Search <selected engine name><searchAfter.label text>" -->
<!ENTITY search.label                 "Otsi otsingumootoriga ">
<!ENTITY searchAfter.label            "">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (searchWithHeader.label):
     The wording of this string should be as close as possible to
     searchFor.label and searchWith.label. This string will be used instead of
     them when the user has not typed any keyword. -->
<!ENTITY searchWithHeader.label       "Vali otsingumootor:">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (changeSearchSettings.button):
     This string won't wrap, so if the translated string is longer,
     consider translating it as if it said only "Search Settings". -->
<!ENTITY changeSearchSettings.button  "Muuda otsingu sätteid">
<!ENTITY changeSearchSettings.tooltip "Otsingu sätete muutmine">

<!ENTITY searchInNewTab.label         "Soorita otsing uuel kaardil">
<!ENTITY searchInNewTab.accesskey     "S">
<!ENTITY searchSetAsDefault.label     "Määra vaikeotsingumootoriks">
<!ENTITY searchSetAsDefault.accesskey "M">

<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInTab.label       "Ava link uuel kaardil">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInTab.accesskey   "k">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.label            "Ava link uues aknas">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.accesskey        "l">
<!ENTITY openLinkInPrivateWindowCmd.label "Ava link uues privaatses aknas">
<!ENTITY openLinkInPrivateWindowCmd.accesskey "k">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInCurrent.label     "Ava link">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInCurrent.accesskey "v">
<!ENTITY openFrameCmdInTab.label      "Ava paneel uuel kaardil">
<!ENTITY openFrameCmdInTab.accesskey  "u">
<!ENTITY openFrameCmd.label           "Ava paneel uues aknas">
<!ENTITY openFrameCmd.accesskey       "p">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInContainerTab.label "Ava link uuel konteinerkaardil">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInContainerTab.accesskey "t">
<!ENTITY showOnlyThisFrameCmd.label     "Näita ainult seda paneeli">
<!ENTITY showOnlyThisFrameCmd.accesskey "d">
<!ENTITY reloadCmd.commandkey         "r">
<!ENTITY reloadFrameCmd.label         "Laadi paneeli sisu uuesti">
<!ENTITY reloadFrameCmd.accesskey     "L">
<!ENTITY viewPartialSourceForSelectionCmd.label "Vaata valiku lähtekoodi">
<!ENTITY viewPartialSourceCmd.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.label      "Vaata veebilehe lähtekoodi">
<!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.accesskey  "t">
<!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.label     "Vaata paneeli lähtekoodi">
<!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.accesskey "n">
<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.label        "Vaata veebilehe teavet">
<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.accesskey    "i">
<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.label       "Vaata paneeli teavet">
<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.accesskey   "i">
<!ENTITY reloadImageCmd.label         "Laadi pilt uuesti">
<!ENTITY reloadImageCmd.accesskey     "L">
<!ENTITY viewImageCmd.label           "Vaata pilti">
<!ENTITY viewImageCmd.accesskey       "t">
<!ENTITY viewImageInfoCmd.label       "Vaata pildi teavet">
<!ENTITY viewImageInfoCmd.accesskey   "V">
<!ENTITY viewImageDescCmd.label       "Vaata kirjeldust">
<!ENTITY viewImageDescCmd.accesskey   "k">
<!ENTITY viewVideoCmd.label           "Vaata videot">
<!ENTITY viewVideoCmd.accesskey       "i">
<!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.label         "Vaata taustapilti">
<!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.accesskey     "s">
<!ENTITY setDesktopBackgroundCmd.label      "Määra taustapildiks…">
<!ENTITY setDesktopBackgroundCmd.accesskey  "M">
<!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd2.label       "Lisa see veebileht järjehoidjatesse">
<!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd2.accesskey   "j">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisLinkCmd.label      "Lisa see link järjehoidjatesse">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisLinkCmd.accesskey  "n">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisFrameCmd.label      "Lisa see paneel järjehoidjatesse">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisFrameCmd.accesskey  "e">
<!ENTITY pageAction.copyLink.label    "Kopeeri link">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(pocket-button.tooltiptext, saveToPocketCmd.label, saveLinkToPocketCmd.label, pocketMenuitem.label):
  "Pocket" is a brand name. -->
<!ENTITY pocketButton.tooltiptext     "Salvesta Pocketisse">
<!ENTITY saveToPocketCmd.label        "Salvesta leht Pocketisse">
<!ENTITY saveToPocketCmd.accesskey    "k">
<!ENTITY saveLinkToPocketCmd.label    "Salvesta link Pocketisse">
<!ENTITY saveLinkToPocketCmd.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY pocketMenuitem.label         "Vaata Pocketi nimekirja">

