Pontoon: Update Spanish (Mexico) (es-MX) localization of Thunderbird
authorRoberto Alvarado <ralv888@gmail.com>
Tue, 30 Jun 2020 17:25:04 +0000
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push dateTue, 30 Jun 2020 17:25:07 +0000
Pontoon: Update Spanish (Mexico) (es-MX) localization of Thunderbird Co-authored-by: Roberto Alvarado <ralv888@gmail.com>
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/prefs.properties
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/prefs.properties
@@ -77,11 +77,14 @@ identity-delete-confirm=¿Estás seguro de querer borrar la identidad\n%S?
 identity-delete-confirm-title=Borrar identidad para %S
 choosefile=Elegir un archivo
 forAccount=Para la cuenta "%S"
 removeFromServerTitle=Confirmar la eliminación permanente y automática de mensajes
+removeFromServer=Esta configuración borrará permanentemente los mensajes viejos del servidor remoto y del almacenamiento local. ¿Estás seguro que deseas continuar?
+confirmSyncChangesTitle=Confirmar los cambios de la sincronización
+confirmSyncChanges=Se modificó el mensaje de la configuración de la sincronización. \n\n ¿Quieres guardar los cambios?
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/quickFilterBar.dtd
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/quickFilterBar.dtd
@@ -39,16 +39,18 @@
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.sticky.tooltip):
      The tooltip to display when the user hovers over the sticky button
      (currently displayed as a push-pin).  When active, the sticky button
      causes the current filter settings to be retained when the user changes
      folders or opens new tabs.  (When inactive, only the state of the text
      filters are propagated between folder changes and when opening new tabs.)
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.sticky.tooltip
+         "¿Mantener filtros aplicados al cambiar de carpetas?">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.unread.label):
      The label for the filter button that causes us to filter results to only
      include unread messages.
 <!ENTITY quickFilterBar.unread.label
          "Sin leer">
@@ -121,16 +123,18 @@
      This is used to populate the results box; it either displays the
      number of messages found using this string, that there are no messages
      (using quickFilterBar.resultsLabel.none), or the box is hidden.
      This is a pluralizable string used to express the number of messages in
      the results.  We replace the '#1' with the number of messages, otherwise
      see the following URL For more information:
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.resultsLabel.some.formatString
+         "#1 mensaje;#1 mensajes">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.resultsLabel.none):
      The contents of the results box when there is a filter active but there
      are no messages matching the filter.
 <!ENTITY quickFilterBar.resultsLabel.none
          "Sin resultados">
@@ -138,72 +142,90 @@
      The minimum width, in pixels, of the results label.  Please size this
      so that a 3 or 4 digit number of messages in the results can be displayed
      without growing the size of the box.  You can tell this has been
      accomplished if adding a filter constraint that changes the displayed
      string to your "no results" string does not result in any changes to the
      size of the text box to the label's right.  (If your string for
      "no results" is longer than the "#### messages" case, then size for that.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.resultsLabel.minWidth
+         "100">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.textbox.emptyText.base1):
      This is the base of the empty text for the text search box.  We replace
      #1 with the contents of the appropriate
      quickFilterBar.textbox.emptyText.keyLabel.* value for the platform.
      The goal is to convey to the user that typing in the box will filter
      the messages and that there is a hotkey they can press to get to the
      box faster.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.textbox.emptyText.base1
+         "Filtrar estos mensajes #1">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.show.key2):
      This is the key used to show the quick filter bar. -->
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.show.key2
+         "k">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.textbox.emptyText.keyLabel.nonmac):
      The description of the key-binding to get into the box on windows and
      linux (which use the control key).  This should match the value of
      quickFilterBar.show.key above.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.textbox.emptyText.keyLabel2.nonmac
+         "&lt;Ctrl+Shift+K&gt;">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.textbox.emptyText.keyLabel.mac):
      The description of the key-binding to get into the box on mac systems.
      This should match the value of quickFilterBar.show.key above.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.textbox.emptyText.keyLabel2.mac
+         "&lt;&#x21E7;&#x2318;K&gt;">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.booleanMode.tooltip):
      Tooltip of the Any of / All of tagging mode selector.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.booleanMode.tooltip "Modo de filtrado de etiquetas">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.booleanModeAny.label):
      Tooltip of the Any of / All of tagging mode selector.
 <!ENTITY quickFilterBar.booleanModeAny.label "Cualquiera de">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.booleanModeAny.tooltip):
      Tooltip of the Any of / All of tagging mode selector.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.booleanModeAny.tooltip "Al menos uno de los siguientes criterios seleccionados debería coincidir">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.booleanModeAll.label):
      Tooltip of the Any of / All of tagging mode selector.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.booleanModeAll.label "Todos">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.booleanModeAll.tooltip):
      Tooltip of the Any of / All of tagging mode selector.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.booleanModeAll.tooltip "Todos los criterios seleccionados deben coincidir">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.textbox.idealWidth):
      The number of pixels for the ideal width of the quick filter box textbox.
      Choose this value so that the emptyText fits nicely with a little bit of
      extra whitespace.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.textbox.idealWidth
+         "320">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.textbox.minWidth):
      The minimum width of the quick filter textbox in pixels.  This is the size
      which we should refuse to flex below.  When we hit this size, the buttons
      with labels will have their labels collapsed.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.textbox.minWidth
+         "280">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.textFilter.explanation.label):
      This label explains what the sender/recipients/subject/body buttons do.
      This string should ideally be kept short because the label and the text
      filter buttons share their bar (that appears when there is text in the text
      filter box) with the list of tags when the tag filter is active, and the
      tag sub-bar wants as much space as possible.  (Overflow is handled by an
      arrow scroll box.)
@@ -245,8 +267,10 @@
 <!ENTITY quickFilterBar.glodaUpsell.continueSearch
          "Continuar esta búsqueda en todas las carpetas">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickFilterBar.glodaUpsell.pressEnterAndCurrent):
      The second line of the panel popup that tells the user we found no matches.
      This line will have #1 replaced with what the user has typed so far.
+<!ENTITY quickFilterBar.glodaUpsell.pressEnterAndCurrent
+         "Presionar 'Intro' de nuevo para continuar la búsqueda de: #1">
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/search-attributes.properties
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/search-attributes.properties
@@ -1,9 +1,31 @@
 # This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 # License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 # file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
 #these need to match nsMsgSearchAttrib interface in nsMsgSearchCore.idl
 #and nsMsgSearchAttribMap in nsMsgSearchAdapter.cpp
+ToOrCc=Para o Cc
+AgeInDays=Antigüedad en días
+SizeKB=Tamaño (KB)
 # for AB and LDAP
+AnyName=Cualquier nombre
+DisplayName=Nombre mostrado
+ScreenName=Nombre de usuario
+Email=Correo electrónico
+AdditionalEmail=Correo electrónico adicional
+AnyNumber=Cualquier número
+WorkPhone=Teléfono del trabajo
+HomePhone=Teléfono de casa
 # more mailnews