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Thu, 12 Apr 2018 14:20:06 +0000
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Pontoon: Update Spanish (Argentina) (es-AR) localization of Firefox Localization authors: - Gabriela <gmontagu@gmail.com>
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
@@ -299,16 +299,18 @@ These should match what Safari and other
 <!ENTITY addons.commandkey            "A">
 <!ENTITY webDeveloperMenu.label       "Desarrollador web">
 <!ENTITY webDeveloperMenu.accesskey   "w">
 <!ENTITY inspectContextMenu.label     "Inspeccionar elemento">
 <!ENTITY inspectContextMenu.accesskey "o">
+<!ENTITY inspectA11YContextMenu.label     "Inspeccionar las propiedades de Accesibilidad">
 <!ENTITY fileMenu.label         "Archivo">
 <!ENTITY fileMenu.accesskey       "A">
 <!ENTITY newUserContext.label             "Nueva pestaña contenedora">
 <!ENTITY newUserContext.accesskey         "C">
 <!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.label        "Nueva ventana">
 <!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.key        "N">
 <!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.accesskey      "N">
 <!ENTITY newPrivateWindow.label     "Nueva ventana privada">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/search.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/search.properties
@@ -34,19 +34,18 @@ cmd_addFoundEngine=Agregar "%S"
 cmd_addFoundEngineMenu=Agregar buscador
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (searchForSomethingWith):
 # This string is used to build the header above the list of one-click
 # search providers:  "Search for <user-typed string> with:"
 # NB: please leave the <span> and its class exactly as it is in English.
 searchForSomethingWith=Buscar <span class='contentSearchSearchWithHeaderSearchText'></span> con:
-searchAddFoundEngine=Añadir "%S" a la búsqueda de un solo clic
-searchAddFoundEngineMenu=Añadir buscador de un solo clic
-searchAddedFoundEngine=Agregado al desplegable de búsqueda
+searchAddFoundEngine2=Agregar buscador
+searchAddedFoundEngine2=Buscador agregado
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (searchForSomethingWith2):
 # This string is used to build the header above the list of one-click
 # search providers:  "Search for <user-typed string> with:"
 searchForSomethingWith2=Buscar %S con:
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (searchWithHeader):
 # The wording of this string should be as close as possible to
--- a/browser/extensions/formautofill/formautofill.properties
+++ b/browser/extensions/formautofill/formautofill.properties
@@ -49,21 +49,16 @@ updateCreditCardMessage = ¿Desea actualizar su tarjeta de crédito con esta nueva información?
 updateCreditCardDescriptionLabel = Tarjeta de crédito para actualizar:
 createCreditCardLabel = Agregar una nueva tarjeta de crédito
 createCreditCardAccessKey = C
 updateCreditCardLabel = Actualizar la tarjeta de crédito
 updateCreditCardAccessKey = U
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (openAutofillMessagePanel): Tooltip label for Form Autofill doorhanger icon on address bar.
 openAutofillMessagePanel = Abrir panel de mensaje de autollenado de formularios
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (autocompleteFooterOption, autocompleteFooterOptionOSX): Used as a label for the button,
-# displayed at the bottom of the drop down suggestion, to open Form Autofill browser preferences.
-autocompleteFooterOption = Opciones de autollenado de formularios
-autocompleteFooterOptionOSX = Preferencias de autollenado de formularios
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE ( (autocompleteFooterOptionShort, autocompleteFooterOptionOSXShort): Used as a label for the button,
 # displayed at the bottom of the dropdown suggestion, to open Form Autofill browser preferences.
 autocompleteFooterOptionShort = Más opciones
 autocompleteFooterOptionOSXShort = Preferencias
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (category.address, category.name, category.organization2, category.tel, category.email):
 # Used in autofill drop down suggestion to indicate what other categories Form Autofill will attempt to fill.
 category.address = dirección
 category.name = nombre
@@ -76,17 +71,16 @@ fieldNameSeparator = ,\u0020
 # text that is displayed for informing users what categories are about to be filled.
 # "%S" will be replaced with a list generated from the pre-defined categories.
 # The text would be e.g. Also autofills organization, phone, email.
 phishingWarningMessage = También autollenar %S
 phishingWarningMessage2 = Autollenar %S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (insecureFieldWarningDescription): %S is brandShortName. This string is used in drop down
 # suggestion when users try to autofill credit card on an insecure website (without https).
 insecureFieldWarningDescription = %S ha detectado un sitio inseguro. Autollenado de formularios se deshabilitará temporariamente
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (clearFormBtnLabel2): Label for the button in the dropdown menu that used to clear the populated
 # form.
 clearFormBtnLabel2 = Limpiar formulario de autollenado
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (autofillAddressesCheckbox): Label for the checkbox that enables autofilling addresses.
 autofillAddressesCheckbox = Autollenar direcciones
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (learnMoreLabel): Label for the link that leads users to the Form Autofill SUMO page.
 learnMoreLabel = Conocer más
@@ -107,17 +101,16 @@ manageCreditCardsTitle = Tarjetas de crédito guardadas
 # in browser preferences.
 addressesListHeader = Direcciones
 creditCardsListHeader = Tarjetas de crédito
 showCreditCardsBtnLabel = Mostrar tarjetas de crédito
 hideCreditCardsBtnLabel = Ocultar tarjetas de crédito
 removeBtnLabel = Eliminar
 addBtnLabel = Agregar…
 editBtnLabel = Editar…
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (manageDialogsWidth): This strings sets the default width for windows used to manage addresses and
 # credit cards.
 manageDialogsWidth = 560px
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (addNewAddressTitle, editAddressTitle): The dialog title for creating or editing addresses
 # in browser preferences.
 addNewAddressTitle = Agregar nueva dirección
 editAddressTitle = Editar dirección
@@ -131,19 +124,18 @@ province = Provincia
 state = Estado
 postalCode = Código postal
 zip = Código postal
 country = País o región
 tel = Teléfono
 email = Correo electrónico
 cancelBtnLabel = Cancelar
 saveBtnLabel = Guardar
-countryWarningMessage = Autollenado de formularios por ahora solamente está disponible para direcciónes en EEUU
 countryWarningMessage2 = El formulario de autocompletado por ahora está disponible solo para algunos países.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (addNewCreditCardTitle, editCreditCardTitle): The dialog title for creating or editing
 # credit cards in browser preferences.
 addNewCreditCardTitle = Agregar nueva tarjeta de crédito
 editCreditCardTitle = Editar tarjeta de crédito
 cardNumber = Número de tarjeta
 nameOnCard = Nombre en la tarjeta
 cardExpires = Expira
+billingAddress = Dirección de facturación