<!ENTITY emailPageCmd.label           "Saada link e-postiga…">
<!ENTITY emailPageCmd.accesskey       "d">
<!ENTITY savePageCmd.label            "Salvesta veebileht kui…">
<!ENTITY savePageCmd.accesskey        "S">
<!-- alternate for content area context menu -->
<!ENTITY savePageCmd.accesskey2       "a">
<!ENTITY savePageCmd.commandkey       "s">
<!ENTITY saveFrameCmd.label           "Salvesta paneel kui…">
<!ENTITY saveFrameCmd.accesskey       "v">
<!ENTITY printFrameCmd.label          "Prindi paneeli sisu…">
<!ENTITY printFrameCmd.accesskey      "P">
<!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.label            "Salvesta link kui…">
<!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.accesskey        "k">
<!ENTITY saveImageCmd.label           "Salvesta pilt kui…">
<!ENTITY saveImageCmd.accesskey       "p">
<!ENTITY saveVideoCmd.label           "Salvesta video kui…">
<!ENTITY saveVideoCmd.accesskey       "v">
<!ENTITY saveAudioCmd.label           "Salvesta audio kui…">
<!ENTITY saveAudioCmd.accesskey       "a">
<!ENTITY emailImageCmd.label          "Saada pilt e-postiga…">
<!ENTITY emailImageCmd.accesskey      "d">
<!ENTITY emailVideoCmd.label          "Saada video e-postiga…">
<!ENTITY emailVideoCmd.accesskey      "i">
<!ENTITY emailAudioCmd.label          "Saada audio e-postiga…">
<!ENTITY emailAudioCmd.accesskey      "u">
<!ENTITY playPluginCmd.label          "Aktiveeri see plugin">
<!ENTITY playPluginCmd.accesskey      "u">
<!ENTITY hidePluginCmd.label          "Peida see plugin">
<!ENTITY hidePluginCmd.accesskey      "d">
<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.label            "Kopeeri lingi aadress">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (copyLinkCmd.accesskey): The access keys for "Copy Link
Location" and "Copy Email Address" should be the same if possible; the two
context menu items are mutually exclusive. -->
<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.accesskey        "o">
<!ENTITY copyImageCmd.label           "Kopeeri pildi aadress">
<!ENTITY copyImageCmd.accesskey       "o">
<!ENTITY copyImageContentsCmd.label   "Kopeeri pilt">
<!ENTITY copyImageContentsCmd.accesskey  "e">
<!ENTITY copyVideoURLCmd.label        "Kopeeri video aadress">
<!ENTITY copyVideoURLCmd.accesskey    "e">
<!ENTITY copyAudioURLCmd.label        "Kopeeri audio aadress">
<!ENTITY copyAudioURLCmd.accesskey    "p">
<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.label           "Kopeeri e-posti aadress">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (copyEmailCmd.accesskey): The access keys for "Copy Link
Location" and "Copy Email Address" should be the same if possible; the two
context menu items are mutually exclusive. -->
<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.accesskey       "i">
<!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.label              "See paneel">
<!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.accesskey          "p">

