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<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- for SearchDialog.xul -->
<!ENTITY searchHeading.label         "Търсене на писма в:">
<!ENTITY searchHeading.accesskey     "р">
<!ENTITY searchSubfolders.label      "Търсене на подпапки">
<!ENTITY searchSubfolders.accesskey  "ъ">
<!ENTITY searchOnServer.label        "Стартиране търсене на сървъра">
<!ENTITY searchOnServer.accesskey    "т">
<!ENTITY resetButton.label           "Изчистване">
<!ENTITY resetButton.accesskey       "ч">
<!ENTITY openButton.label            "Отваряне">
<!ENTITY openButton.accesskey        "О">
<!ENTITY deleteButton.label          "Изтриване">
<!ENTITY deleteButton.accesskey      "з">
<!ENTITY searchDialogTitle.label     "Търсене на писма">
<!ENTITY results.label               "Резултати">
<!ENTITY moveButton.label            "Преместване в">
<!ENTITY moveButton.accesskey        "н">
<!ENTITY closeCmd.key                "W">
<!ENTITY openInFolder.label          "Отваряне в папката">
<!ENTITY openInFolder.accesskey      "к">
<!ENTITY saveAsVFButton.label        "Запиши като папка за търсене">
<!ENTITY saveAsVFButton.accesskey    "ш">

<!-- for ABSearchDialog.xul -->
<!ENTITY abSearchHeading.label       "Търсене в:">
<!ENTITY abSearchHeading.accesskey   "Т">
<!ENTITY propertiesButton.label      "Свойства">
<!ENTITY propertiesButton.accesskey  "й">
<!ENTITY composeButton.label         "Писане">
<!ENTITY composeButton.accesskey     "П">
<!ENTITY deleteCardButton.label      "Изтриване">
<!ENTITY deleteCardButton.accesskey  "з">
<!ENTITY abSearchDialogTitle.label   "Разширено търсене в адресника">