Bug 1356892 - Update en-GB for Gecko 54 - Toolkit part r=me
authorIan Neal <iann_cvs@blueyonder.co.uk>
Sat, 03 Jun 2017 13:37:18 +0100
changeset 723 bead6b196629f4d6ede95f3475875f600cd872a4
parent 722 386758cec551fede73d8030d4e3da6ef0368312e
child 724 e7ade0871d354a242567a1382854f6df1a529db0
push id131
push userfrancesco.lodolo@mozillaitalia.org
push dateSat, 03 Jun 2017 16:54:45 +0000
Bug 1356892 - Update en-GB for Gecko 54 - Toolkit part r=me
--- a/dom/chrome/dom/dom.properties
+++ b/dom/chrome/dom/dom.properties
@@ -311,11 +311,17 @@ GenericImageNameGIF=image.gif
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate "Large-Allocation", as it is a literal header name
 LargeAllocationSuccess=This page was loaded in a new process due to a Large-Allocation header.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate "Large-Allocation", as it is a literal header name. Do not translate GET.
 LargeAllocationNonGetRequest=A Large-Allocation header was ignored due to the load being triggered by a non-GET request.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate "Large-Allocation", as it is a literal header name. Do not translate `window.opener`.
 LargeAllocationNotOnlyToplevelInTabGroup=A Large-Allocation header was ignored due to the presence of windows which have a reference to this browsing context through the frame hierarchy or window.opener.
-LargeAllocationRelatedBrowsingContexts=A Large-Allocation header was ignored due to the presence of windows which have a reference to this browsing context.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate "Large-Allocation", as it is a literal header name
 LargeAllocationNonE10S=A Large-Allocation header was ignored due to the document not being loaded out of process.
+GeolocationInsecureRequestIsForbidden=A Geolocation request can only be fulfilled in a secure context.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate "Large-Allocation", as it is a literal header name.
+LargeAllocationNonWin32=This page would be loaded in a new process due to a Large-Allocation header, however Large-Allocation process creation is disabled on non-Win32 platforms.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate URL.createObjectURL(MediaStream).
+URLCreateObjectURL_MediaStream=URL.createObjectURL(MediaStream) is deprecated and will be removed soon.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate xml:base.
+XMLBaseAttributeWarning=Use of xml:base attribute is deprecated and will be removed soon. Please remove any use of it.
--- a/netwerk/necko.properties
+++ b/netwerk/necko.properties
@@ -12,16 +12,18 @@ 3=Looking up %1$S…
 4=Connected to %1$S…
 5=Sending request to %1$S…
 6=Transferring data from %1$S…
 7=Connecting to %1$S…
 8=Read %1$S\u0020
 9=Wrote %1$S
 10=Waiting for %1$S…
 11=Looked up %1$S…
+12=Performing a TLS handshake to %1$S…
+13=The TLS handshake finished for %1$S…
 27=Beginning FTP transaction…
 28=Finished FTP transaction
 UnsupportedFTPServer=The FTP server %1$S is currently unsupported.
 RepostFormData=This web page is being redirected to a new location. Would you like to resend the form data you have typed to the new location?
 # Directory listing strings
@@ -34,16 +36,17 @@ DirColMTime=Last Modified
 PhishingAuth=You are about to visit "%1$S". This site may be attempting to trick you into thinking you are visiting a different site. Use extreme caution.
 PhishingAuthAccept=I understand and will be very careful
 SuperfluousAuth=You are about to log in to the site "%1$S" with the user name "%2$S", but the web site does not require authentication. This may be an attempt to trick you.\n\nIs "%1$S" the site you want to visit?
 AutomaticAuth=You are about to log in to the site "%1$S" with the user name "%2$S".
 TrackingUriBlocked=The resource at "%1$S" was blocked because tracking protection is enabled.
+UnsafeUriBlocked=The resource at “%1$S” was blocked by Safe Browsing.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (APIDeprecationWarning):
 # %1$S is the deprected API; %2$S is the API function that should be used.
 APIDeprecationWarning=Warning: '%1$S' deprecated, please use '%2$S'
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (nsICookieManagerDeprecated): don't localize originAttributes.
 # %1$S is the deprecated API; %2$S is the interface suffix that the given deprecated API belongs to.
 nsICookieManagerAPIDeprecated=“%1$S” is changed. Update your code and pass the correct originAttributes. Read more on MDN: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Mozilla/Tech/XPCOM/Reference/Interface/nsICookieManager%2$S
--- a/security/manager/chrome/pippki/pippki.properties
+++ b/security/manager/chrome/pippki/pippki.properties
@@ -106,20 +106,17 @@ pageInfo_Privacy_None4=The page you are 
 # %3$S is protocol version like "SSL 3" or "TLS 1.2"
 pageInfo_EncryptionWithBitsAndProtocol=Connection Encrypted (%1$S, %2$S bit keys, %3$S)
 pageInfo_BrokenEncryption=Broken Encryption (%1$S, %2$S bit keys, %3$S)
 pageInfo_Privacy_Encrypted1=The page you are viewing was encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet.
 pageInfo_Privacy_Encrypted2=Encryption makes it difficult for unauthorised people to view information travelling between computers. It is therefore unlikely that anyone read this page as it travelled across the network.
 pageInfo_MixedContent=Connection Partially Encrypted
 pageInfo_MixedContent2=Parts of the page you are viewing were not encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet.
 pageInfo_WeakCipher=Your connection to this web site uses weak encryption and is not private. Other people can view your information or modify the site's behaviour.
