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Pontoon: Update Catalan (ca) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Jordi Serratosa <>

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY     tab.cookiesonsystem.label      "Galetes emmagatzemades">
<!ENTITY     tab.bannedservers.label        "Llocs de galetes">
<!ENTITY     div.bannedservers.label        "Gestiona els llocs que poden o no poden emmagatzemar galetes en el vostre ordinador.">
<!ENTITY     div.cookiesonsystem.label      "Visualitza i suprimeix les galetes que s'emmagatzemen al vostre ordinador.">
<!ENTITY     treehead.cookiename.label      "Nom de la galeta">
<!ENTITY     treehead.cookiedomain.label    "Lloc">
<!ENTITY     treehead.cookieexpires.label   "Expira">
<!ENTITY     treehead.infoselected.label    "Informació de la galeta seleccionada">
<!ENTITY     button.removecookie.label      "Suprimeix la galeta">
<!ENTITY     button.removecookie.accesskey  "r">
<!ENTITY     button.removeallcookies.label  "Suprimeix totes les galetes">
<!ENTITY     button.removeallcookies.accesskey "e">

<!ENTITY     search.placeholder             "Cerca galetes">
<!ENTITY     focusSearch.key                "f">
<!ENTITY     windowClose.key                "w">
<!ENTITY     selectAll.key                  "a">

<!ENTITY               "Nom:">
<!ENTITY     props.value.label              "Contingut:">
<!ENTITY     props.domain.label             "Servidor central:">
<!ENTITY     props.path.label               "Camí:">
<!ENTITY             "Enviat per a:">
<!ENTITY     props.expires.label            "Venciment:">

<!ENTITY     treehead.sitename.label        "Lloc">
<!ENTITY     treehead.status.label          "Estat">
<!ENTITY     windowtitle.label              "Gestor de galetes">
<!ENTITY     buttonaccept.label             "Tanca">
<!ENTITY     buttonaccept.accesskey         "c">

<!ENTITY     blockSite.label                "Bloca">
<!ENTITY     blockSite.accesskey            "B">
<!ENTITY     allowSite.label                "Permet">
<!ENTITY     allowSite.accesskey            "P">
<!ENTITY     allowSiteSession.label         "Sessió">
<!ENTITY     allowSiteSession.accesskey     "S">
<!ENTITY     removepermission.label         "Suprimeix el lloc">
<!ENTITY     removepermission.accesskey     "r">
<!ENTITY     removeallpermissions.label     "Suprimeix tots els llocs">
<!ENTITY     removeallpermissions.accesskey "e">

<!ENTITY     futureCookies.label            "No permetis desar als llocs web que deixen galetes suprimides que facin en un futur">
<!ENTITY     futureCookies.accesskey        "N">