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Bug 1658629 - Show proper action text when moving through local one-off search buttons, part 2.

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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MimeNotCss=The stylesheet %1$S was not loaded because its MIME type, "%2$S", is not "text/css".
MimeNotCssWarn=The stylesheet %1$S was loaded as CSS even though its MIME type, "%2$S", is not "text/css".

PEDeclDropped=Declaration dropped.
PEDeclSkipped=Skipped to next declaration.
PEUnknownProperty=Unknown property '%1$S'.
PEValueParsingError=Error in parsing value for '%1$S'.
PEUnknownAtRule=Unrecognised at-rule or error parsing at-rule '%1$S'.
PEMQUnexpectedOperator=Unexpected operator in media list.
PEMQUnexpectedToken=Unexpected token ‘%1$S’ in media list.
PEAtNSUnexpected=Unexpected token within @namespace: '%1$S'.
PEKeyframeBadName=Expected identifier for name of @keyframes rule.
PEBadSelectorRSIgnored=Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.
PEBadSelectorKeyframeRuleIgnored=Keyframe rule ignored due to bad selector.
PESelectorGroupNoSelector=Selector expected.
PESelectorGroupExtraCombinator=Dangling combinator.
PEClassSelNotIdent=Expected identifier for class selector but found '%1$S'.
PETypeSelNotType=Expected element name or '*' but found '%1$S'.
PEUnknownNamespacePrefix=Unknown namespace prefix '%1$S'.
PEAttributeNameExpected=Expected identifier for attribute name but found '%1$S'.
PEAttributeNameOrNamespaceExpected=Expected attribute name or namespace but found '%1$S'.
PEAttSelNoBar=Expected '|' but found '%1$S'.
PEAttSelUnexpected=Unexpected token in attribute selector: '%1$S'.
PEAttSelBadValue=Expected identifier or string for value in attribute selector but found '%1$S'.
PEPseudoSelBadName=Expected identifier for pseudo-class or pseudo-element but found '%1$S'.
PEPseudoSelEndOrUserActionPC=Expected end of selector or a user action pseudo-class after pseudo-element but found '%1$S'.
PEPseudoSelUnknown=Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element '%1$S'.
PENegationBadArg=Missing argument in negation pseudo-class '%1$S'.
PEPseudoClassArgNotIdent=Expected identifier for pseudo-class parameter but found '%1$S'.
PEColorNotColor=Expected colour but found '%1$S'.
PEParseDeclarationDeclExpected=Expected declaration but found '%1$S'.
PEUnknownFontDesc=Unknown descriptor '%1$S' in @font-face rule.
PEMQExpectedFeatureName=Expected media feature name but found '%1$S'.
PEMQNoMinMaxWithoutValue=Media features with min- or max- must have a value.
PEMQExpectedFeatureValue=Found invalid value for media feature.
PEExpectedNoneOrURL=Expected 'none' or URL but found '%1$S'.
PEExpectedNoneOrURLOrFilterFunction=Expected 'none', URL, or filter function but found '%1$S'.

PEDisallowedImportRule=@import rules are not yet valid in constructed stylesheets.

TooLargeDashedRadius=Border radius is too large for ‘dashed’ style (the limit is 100000px). Rendering as solid.
TooLargeDottedRadius=Border radius is too large for ‘dotted’ style (the limit is 100000px). Rendering as solid.