-pageInfo_CertificateTransparency_None=This web site does not supply Certificate Transparency audit records.
-pageInfo_CertificateTransparency_OK=This web site supplies publicly auditable Certificate Transparency records.
-pageInfo_CertificateTransparency_UnknownLog=This web site claims to have Certificate Transparency audit records, but the records were issued by an unknown party and cannot be verified.
-pageInfo_CertificateTransparency_Invalid=This web site supplies Certificate Transparency audit records, but the records failed verification.
+pageInfo_CertificateTransparency_Compliant=This web site complies with the Certificate Transparency policy.
 # Cert Viewer
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(certViewerTitle): Title used for the Certificate Viewer.
 # %1$S is a string representative of the certificate being viewed.
 certViewerTitle=Certificate Viewer: “%1$S”
 notPresent=<Not Part Of Certificate>
 # Token Manager
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.dtd
@@ -58,16 +58,19 @@ Windows/Mac use the term "Folder" instea
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE the term "Service Workers" should not be translated. -->
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsServiceWorkers "Registered Service Workers">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsProfiles "Profiles">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsMultiProcessSupport "Multiprocess Windows">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsKeyGoogle "Google Key">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsKeyMozilla "Mozilla Location Service Key">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsSafeMode "Safe Mode">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.showDir.label "Open Directory">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (aboutSupport.showMac.label): This is the Mac-specific
 variant of aboutSupport.showDir.label.  This allows us to use the preferred
 "Finder" terminology on Mac. -->
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.showMac.label "Show in Finder">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (aboutSupport.showWin2.label): This is the Windows-specific
@@ -103,16 +106,24 @@ variant of aboutSupport.showDir.label. -
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.installationHistoryTitle "Installation History">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.updateHistoryTitle "Update History">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.copyTextToClipboard.label "Copy text to clipboard">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.copyRawDataToClipboard.label "Copy raw data to clipboard">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxTitle "Sandbox">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallLogTitle "Rejected System Calls">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallIndex "#">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallAge "Seconds Ago">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallPID "PID">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallTID "TID">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallProcType "Process Type">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallNumber "Syscall">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallArgs "Arguments">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.safeModeTitle "Try Safe Mode">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.restartInSafeMode.label "Restart with Add-ons Disabled…">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsFeaturesTitle "Features">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsDiagnosticsTitle "Diagnostics">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsFailureLogTitle "Failure Log">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsGPU1Title "GPU #1">
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.properties
@@ -59,27 +59,38 @@ compositing = Compositing
 hardwareH264 = Hardware H264 Decoding
 audioBackend = Audio Backend
 mainThreadNoOMTC = main thread, no OMTC
 yes = Yes
 no = No
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE The following strings indicate if an API key has been found.
 # In some development versions, it's expected for some API keys that they are
 # not found.
+found = Found
+missing = Missing
 gpuDescription = Description
 gpuVendorID = Vendor ID
 gpuDeviceID = Device ID
 gpuSubsysID = Subsys ID
 gpuDrivers = Drivers
 gpuRAM = RAM
 gpuDriverVersion = Driver Version
 gpuDriverDate = Driver Date
 gpuActive = Active
-webgl2Renderer = WebGL2 Renderer
+webgl1WSIInfo = WebGL 1 Driver WSI Info
+webgl1Renderer = WebGL 1 Driver Renderer
+webgl1Version = WebGL 1 Driver Version
+webgl1DriverExtensions = WebGL 1 Driver Extensions
+webgl1Extensions = WebGL 1 Extensions
+webgl2WSIInfo = WebGL 2 Driver WSI Info
+webgl2Renderer = WebGL 2 Driver Renderer
+webgl2Version = WebGL 2 Driver Version
+webgl2DriverExtensions = WebGL 2 Driver Extensions
+webgl2Extensions = WebGL 2 Extensions
 GPU1 = GPU #1
 GPU2 = GPU #2
 blocklistedBug = Blocklisted due to known issues
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE %1$S will be replaced with a bug number string.