<!-- Media (video/audio) controls -->
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: The access keys for "Play" and
"Pause" are the same because the two context-menu
items are mutually exclusive. -->
<!ENTITY mediaPlay.label             "Esita">
<!ENTITY mediaPlay.accesskey         "E">
<!ENTITY mediaPause.label            "Paus">
<!ENTITY mediaPause.accesskey        "P">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: The access keys for "Mute" and
"Unmute" are the same because the two context-menu
items are mutually exclusive. -->
<!ENTITY mediaMute.label             "Summuta">
<!ENTITY mediaMute.accesskey         "S">
<!ENTITY mediaUnmute.label           "Võta summutamine maha">
<!ENTITY mediaUnmute.accesskey       "m">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate2.label     "Esitamise kiirus">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate2.accesskey "k">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate050x2.label "Aegluubis (0.5×)">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate050x2.accesskey "g">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate100x2.label "Tavaline">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate100x2.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate125x2.label "Kiirendatud (1.25×)">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate125x2.accesskey "i">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate150x2.label "Veel rohkem kiirendatud (1.5×)">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate150x2.accesskey "e">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: "Ludicrous" is a reference to the
movie "Space Balls" and is meant to say that this speed is very
fast. -->
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate200x2.label "Naeruväärselt kiire (2×)">
<!ENTITY mediaPlaybackRate200x2.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY mediaLoop.label             "Kordamine">
<!ENTITY mediaLoop.accesskey         "o">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: The access keys for "Show Controls" and
"Hide Controls" are the same because the two context-menu
items are mutually exclusive. -->
<!ENTITY mediaShowControls.label     "Näita juhtnuppe">
<!ENTITY mediaShowControls.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY mediaHideControls.label     "Peida juhtnupud">
<!ENTITY mediaHideControls.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY videoFullScreen.label       "Lülitu täisekraanirežiimi">
<!ENTITY videoFullScreen.accesskey   "t">
<!ENTITY videoSaveImage.label        "Salvesta hetkvõte kui…">
<!ENTITY videoSaveImage.accesskey    "a">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: The access keys for "Show Statistics" and
"Hide Statistics" are the same because the two context-menu
items are mutually exclusive. -->
<!ENTITY videoShowStats.label        "Näita statistikat">
<!ENTITY videoShowStats.accesskey    "i">
<!ENTITY videoHideStats.label        "Peida statistika">
<!ENTITY videoHideStats.accesskey    "d">

fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey3, fullZoomReduceCmd.commandkey2 and
fullZoomResetCmd.commandkey2 are alternative acceleration keys for zoom.
If shift key is needed with your locale popular keyboard for them,
you can use these alternative items. Otherwise, their values should be empty.  -->

<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.label       "Suurenda">
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.accesskey   "S">
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey  "+">
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey2 "="> <!-- + is above this key on many keyboards -->
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey3 "">

<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.label        "Vähenda">
<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.accesskey    "V">
<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.commandkey   "-">
<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.commandkey2  "">

<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.label         "Algsuurus">
<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.accesskey     "A">
<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.commandkey    "0">
<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.commandkey2   "">

<!ENTITY fullZoomToggleCmd.label        "Suurenda ainult teksti">
<!ENTITY fullZoomToggleCmd.accesskey    "t">
<!ENTITY fullZoom.label                 "Suurendamine">
<!ENTITY fullZoom.accesskey             "u">

<!ENTITY sidebarCloseButton.tooltip     "Sulge külgriba">
<!ENTITY sidebarMenuClose.label         "Sulge külgriba">

<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin2.label       "Välju">
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin2.accesskey   "j">
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin2.tooltip     "Välju &brandShorterName;ist">
<!ENTITY goBackCmd.commandKey "[">
<!ENTITY goForwardCmd.commandKey "]">
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.label       "Välju">
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.accesskey   "j">
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdMac2.label   "Välju &brandShorterName;ist">
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.key         "Q">

<!ENTITY closeCmd.label                 "Sulge">
<!ENTITY closeCmd.key                   "W">
<!ENTITY closeCmd.accesskey             "u">

<!ENTITY toggleMuteCmd.key              "M">

<!ENTITY pageStyleMenu.label "Veebilehe stiil">
<!ENTITY pageStyleMenu.accesskey "h">
<!ENTITY pageStyleNoStyle.label "Stiil puudub">
<!ENTITY pageStyleNoStyle.accesskey "p">
<!ENTITY pageStylePersistentOnly.label "Veebilehe baasstiil">
<!ENTITY pageStylePersistentOnly.accesskey "b">

<!ENTITY allowPopups.accesskey "p">
<!-- On Windows we use the term "Options" to describe settings, but
     on Linux and Mac OS X we use "Preferences" - carry that distinction
     over into this string, which is used in the "popup blocked" info bar . -->
<!ENTITY editPopupSettingsUnix.label "Muuda hüpikakende blokkija eelistusi...">
<!ENTITY editPopupSettings.label "Muuda hüpikakende blokkija sätteid...">
<!ENTITY editPopupSettings.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY dontShowMessage.accesskey "d">

<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.label        "Muuda lehe suunda">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.accesskey    "h">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.label        "Muuda teksti suunda">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.accesskey    "d">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.commandkey   "X">

<!ENTITY findOnCmd.label     "Otsi sellelt lehelt...">
<!ENTITY findOnCmd.accesskey "s">
<!ENTITY findOnCmd.commandkey "f">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.label  "Otsi uuesti">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.accesskey "u">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.commandkey "g">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.commandkey2 "VK_F3">
<!ENTITY findSelectionCmd.commandkey "e">

