Fix various nedpunc issues picked up by pofilter
authorDwayne Bailey <>
Wed, 29 Sep 2010 11:56:41 +0200
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Fix various nedpunc issues picked up by pofilter
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/aboutDialog.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/aboutDialog.dtd
@@ -18,17 +18,17 @@
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (bottomLinks.rights): This is a link title that links to about:rights. -->
 <!ENTITY bottomLinks.rights         "End User Rights">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (bottomLinks.privacy): This is a link title that links to -->
 <!ENTITY bottomLinks.privacy        "Privaatheidbeleid">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (update.checkingForUpdates): try to make the localized text short (see bug 596813 for screenshots). -->
-<!ENTITY update.checkingForUpdates  "Kontroleer vir bywerkings...">
+<!ENTITY update.checkingForUpdates  "Kontroleer vir bywerkings…">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (update.checkingAddonCompat): try to make the localized text short (see bug 596813 for screenshots). -->
 <!ENTITY update.checkingAddonCompat "Checking Add-on compatibility…">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (update.noUpdatesFound): try to make the localized text short (see bug 596813 for screenshots). -->
 <!ENTITY update.noUpdatesFound      "&brandShortName; is up to date">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (update.adminDisabled): try to make the localized text short (see bug 596813 for screenshots). -->
 <!ENTITY update.adminDisabled       "Updates disabled by your system administrator">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (update.failed.start,update.failed.linkText,update.failed.end):
      update.failed.start, update.failed.linkText, and update.failed.end all go into
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/aboutSyncTabs.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/aboutSyncTabs.dtd
@@ -1,17 +1,17 @@
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (tabs.otherComputers.label): Keep this in sync with syncTabsMenu.label from browser.dtd -->
 <!ENTITY tabs.otherComputers.label               "Oortjies van ander rekenaars">
-<!ENTITY tabs.searchText.label                   "Tik hier om oortjies te vind...">
+<!ENTITY tabs.searchText.label                   "Tik hier om oortjies te vind…">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (tabs.context.openTab.accesskey, tabs.context.openMultipleTabs.accesskey):
      Only one of these will show at a time (based on selection), so reusing accesskey is ok. -->
 <!ENTITY tabs.context.openTab.label                   "Open hierdie oortjie">
 <!ENTITY tabs.context.openTab.accesskey               "O">
 <!ENTITY tabs.context.openMultipleTabs.label          "Open gekose oortjies">
 <!ENTITY tabs.context.openMultipleTabs.accesskey      "O">
 <!ENTITY tabs.context.bookmarkSingleTab.label         "Boekmerk hierdie oortjie…">
 <!ENTITY tabs.context.bookmarkSingleTab.accesskey     "B">
-<!ENTITY tabs.context.bookmarkMultipleTabs.label      "Boekmerk gekose oortjies...">
+<!ENTITY tabs.context.bookmarkMultipleTabs.label      "Boekmerk gekose oortjies…">
 <!ENTITY tabs.context.bookmarkMultipleTabs.accesskey  "B">
 <!ENTITY tabs.context.refreshList.label               "Verfris lys">
 <!ENTITY tabs.context.refreshList.accesskey           "V">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/baseMenuOverlay.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/baseMenuOverlay.dtd
@@ -21,17 +21,17 @@
 <!ENTITY helpSafeMode.accesskey   "R">
 <!ENTITY helpReleaseNotes.label         "Vrystellingaantekeninge">
 <!ENTITY helpReleaseNotes.accesskey     "a">
 <!ENTITY helpTroubleshootingInfo.label      "Inligting vir probleemoplossing">
 <!ENTITY helpTroubleshootingInfo.accesskey  "p">
-<!ENTITY helpFeedbackPage.label      "Dien terugvoer in...">
+<!ENTITY helpFeedbackPage.label      "Dien terugvoer in…">
 <!ENTITY helpFeedbackPage.accesskey  "D">
 <!ENTITY updateCmd.label                "Kontroleer vir bywerkings…">
 <!ENTITY preferencesCmdMac.label        "Voorkeure…">
 <!ENTITY preferencesCmdMac.commandkey   ",">
 <!ENTITY servicesMenuMac.label          "Dienste">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
@@ -273,17 +273,17 @@ can reach it easily. -->
 <!ENTITY historyRestoreLastSession.label "Restore Previous Session">
