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Pontoon: Update Spanish (Argentina) (es-AR) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Gabriela <>

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY downloadManager.title           "Administrador de descargas">

<!ENTITY menuBar.tooltip                 "Barra de menú">
<!ENTITY searchBar.tooltip               "Barra de búsquedas">

<!ENTITY search.placeholder              "Buscar descargas">
<!ENTITY search.label                    "Buscar descargas">
<!ENTITY search.accesskey                "s">
<!ENTITY search.key                      "f">

<!ENTITY cmd.clearList.label             "Limpiar lista">
<!ENTITY cmd.clearList.tooltip           "Elimina descargas completas, canceladas o falladas de la lista">
<!ENTITY cmd.clearList.accesskey         "L">

<!ENTITY                  "Nombre">
<!ENTITY              "N">
<!ENTITY                "Nombre de archivo">
<!ENTITY col.status.label                "Estado">
<!ENTITY col.status.accesskey            "s">
<!ENTITY col.status.tooltip              "Estado">
<!ENTITY col.actionPlay.label            "Pausa/Continuar/Reintentar">
<!ENTITY col.actionPlay.accesskey        "u">
<!ENTITY col.actionPlay.tooltip          "Pausa/Continuar/Reintentar">
<!ENTITY col.actionStop.label            "Cancelar/Eliminar">
<!ENTITY col.actionStop.accesskey        "C">
<!ENTITY col.actionStop.tooltip          "Cancelar/Eliminar">
<!ENTITY col.progress.label              "Progreso">
<!ENTITY col.progress.accesskey          "P">
<!ENTITY col.progress.tooltip            "Progreso">
<!ENTITY col.timeremaining.label         "Tiempo restante">
<!ENTITY col.timeremaining.accesskey     "T">
<!ENTITY col.timeremaining.tooltip       "Tiempo restante">
<!ENTITY col.transferred.label           "Transferido">
<!ENTITY col.transferred.accesskey       "T">
<!ENTITY col.transferred.tooltip         "Transferido">
<!ENTITY col.transferrate.label          "Velocidad">
<!ENTITY col.transferrate.accesskey      "d">
<!ENTITY col.transferrate.tooltip        "Velocidad">
<!ENTITY col.timeelapsed.label           "Tiempo transcurrido">
<!ENTITY col.timeelapsed.accesskey       "e">
<!ENTITY col.timeelapsed.tooltip         "Tiempo transcurrido">
<!ENTITY col.starttime.label             "Hora de inicio">
<!ENTITY col.starttime.accesskey         "a">
<!ENTITY col.starttime.tooltip           "Hora de inicio">
<!ENTITY col.endtime.label               "Hora de finalización">
<!ENTITY col.endtime.accesskey           "i">
<!ENTITY col.endtime.tooltip             "Hora de finalización">
<!ENTITY col.progresstext.label          "&#37;">
<!ENTITY col.progresstext.accesskey      "&#37;">
<!ENTITY col.progresstext.tooltip        "Progreso (&#37;)">
<!ENTITY col.source.label                "Fuente">
<!ENTITY col.source.accesskey            "F">
<!ENTITY col.source.tooltip              "Fuente">

<!ENTITY view.columns.label              "Mostrar columnas">
<!ENTITY view.columns.accesskey          "c">
<!ENTITY view.sortBy.label               "Ordenar por">
<!ENTITY view.sortBy.accesskey           "O">

<!ENTITY view.unsorted.label             "Sin ordenar">
<!ENTITY view.unsorted.accesskey         "S">
<!ENTITY view.sortAscending.label        "Ordenado A > Z">
<!ENTITY view.sortAscending.accesskey    "A">
<!ENTITY view.sortDescending.label       "Ordenado Z > A">
<!ENTITY view.sortDescending.accesskey   "Z">

<!ENTITY cmd.pause.label                 "Pausa">
<!ENTITY cmd.pause.accesskey             "P">
<!ENTITY cmd.resume.label                "Continuar">
<!ENTITY cmd.resume.accesskey            "r">
<!ENTITY cmd.retry.label                 "Reintentar">
<!ENTITY cmd.retry.accesskey             "R">
<!ENTITY cmd.cancel.label                "Cancelar">
<!ENTITY cmd.cancel.accesskey            "C">
<!ENTITY cmd.remove.label                "Eliminar de la lista">
<!ENTITY cmd.remove.accesskey            "E">
<!ENTITY                  "Abrir">
<!ENTITY              "A">
<!ENTITY                  "Abrir carpeta contenedora">
<!ENTITY              "A">
<!ENTITY cmd.goToDownloadPage.label      "Ir a página de descargas">
<!ENTITY cmd.goToDownloadPage.accesskey  "g">
<!ENTITY cmd.copyDownloadLink.label      "Copiar dirección del enlace">
<!ENTITY cmd.copyDownloadLink.accesskey  "l">
<!ENTITY            "Propiedades…">
<!ENTITY        "s">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (cmd.unblock2.label):
     This command is shown in the context menu when downloads are blocked.
<!ENTITY cmd.unblock2.label               "Permitir descarga">
<!ENTITY cmd.unblock2.accesskey           "P">