Pontoon: Update Bulgarian (bg) localization of Thunderbird
author:stoyan <stoyan@gmx.com>
Sat, 20 Jun 2020 22:33:35 +0000
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Pontoon: Update Bulgarian (bg) localization of Thunderbird Co-authored-by: :stoyan <stoyan@gmx.com>
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/accountCreation.dtd
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/accountCreation.dtd
@@ -1,80 +1,93 @@
 <!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
-<!ENTITY autoconfigWizard2.title         "Настройка на съществуващ адрес на ел. поща">
+<!ENTITY autoconfigWizard2.title         "Настройка на съществуваща пощенска кутия">
-<!ENTITY name.label                      "Вашето име:">
+<!ENTITY emailWizard.title               "Настройте своя съществуваща пощенска кутия">
+<!ENTITY emailWizard.caption             "Използвайте текущия си адрес на ел. поща">
+<!ENTITY name.label                      "Имена:">
 <!ENTITY name.accesskey                  "и">
 <!ENTITY name.placeholder                "Име Фамилия">
-<!ENTITY fullname.placeholder            "Вашето цяло име">
-<!ENTITY name.text                       "Вашето име, както ще го видят другите">
-<!ENTITY name.error                      "Моля, въведете името си">
-<!ENTITY email.label                     "Адрес на ел. поща:">
+<!ENTITY fullname.placeholder            "Вашите две имена">
+<!ENTITY name.text                       "Вашите имена, както ще ги виждат другите">
+<!ENTITY name.error                      "Моля, въведете имената си">
+<!ENTITY email.label                     "Електронен адрес:">
 <!ENTITY email.accesskey                 "Е">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(email.placeholder): Domain @example.com must stay in English -->
 <!ENTITY email2.placeholder              "you@example.com">
 <!ENTITY email3.placeholder              "Вашият адрес на ел. поща">
 <!ENTITY email.text                      "Вашият съществуващ адрес на ел. поща">
 <!ENTITY email.error                     "Недействителен адрес на ел. поща">
 <!ENTITY password.label                  "Парола:">
 <!ENTITY password.accesskey              "П">
 <!ENTITY password.placeholder            "Парола">
 <!ENTITY password.text                   "По избор, ще се използва само за проверка на името">
+<!ENTITY password.toggle                 "Показва или скрива паролата">
 <!ENTITY rememberPassword.label          "Запомняне на паролата">
 <!ENTITY rememberPassword.accesskey      "а">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(usernameEx.placeholder): YOURDOMAIN refers to the Windows domain in ActiveDirectory. yourusername refers to the user's account name in Windows. -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(usernameEx.text): Domain refers to the Windows domain in ActiveDirectory. We mean the user's login in Windows at the local corporate network. -->
+<!ENTITY protocol.label                  "Протокол:">
 <!ENTITY imapLong.label                  "IMAP (отдалечени папки)">
 <!ENTITY pop3Long.label                  "POP3 (съхраняване пощата на компютъра)">
 <!ENTITY manualConfigTable.summary       "Настройки на сървъра">
 <!ENTITY incoming.label                  "Входящ:">
 <!ENTITY outgoing.label                  "Изходящ:">
 <!ENTITY username.label                  "Потребителско име:">
 <!ENTITY hostname.label                  "Име на сървъра">
 <!ENTITY port.label                      "Порт">
 <!ENTITY ssl.label                       "SSL">
+<!ENTITY serverRow.label                 "Сървър:">
+<!ENTITY portRow.label                   "Порт:">
+<!ENTITY sslRow.label                    "SSL:">
 <!ENTITY auth.label                      "Удостоверяване">
 <!ENTITY imap.label                      "IMAP">
 <!ENTITY pop3.label                      "POP3">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(exchange.label): Do not translate Exchange, it is a product name. -->
+<!ENTITY exchange.label                  "Exchange">
 <!ENTITY smtp.label                      "SMTP">
-<!ENTITY autodetect.label                "Автоустановяване">
+<!ENTITY autodetect.label                "Автоматично разпознаване">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(noEncryption.label): Neither SSL/TLS nor STARTTLS.
      Transmission of emails in cleartext over the Internet. -->
 <!ENTITY noEncryption.label              "Без">
 <!ENTITY starttls.label                  "STARTTLS">
 <!ENTITY sslTls.label                    "SSL/TLS">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(exchange-hostname.label): Do not translate Exchange, it is a product name. -->
+<!ENTITY exchange-hostname.label         "Сървър на Exchange">
-<!ENTITY advancedSetup.label             "Още настройки">
+<!ENTITY advancedSetup.label             "Разширени настройки">
 <!ENTITY advancedSetup.accesskey         "О">
 <!ENTITY cancel.label                    "Отказ">
 <!ENTITY cancel.accesskey                "з">
 <!ENTITY continue.label                  "Продължаване">
 <!ENTITY continue.accesskey              "П">
 <!ENTITY stop.label                      "Стоп">
 <!ENTITY stop.accesskey                  "С">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (half-manual-test.label): This is the text that is
      displayed on the button in manual config mode which will re-guess
      the account configuration, taking into account the settings that
      the user has manually changed. -->
 <!ENTITY half-manual-test.label          "Тест отново">
 <!ENTITY half-manual-test.accesskey      "Т">
 <!ENTITY manual-edit.label               "Ръчна настройка">
 <!ENTITY manual-edit.accesskey           "Р">
-<!ENTITY open-provisioner.label          "Получете нов адрес на ел. поща…">
+<!ENTITY manual-config.label             "Ръчни настройки…">
+<!ENTITY manual-config.accesskey         "р">
+<!ENTITY open-provisioner.label          "Получете нов електронен адрес…">
 <!ENTITY open-provisioner.accesskey      "а">
+<!ENTITY get-help.label                  "Получете помощ">
+<!ENTITY get-help.accesskey              "п">
 <!ENTITY warning.label                   "Внимание!">
 <!ENTITY incomingSettings.label          "Входящи настройки:">
 <!ENTITY outgoingSettings.label          "Изходящи настройки:">
 <!ENTITY technicaldetails.label          "Технически подробности">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (confirmWarning.label): If there is a security
      warning on the outgoing server, then the user will need to check a