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Pontoon: Update Aragonese (an) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Juan Pablo <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

load-js-data-url-error=For security reasons, javascript or data urls cannot be loaded from the history window or sidebar.
noTitle=(no title)


bookmarksBackupTitle=Bookmarks backup filename

bookmarksRestoreAlertTitle=Revert Bookmarks
bookmarksRestoreAlert=This will replace all of your current bookmarks with the backup. Are you sure?
bookmarksRestoreTitle=Select a bookmarks backup

bookmarksRestoreFormatError=Unsupported file type.
bookmarksRestoreParseError=Unable to process the backup file.

bookmarksLivemarkLoading=Live Bookmark loading…
bookmarksLivemarkFailed=Live Bookmark feed failed to load.

menuOpenLivemarkOrigin.label=Open "%S"

view.sortBy.title.label=Sort by &Name
view.sortBy.title.accesskey=Sort by &Name
view.sortBy.url.label=Sort by &Location
view.sortBy.url.accesskey=Sort by &Location by &Visit Date by &Visit Date
view.sortBy.visitCount.label=Sort by Visit &Count
view.sortBy.visitCount.accesskey=Sort by Visit &Count
view.sortBy.keyword.label=Sort by &Keyword
view.sortBy.keyword.accesskey=Sort by &Keyword
view.sortBy.description.label=Sort by &Description
view.sortBy.description.accesskey=Sort by &Description
view.sortBy.dateAdded.label=Sort by Add&ed
view.sortBy.dateAdded.accesskey=Sort by Add&ed
view.sortBy.lastModified.label=Sort by Last &Modified
view.sortBy.lastModified.accesskey=Sort by Last &Modified
view.sortBy.tags.label=Sort by &Tags
view.sortBy.tags.accesskey=Sort by &Tags

searchBookmarks=Search Bookmarks
searchCurrentDefault=Search in '%S'
findInPrefix=Find in '%S'…

tabs.openWarningTitle=Confirm open
tabs.openWarningMultipleBranded=You are about to open %S tabs.  This might slow down %S while the pages are loading.  Are you sure you want to continue?
tabs.openButtonMultiple=Open tabs
tabs.openWarningPromptMeBranded=Warn me when opening multiple tabs might slow down %S

SelectImport=Import Bookmarks File
EnterExport=Export Bookmarks File

saveSearch.title=Save Search
saveSearch.inputDefaultText=New Search

detailsPane.noItems=No items
detailsPane.oneItem=One item
detailsPane.multipleItems=%S items

mostVisitedTitle=As mas visitadas
recentlyBookmarkedTitle=Pachinas marcadas recientment
recentTagsTitle=Recent Tags

OrganizerQueryAllBookmarks=All Bookmarks