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Pontoon: Update Kaqchikel (cak) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Juan Sián <>

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<!ENTITY aboutAccounts.connected.title "Retal rutaqoya'l Firefox">
<!ENTITY aboutAccounts.connected.description "Atokinäq achi'el">
<!ENTITY aboutAccounts.syncPreferences.label "Tapitz'a' wawe' richin nanik'oj runuk'ulem Sync">

<!ENTITY aboutAccounts.noConnection.title "Man niwachin ta jun okem pa k'amaya'l">
<!ENTITY aboutAccounts.retry.label "Titojtob'ëx chik">

<!ENTITY aboutAccounts.restrictedError.title "Q'aton rusamaj">
<!ENTITY aboutAccounts.restrictedError.description "Man tikirel ta yesamajïx el taq rutaqoya'l Firefox richin re ruwäch b'i'aj re'.">