 bugLink = bug %1$S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE %1$S will be replaced with an arbitrary identifier
 # string that can be searched on DXR/MXR or grepped in the source tree.
 unknownFailure = Blocklisted; failure code %1$S
@@ -95,16 +106,18 @@ loadedLibVersions = Version in use
 hasSeccompBPF = Seccomp-BPF (System Call Filtering)
 hasSeccompTSync = Seccomp Thread Synchronisation
 hasUserNamespaces = User Namespaces
 hasPrivilegedUserNamespaces = User Namespaces for privileged processes
 canSandboxContent = Content Process Sandboxing
 canSandboxMedia = Media Plugin Sandboxing
 contentSandboxLevel = Content Process Sandbox Level
+sandboxProcType.content = content
+sandboxProcType.mediaPlugin = media plugin
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE %1$S and %2$S will be replaced with the number of remote and the total number
 # of windows, respectively, while %3$S will be replaced with one of the status strings below,
 # which contains a description of the multi-process preference and status.
 # Note: multiProcessStatus.3 doesn't exist because status=3 was deprecated.
 multiProcessWindows = %1$S/%2$S (%3$S)
 multiProcessStatus.0 = Enabled by user
 multiProcessStatus.1 = Enabled by default
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutTelemetry.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutTelemetry.dtd
@@ -151,17 +151,23 @@ Ping
 <!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.emptySection "
   (No data collected)
 <!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.fullSqlWarning "
   NOTE: Slow SQL debugging is enabled. Full SQL strings may be displayed below but they will not be submitted to Telemetry.
+<!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.fetchStackSymbols "
+  Fetch function names for stacks
+<!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.hideStackSymbols "
+  Show raw stack data
 <!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.filterText "
   Filter (strings or /regexp/)
 <!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.payloadChoiceHeader "
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutTelemetry.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutTelemetry.properties
@@ -40,16 +40,21 @@ slowSqlAverage = Avg. Time (ms)
 slowSqlStatement = Statement
 # Note to translators:
 # - The %1$S will be replaced with the number of the hang
 # - The %2$S will be replaced with the duration of the hang
 chrome-hangs-title = Hang Report #%1$S (%2$S seconds)
 # Note to translators:
+# - The %1$S will be replaced with the string key for this stack.
+# - The %2$S will be replaced with the number of times this stack was captured.
+captured-stacks-title = %1$S (capture count: %2$S)
+# Note to translators:
 # - The %1$S will be replaced with the number of the late write
 late-writes-title = Late Write #%1$S
 stackTitle = Stack:
 memoryMapTitle = Memory map:
 errorFetchingSymbols = An error occurred while fetching symbols. Check that you are connected to the Internet and try again.
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutWebrtc.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutWebrtc.properties
@@ -94,17 +94,19 @@ nominated = Nominated
 # or are left blank. This represents an attribute of an ICE candidate.
 selected = Selected
 save_page_label = Save Page
 debug_mode_msg_label = Debug Mode
 debug_mode_off_state_label = Start Debug Mode
 debug_mode_on_state_label = Stop Debug Mode
 stats_heading = Session Statistics
+stats_clear = Clear History
 log_heading = Connection Log
+log_clear = Clear Log
 log_show_msg = show log
 log_hide_msg = hide log
 connection_closed = closed
 local_candidate = Local Candidate
 remote_candidate = Remote Candidate
 priority = Priority
 fold_show_msg = show details
 fold_show_hint = click to expand this section
--- a/toolkit/chrome/passwordmgr/passwordmgr.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/passwordmgr/passwordmgr.properties
@@ -66,21 +66,24 @@ loginsDescriptionFiltered=The following 
 # 1st string is the username for the login, 2nd is the login's age.
 loginHostAge=%1$S (%2$S)
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (noUsername):
 # String is used on the context menu when a login doesn't have a username.
 noUsername=No username
 duplicateLoginTitle=Login already exists
 duplicateLogin=A duplicate login already exists.
-insecureFieldWarningDescription = This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (insecureFieldWarningDescription2, insecureFieldWarningDescription3):
 # %1$S will contain insecureFieldWarningLearnMore and look like a link to indicate that clicking will open a tab with support information.
 insecureFieldWarningDescription2 = This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised. %1$S
 insecureFieldWarningDescription3 = Logins entered here could be compromised. %1$S
 insecureFieldWarningLearnMore = Learn More
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (removeAll, removeAllShown):
 # removeAll and removeAllShown are both used on the same one button,
 # never displayed together and can share the same accesskey.
 # When only partial sites are shown as a result of keyword search,
 # removeAllShown is displayed as button label.
 # removeAll is displayed when no keyword search and all sites are shown.
+removeAll.label=Remove All
+removeAllShown.label=Remove All Shown
--- a/toolkit/chrome/search/search.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/search/search.properties
@@ -8,11 +8,13 @@ addEngineAsCurrentText=Make this the c&u
 error_loading_engine_title=Download Error
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_loading_engine_msg2): %1$S = brandShortName, %2$S = location
 error_loading_engine_msg2=%S could not download the search plugin from:\n%S
 error_duplicate_engine_msg=%S could not install the search plugin from "%S" because an engine with the same name already exists.
 error_invalid_engine_title=Install Error
+error_invalid_format_title=Invalid Format
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_invalid_engine_msg2): %1$S = brandShortName, %2$S = location (url)
+error_invalid_engine_msg2=%1$S could not install the search engine from: %2$S