<!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.label "Lisa sõnaraamatuid...">
<!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.accesskey "n">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (editBookmark.panel.width): width of the bookmark panel.
     Should be large enough to fully display the Done and Cancel/
     Remove Bookmark buttons. -->
<!ENTITY editBookmark.panel.width                    "23em">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.done.label                     "Sobib">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.showForNewBookmarks.label       "Lisamisel kuvatakse seda dialoogi">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.showForNewBookmarks.accesskey   "d">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (identity.securityView.label)
     This is the header of the security subview in the Site Identity panel. -->
<!ENTITY identity.securityView.label "Saidi turvalisus">

<!ENTITY identity.connection "Ühendus">
<!ENTITY identity.connectionSecure "Turvaline ühendus">
<!ENTITY identity.connectionNotSecure "Ebaturvaline ühendus">
<!ENTITY identity.connectionFile "See leht on loodud arvutisse salvestatud faili põhjal.">
<!ENTITY identity.connectionVerified2 "Ühendus selle saidiga on turvaline. Saidi omanik on ">
<!ENTITY identity.connectionInternal "See on turvaline &brandShortName;i leht.">
<!ENTITY identity.extensionPage "Selle lehe sisu pärineb laienduselt.">
<!ENTITY identity.insecureLoginForms2 "Sellele lehele sisestatavad kasutajakonto andmed võivad ohus olla.">

<!ENTITY identity.customRoot "Ühenduse on verifitseerinud Mozillale tundmatu serdi väljaandja.">

<!-- Strings for connection state warnings. -->
<!ENTITY identity.activeBlocked "&brandShortName; blokkis sellel lehel mõned ebaturvalised osad.">
<!ENTITY identity.passiveLoaded "Mõned selle lehe osad on ebaturvalised (nt pildid).">
<!ENTITY identity.activeLoaded "Kaitse sellel lehel on keelatud.">
<!ENTITY identity.weakEncryption "See leht kasutab nõrka krüpteeringut.">

<!-- Strings for connection state warnings in the subview. -->
<!ENTITY identity.description.insecure "Ühendus selle saidiga pole privaatne. Edastatavaid andmeid (nt paroolid, sõnumid, krediitkaardi andmed jne) võivad näha ka teised.">
<!ENTITY identity.description.insecureLoginForms "Sisestatud kasutajakonto andmed pole turvalise ühendusega kaitstud ja võivad seetõttu ohus olla.">
<!ENTITY identity.description.weakCipher "Ühendus selle saidiga on turvatud nõrga krüpteeringuga ja pole seetõttu privaatne.">
<!ENTITY identity.description.weakCipher2 "Teised inimesed saavad vaadata sinu andmeid või muuta veebilehe käitumist.">
<!ENTITY identity.description.activeBlocked "&brandShortName; blokkis selle lehe ebaturvalised osad.">
<!ENTITY identity.description.passiveLoaded "Ühendus pole privaatne ja sinu edastatavaid andmeid võivad näha ka teised.">
<!ENTITY identity.description.passiveLoaded2 "See veebileht sisaldab ebaturvalist sisu (nt pilte).">
<!ENTITY identity.description.passiveLoaded3 "Vaatamata sellele, et &brandShortName; blokkis mõned selle lehe osad, sisaldab see jätkuvalt ebaturvalist sisu (nt pilte).">
<!ENTITY identity.description.activeLoaded "See veebileht sisaldab ebaturvalist sisu (nt skripte) ja ühendus sellega pole privaatne.">
<!ENTITY identity.description.activeLoaded2 "Saidiga jagatavaid andmeid (nt paroolid, sõnumid, krediitkaardi andmed jne) võivad näha ka teised.">

<!ENTITY identity.description.customRoot "Mozilla ei tea seda serdi väljaandjat. Selle võis lisada operatsioonisüsteem või süsteemiadministraator.">

<!ENTITY identity.enableMixedContentBlocking.label "Luba kaitse">
<!ENTITY identity.enableMixedContentBlocking.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY identity.disableMixedContentBlocking.label "Keela kaitse ajutiselt">
<!ENTITY identity.disableMixedContentBlocking.accesskey "K">
<!ENTITY identity.learnMore "Rohkem teavet">

<!ENTITY identity.removeCertException.label "Eemalda erand">
<!ENTITY identity.removeCertException.accesskey "E">

