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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

printui-title = Imprimeix
# Dialog title to prompt the user for a filename to save print to PDF.
printui-save-to-pdf-title = Anomena i guarda

# Variables
# $sheetCount (integer) - Number of paper sheets
printui-sheets-count =
    { $sheetCount ->
        [one] { $sheetCount } full de paper
       *[other] { $sheetCount } fulls de paper

printui-page-range-all = Tot
printui-page-range-custom = Personalitzat
printui-page-range-label = Pàgines
printui-page-range-picker =
    .aria-label = Trieu l'interval de pàgines
printui-page-custom-range-input =
    .aria-label = Introduïu un interval de pàgines personalitzat
    .placeholder = P. ex.: 2-6, 9, 12-16

# Section title for the number of copies to print
printui-copies-label = Còpies

printui-orientation = Orientació
printui-landscape = Apaïsat
printui-portrait = Vertical

# Section title for the printer or destination device to target
printui-destination-label = Destinació
printui-destination-pdf-label = Guarda com a PDF

printui-more-settings = Més paràmetres
printui-less-settings = Menys paràmetres

printui-paper-size-label = Mida del paper

# Section title (noun) for the print scaling options
printui-scale = Escala
printui-scale-fit-to-page-width = Ajusta a l'amplada de la pàgina
# Label for input control where user can set the scale percentage
printui-scale-pcent = Escala

# Section title (noun) for the two-sided print options
printui-two-sided-printing = Impressió a doble cara
printui-two-sided-printing-off = Desactivada
# Flip the sheet as if it were bound along its long edge.
printui-two-sided-printing-long-edge = Gira en el costat llarg
# Flip the sheet as if it were bound along its short edge.
printui-two-sided-printing-short-edge = Gira en el costat curt

# Section title for miscellaneous print options
printui-options = Opcions
printui-headers-footers-checkbox = Imprimeix capçaleres i peus de pàgina
printui-backgrounds-checkbox = Imprimeix els fons

## The "Format" section, select a version of the website to print. Radio
## options to select between the original page, selected text only, or a version
## where the page is processed with "Reader View".

# The section title.
printui-source-label = Format
# Option for printing the original page.
printui-source-radio = Original
# Option for printing just the content a user selected prior to printing.
printui-selection-radio = Selecció
# Option for "simplifying" the page by printing the Reader View version.
printui-simplify-page-radio = Simplificat


printui-color-mode-label = Mode de color
printui-color-mode-color = Color
printui-color-mode-bw = Blanc i negre

printui-margins = Marges
printui-margins-default = Per defecte
printui-margins-min = Mínims
printui-margins-none = Cap
printui-margins-custom-inches = Personalitzats (polzades)
printui-margins-custom-mm = Personalitzats (mm)
printui-margins-custom-top = Superior
printui-margins-custom-top-inches = Superior (polzades)
printui-margins-custom-top-mm = Superior (mm)
printui-margins-custom-bottom = Inferior
printui-margins-custom-bottom-inches = Inferior (polzades)
printui-margins-custom-bottom-mm = Inferior (mm)
printui-margins-custom-left = Esquerre
printui-margins-custom-left-inches = Esquerre (polzades)
printui-margins-custom-left-mm = Esquerre (mm)
printui-margins-custom-right = Dret
printui-margins-custom-right-inches = Dret (polzades)
printui-margins-custom-right-mm = Dret (mm)

printui-system-dialog-link = Imprimeix mitjançant el diàleg del sistema…

printui-primary-button = Imprimeix
printui-primary-button-save = Guarda
printui-cancel-button = Cancel·la
printui-close-button = Tanca

printui-loading = S'està preparant la previsualització

# Reported by screen readers and other accessibility tools to indicate that
# the print preview has focus.
printui-preview-label =
    .aria-label = Exemple d'impressió

printui-pages-per-sheet = Pàgines per full

# This is shown next to the Print button with an indefinite loading spinner
# when the user prints a page and it is being sent to the printer.
printui-print-progress-indicator = S'està imprimint…
printui-print-progress-indicator-saving = S'està guardant…

## Paper sizes that may be supported by the Save to PDF destination:

printui-paper-a5 = A5
printui-paper-a4 = A4
printui-paper-a3 = A3
printui-paper-a2 = A2
printui-paper-a1 = A1
printui-paper-a0 = A0
printui-paper-b5 = B5
printui-paper-b4 = B4
printui-paper-jis-b5 = JIS-B5
printui-paper-jis-b4 = JIS-B4
printui-paper-letter = Carta EUA
printui-paper-legal = Legal EUA
printui-paper-tabloid = Tabloide

## Error messages shown when a user has an invalid input

printui-error-invalid-scale = L'escala ha de ser un nombre entre 10 i 200.
printui-error-invalid-margin = Introduïu un marge vàlid per a la mida del paper seleccionat.
printui-error-invalid-copies = El nombre de còpies ha de ser entre 1 i 10000.

# Variables
# $numPages (integer) - Number of pages
printui-error-invalid-range = L'interval ha de ser un nombre entre 1 i { $numPages }.
printui-error-invalid-start-overflow = El número de pàgina inicial ha de ser inferior al número de pàgina final.