<!ENTITY identity.moreInfoLinkText2 "Rohkem teavet">

<!ENTITY identity.clearSiteData "Kustuta küpsised ja saidi andmed…">

<!ENTITY identity.permissions "Õigused">
<!ENTITY identity.permissionsEmpty "Sellele saidile pole tagatud ühtki eriõigust.">
<!ENTITY identity.permissionsReloadHint "Muudatuste rakendumiseks pead võib-olla lehe uuesti laadima.">
<!ENTITY identity.permissionsPreferences.tooltip "Ava õiguste sätted">
<!ENTITY identity.contentBlockingPreferences.tooltip "Ava sisu blokkimise sätted">

<!-- Name for the tabs toolbar as spoken by screen readers.
     The word "toolbar" is appended automatically and should not be contained below! -->
<!ENTITY tabsToolbar.label "Brauseri kaartide">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncTabsMenu3.label): This appears in the history menu -->
<!ENTITY syncTabsMenu3.label     "Sünkroniseeritud kaardid">

<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.label              "Sünkroniseeritud kaardid">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.noclients.label    "Logi Firefoxi sisse oma teistest seadmetest, et näha nende kaarte siin.">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.noclients.subtitle "Soovid siin näha teistes seadmetes avatud kaarte?">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.notsignedin.label  "Teistes seadmetes avatud kaartide nimekirja nägemiseks logi sisse.">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.unverified.label   "Sinu konto vajab kinnitamist.">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.notabs.label       "Avatud kaarte pole">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.openprefs.label    "Ava &syncBrand.shortName.label;i sätted">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncedTabs.sidebar.tabsnotsyncing.label): This is shown
     when Sync is configured but syncing tabs is disabled. -->
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.tabsnotsyncing.label       "Teistes seadmetes avatud kaartide nimekirja nägemiseks lülita sisse kaartide sünkroniseerimine.">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.searchPlaceholder  "Otsi sünkroniseeritud kaartide seast">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.sidebar.connectAnotherDevice  "Ühenda teine seade">

     These access keys are identical because their associated menu items are
     mutually exclusive -->
<!ENTITY                       "Ava">
<!ENTITY                   "A">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.openInNewTab.label               "Ava uuel kaardil">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.openInNewTab.accesskey           "u">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.openInNewWindow.label            "Ava uues aknas">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.openInNewWindow.accesskey        "v">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.openInNewPrivateWindow.label     "Ava uues privaatses aknas">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.openInNewPrivateWindow.accesskey "p">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.bookmarkSingleTab.label          "Lisa see kaart järjehoidjatesse…">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.bookmarkSingleTab.accesskey      "j">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.copy.label                       "Kopeeri">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.copy.accesskey                   "K">

<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.openAllInTabs.label              "Ava kõik kaartidel">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.openAllInTabs.accesskey          "i">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.managedevices.label              "Halda seadmeid…">
<!ENTITY syncedTabs.context.managedevices.accesskey          "H">

<!ENTITY syncBrand.shortName.label    "Sync">

<!ENTITY syncSignIn.label             "Logi &syncBrand.shortName.label;i sisse…">
<!ENTITY syncSignIn.accesskey         "y">
<!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.label        "Sünkroniseeri kohe">
<!ENTITY syncSyncNowItemSyncing.label "Sünkroniseerimine…">
<!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.accesskey    "S">
<!ENTITY syncReAuthItem.label         "Ühenda &syncBrand.shortName.label; uuesti…">
<!ENTITY syncReAuthItem.accesskey     "T">
<!ENTITY syncToolbarButton.label      "Sync">

<!ENTITY customizeMode.menuAndToolbars.header3 "Lohista oma lemmikelemendid tööriistaribale või nurgatagusesse menüüsse.">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.restoreDefaults "Taasta vaikeväärtused">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.done "Valmis">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.titlebar "Tiitliriba">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.extraDragSpace "Lohistamise ala">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.toolbars2 "Tööriistaribad">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.lwthemes "Teemad">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.lwthemes.myThemes "Minu teemad">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.lwthemes.recommended "Soovitatud">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.lwthemes.menuManage "Halda">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.lwthemes.menuManage.accessKey "H">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.lwthemes.menuGetMore "Hangi rohkem teemasid">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.lwthemes.menuGetMore.accessKey "a">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.overflowList.title2 "Nurgatagune menüü">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.overflowList.description "Lohista elemente siia, et hoida nad käeulatuses, aga mitte tööriistaribal…">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity "Tihedus">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (customizeMode.uidensity.menuNormal.*):
     “Normal” is displayed in the Customize screen, under the Density menu. -->
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.menuNormal.label "Tavaline">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.menuNormal.tooltip "Tavaline">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.menuNormal.accessKey "T">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (customizeMode.uidensity.menuCompact.*):
     “Compact” is displayed in the Customize screen, under the Density menu.
     It’s an adjective (Density -> Compact). -->
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.menuCompact.label "Kompaktne">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.menuCompact.tooltip "Kompaktne">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.menuCompact.accessKey "K">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (customizeMode.uidensity.menuTouch.*):
     “Touch” is displayed in the Customize screen, under the Density menu.
     It’s an adjective (Density -> Touch), and it means that control layout is
     optimized for touch devices. -->
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.menuTouch.label "Puutetundlikule ekraanile">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.menuTouch.tooltip "Puutetundlikule ekraanile">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.menuTouch.accessKey "P">
<!ENTITY customizeMode.uidensity.autoTouchMode.checkbox.label "Puutetundliku ekraani tihedust kasutatakse tahvli režiimis">

<!ENTITY customizeMode.autoHideDownloadsButton.label "Peida automaatselt">

<!ENTITY getUserMedia.selectCamera.label "Jagatav kaamera:">
<!ENTITY getUserMedia.selectCamera.accesskey "J">
<!ENTITY getUserMedia.selectMicrophone.label "Jagatav mikrofon:">
<!ENTITY getUserMedia.selectMicrophone.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY getUserMedia.audioCapture.label "Kaardi heli jagatakse välja.">
<!ENTITY getUserMedia.allWindowsShared.message "Jagatakse kõiki nähtavaid aknaid sinu ekraanil.">

<!ENTITY contentBlocking.title "Sisu blokkimine">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.detected "Sellelt saidilt leiti blokitavat sisu.">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.notDetected "Sellel lehel ei tuvastatud blokitavat sisu.">

<!ENTITY contentBlocking.trackingProtection3.label "Jälitajad">

<!ENTITY contentBlocking.manageSettings.label "Halda sisu blokkimist">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.manageSettings.accesskey "s">

<!ENTITY contentBlocking.trackersView.label "Jälitajad">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.trackersView.strictInfo.label "Kõigi jälitajate blokkimiseks määra sisu blokkimise olekuks “Range”.">

<!ENTITY contentBlocking.cookies.label "Küpsised">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.cookiesView.label "Küpsised ja saidi andmed">

<!ENTITY contentBlocking.cryptominers.label "Krüptorahakaevurid">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.cryptominersView.label "Krüptorahakaevurid">

<!ENTITY contentBlocking.fingerprinters.label "Seadmetuvastajad">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.fingerprintersView.label "Seadmetuvastajad">

<!ENTITY contentBlocking.openBreakageReportView2.label "Raporteeri probleemist">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.breakageReportView.label "Probleemidest raporteerimine">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.breakageReportView2.description "Sisu blokkimine võib põhjustada probleeme mõningate saitidega. Probleemidest raporteerimisega aitad sa teha &brandShortName;i paremaks kõigi jaoks. (Raportiga saadetakse Mozillale nii külastatava saidi URL kui ka infot sinu brauseri sätete kohta.)">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.breakageReportView.learnMore "Rohkem teavet">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.breakageReportView.collection.url.label "URL">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.breakageReportView.collection.comments.label "Millised probleemid esinesid? (valikuline)">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.breakageReportView.sendReport.label "Saada raport">
<!ENTITY contentBlocking.breakageReportView.cancel.label "Loobu">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (trackingProtection.unblock5.label, trackingProtection.unblock5.accesskey):
     The associated button with this label and accesskey is only shown when opening the control
     center while looking at a site with trackers in NON-private browsing mode. -->
<!ENTITY trackingProtection.unblock5.label "Lülita blokkimine sellel saidil välja">
<!ENTITY trackingProtection.unblock5.accesskey "b">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (trackingProtection.unblockPrivate6.label, trackingProtection.unblockPrivate6.accesskey):
     The associated button with this label and accesskey is only shown when opening the control
     center while looking at a site with trackers in PRIVATE browsing mode. -->
<!ENTITY trackingProtection.unblockPrivate5.label "Lülita blokkimine ajutiselt välja">
<!ENTITY trackingProtection.unblockPrivate5.accesskey "b">
<!ENTITY trackingProtection.block6.label "Lülita blokkimine sellel saidil sisse">
<!ENTITY trackingProtection.block6.accesskey "b">
<!ENTITY trackingProtection.reload2.label "Laadi leht uuesti">
<!ENTITY trackingProtection.reload2.accesskey "u">

<!ENTITY pluginNotification.showAll.label "Kuva kõiki">
<!ENTITY pluginNotification.showAll.accesskey "K">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: (pluginNotification.width): This is used to determine the
     width of the plugin popup notification that can appear if a plugin has been
     blocked on a page. Should be wide enough to fit the pluginActivateNow.label
     and pluginActivateAlways.label strings above on a single line. This must be
     a CSS length value. -->
<!ENTITY pluginNotification.width "28em">

<!ENTITY uiTour.infoPanel.close "Sulge">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: (panicButton.view.mainTimeframeDesc, panicButton.view.5min, panicButton.view.2hr,
     The .mainTimeframeDesc string combined with any of the 3 others is meant to form a complete sentence, e.g. "Forget the last: Five minutes".
     Please ensure that this remains the case in the translation. -->
<!ENTITY panicButton.view.mainTimeframeDesc       "Unustatakse viimased:">
<!ENTITY panicButton.view.5min                    "viis minutit">
<!ENTITY panicButton.view.2hr                     "kaks tundi">
<!ENTITY                     "24 tundi">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: (panicButton.view.mainLabel, panicButton.view.deleteCookies, panicButton.view.deleteHistory, panicButton.view.deleteTabsAndWindows, panicButton.view.openNewWindow):
     The .mainActionDesc string combined with any of the 4 others is meant to form a complete sentence, e.g. "Proceeding will: Delete Recent Cookies".
     Note also that the deleteCookies, deleteHistory and deleteTabsAndWindows strings include <html:strong> tags for emphasis on the words "Cookies", "History", "Tabs" and "Windows".
     The translation should do the same. -->
<!ENTITY panicButton.view.mainActionDesc          "Jätkamisel:">
<!ENTITY panicButton.view.deleteCookies           "kustutatakse hiljutised <html:strong>küpsised</html:strong>">
<!ENTITY panicButton.view.deleteHistory           "kustutatakse hiljutine <html:strong>ajalugu</html:strong>">
<!ENTITY panicButton.view.deleteTabsAndWindows    "suletakse kõik <html:strong>kaardid</html:strong> ja <html:strong>aknad</html:strong>">
<!ENTITY panicButton.view.openNewWindow           "avatakse uus tühi aken">

<!ENTITY panicButton.view.undoWarning             "Seda tegevust ei saa tagasi võtta.">
<!ENTITY panicButton.view.forgetButton            "Unusta!">

<!ENTITY panicButton.thankyou.msg1                "Hiljutine ajalugu on kustutatud.">
<!ENTITY panicButton.thankyou.msg2                "Ohutut veebilehitsemist!">
<!ENTITY panicButton.thankyou.buttonlabel         "Tänan!">

<!ENTITY emeLearnMoreContextMenu.label            "Rohkem teavet DRMi kohta…">
<!ENTITY emeLearnMoreContextMenu.accesskey        "D">

<!ENTITY updateAvailable.message "Uuenda oma &brandShorterName;, et saada osa paremast kiirusest ja privaatsusest.">
<!ENTITY updateAvailable.whatsnew.label "Vaata uuendusi.">
<!ENTITY updateAvailable.header.message "&brandShorterName;ile on saadaval uuendus.">
<!ENTITY updateAvailable.acceptButton.label "Laadi uuendus alla">
<!ENTITY updateAvailable.acceptButton.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY updateAvailable.cancelButton.label "Mitte praegu">
<!ENTITY updateAvailable.cancelButton.accesskey "M">

<!ENTITY updateAvailable.panelUI.label "Laadi alla &brandShorterName;i uuendus">

<!ENTITY updateManual.message "Laadi alla &brandShorterName;i värske versioon ja me aitame sul selle paigaldada.">
<!ENTITY updateManual.whatsnew.label "Vaata uuendusi.">
<!ENTITY updateManual.header.message "&brandShorterName;il pole võimalik uuendada uusima versiooni peale.">
<!ENTITY updateManual.acceptButton.label "Laadi alla &brandShorterName;">
<!ENTITY updateManual.acceptButton.accesskey "d">
<!ENTITY updateManual.cancelButton.label "Mitte praegu">
<!ENTITY updateManual.cancelButton.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY updateManual.panelUI.label "Laadi alla värske &brandShorterName;i versioon">

<!ENTITY updateRestart.message2 "Pärast kiiret taaskäivitamist taastab &brandShorterName; kõik avatud kaardid ja aknad, mis pole privaatse veebilehitsemise režiimis.">
<!ENTITY updateRestart.header.message2 "Uuendamiseks taaskäivita &brandShorterName;.">
<!ENTITY updateRestart.acceptButton.label "Taaskäivita ja taasta">
<!ENTITY updateRestart.acceptButton.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY updateRestart.cancelButton.label "Mitte praegu">
<!ENTITY updateRestart.cancelButton.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY updateUnsupported.panelUI.label "Uuendamine pole enam võimalik">
<!ENTITY updateRestart.panelUI.label2 "Uuendamiseks taaskäivita &brandShorterName;">

<!ENTITY newTabControlled.header.message "Uue kaardi sisu on muutunud.">
<!ENTITY newTabControlled.keepButton.label "Säilita muudatused">
<!ENTITY newTabControlled.keepButton.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY newTabControlled.disableButton.label "Keela see laiendus">
<!ENTITY newTabControlled.disableButton.accesskey "l">

<!ENTITY homepageControlled.message "Laiendus on muutnud avalehe sisu. Sa võid taastada sätted, kui sa ei soovi seda muudatust.">
<!ENTITY homepageControlled.header.message "Avalehe sisu on muutunud.">
<!ENTITY homepageControlled.keepButton.label "Säilita muudatused">
<!ENTITY homepageControlled.keepButton.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY homepageControlled.disableButton.label "Keela see laiendus">
<!ENTITY homepageControlled.disableButton.accesskey "K">

<!ENTITY tabHideControlled.header.message "Vaata peidetud kaarte">
<!ENTITY tabHideControlled.keepButton.label "Jäta kaardid peidetuks">
<!ENTITY tabHideControlled.keepButton.accesskey "J">
<!ENTITY tabHideControlled.disableButton.label "Keela see laiendus">
<!ENTITY tabHideControlled.disableButton.accesskey "K">

<!ENTITY pageActionButton.tooltip "Lehe toimingud">
<!ENTITY pageAction.addToUrlbar.label "Lisa aadressiribale">
<!ENTITY pageAction.removeFromUrlbar.label "Eemalda aadressiribalt">
<!ENTITY pageAction.manageExtension.label "Halda laiendust…">

<!ENTITY sendToDevice.syncNotReady.label "Seadmeid sünkroniseeritakse…">

<!ENTITY pageAction.shareUrl.label "Jaga">
<!ENTITY pageAction.shareMore.label "Veel…">

<!ENTITY libraryButton.tooltip "Vaata ajalugu, salvestatud järjehoidjaid ja muid asju">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: (accessibilityIndicator.tooltip): This is used to
     display a tooltip for accessibility indicator in toolbar/tabbar. It is also
     used as a textual label for the indicator used by assistive technology
     users. -->
<!ENTITY accessibilityIndicator.tooltip "Hõlbustus on lubatud">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: (addonPostInstallMessage.label):
     The first <image> tag is replaced with the icon for the add-ons menu.
     The second <image> tag is replaced with the icon for the toolbar menu. -->
<!ENTITY addonPostInstallMessage.label "Halda oma laiendusi, klõpsates nupul <image class='addon-addon-icon'/> menüüs <image class='addon-toolbar-icon'/>.">
<!ENTITY addonPostInstall.incognito.checkbox.label "Sellel laiendusel lubatakse töötada privaatsetes akendes">
<!ENTITY addonPostInstall.incognito.checkbox.accesskey "S">

<!ENTITY addonPrivateBrowsing.header2.label "Laienduste kasutamises privaatsetes akendes on toimunud muutus">
<!ENTITY addonPrivateBrowsing.body2.label "Uued &brandShorterName;ile lisatud laiendused ei tööta privaatsetes akendes seni, kuni see pole laienduse sätetes lubatud.">
<!ENTITY addonPrivateBrowsing.learnMore.label "Rohkem teavet laienduse sätete haldamise kohta">
<!ENTITY addonPrivateBrowsing.okButton.label "Olgu, sain aru">
<!ENTITY addonPrivateBrowsing.okButton.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY addonPrivateBrowsing.manageButton.label "Halda laiendusi">
<!ENTITY addonPrivateBrowsing.manageButton.accesskey "H">