 <!ENTITY historyHomeCmd.label "Tuis">
 <!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd2.label "Wys hele geskiedenis">
 <!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd.commandkey "H">
 <!ENTITY appMenuEdit.label "Edit">
 <!ENTITY appMenuCustomize.label "Doelmaak">
-<!ENTITY appMenuToolbarLayout.label "Nutsbalk-uitleg...">
+<!ENTITY appMenuToolbarLayout.label "Nutsbalk-uitleg…">
 <!ENTITY appMenuSidebars.label "Kantstawe">
 <!ENTITY appMenuFind.label "Vind…">
 <!ENTITY appMenuUnsorted.label "Ongeliasseerde boekmerke">
 <!ENTITY appMenuWebDeveloper.label "Web Developer">
 <!ENTITY appMenuGettingStarted.label "Hoe om te begin">
 <!ENTITY appMenuSafeMode.label "Restart with Add-ons Disabled…">
 <!ENTITY appMenuSafeMode.accesskey "R">
@@ -543,13 +543,13 @@ just addresses the organization to follo
      The word "toolbar" is appended automatically and should not be contained below! -->
 <!ENTITY tabsToolbar.label "Blaaieroortjies">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncTabsMenu.label): This appears in the history menu -->
 <!ENTITY syncTabsMenu.label     "Oortjies van ander rekenaars">
 <!ENTITY syncBrand.shortName.label    "Sync">
-<!ENTITY syncSetup.label              "Stel &syncBrand.shortName.label; op...">
+<!ENTITY syncSetup.label              "Stel &syncBrand.shortName.label; op…">
 <!ENTITY syncSetup.accesskey          "Y">
 <!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.label        "Sinkroniseer nou">
 <!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.accesskey    "S">
 <!ENTITY syncToolbarButton.label      "Sync">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (change.password.title): This (and associated change.password/passphrase) are used when the user elects to change their password.
 change.password.title = Verander u wagwoord
 change.password.acceptButton = Verander wagwoord = Verander tans u wagwoord... = Verander tans u wagwoord…
 change.password.status.success = U wagwoord is verander.
 change.password.status.error = Kon nie jou wagwoord verander nie.
 change.password2.introText = Your password must be at least 8 characters long.  It cannot be the same as either your user name or your Sync Key.
 change.password.warningText = Let wel: Geen van jou ander toestelle sal aan jou rekenaar kan koppel wanneer jy hierdie wagwoord verander.
 change.synckey.title = Change your Sync Key
 change.synckey.acceptButton = Change Sync Key
--- a/browser/feedback/main.dtd
+++ b/browser/feedback/main.dtd
@@ -1,18 +1,18 @@
 <!ENTITY testpilot.brand.label                      "Toetsloods">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.settings.label                   "Instellings">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.settings.dataSubmission.label    "Data-inlewering">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.settings.notifications.label     "Kennisgewings">
-<!ENTITY testpilot.settings.notifyWhen.label        "Stel my in kennis wanneer...">
+<!ENTITY testpilot.settings.notifyWhen.label        "Stel my in kennis wanneer…">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.settings.readyToSubmit.label     "'n Studie is gereed om in te dien">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.settings.newStudy.label          "Daar is 'n nuwe studie">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.settings.hasNewResults.label     "'n Studie het nuwe resultate">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.settings.alwaysSubmitData.label  "Dien my data outomaties in (moenie vra nie)">
-<!ENTITY testpilot.allYourStudies.label             "Al jou gebruikerstudies...">
+<!ENTITY testpilot.allYourStudies.label             "Al jou gebruikerstudies…">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.about.label                      "Aangaande Toetsloods">
 <!-- all studies window -->
 <!ENTITY testpilot.studiesWindow.title                  "Jou Toetsloods-studies">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.studiesWindow.currentStudies.label   "Huidige studies">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.studiesWindow.finishedStudies.label  "Afgehandelde studies">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.studiesWindow.studyFindings.label    "Studiebevindings">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.studiesWindow.settings.label         "Instellings">
@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@
 <!ENTITY testpilot.rawDataWindow.title                  "Toetsloods: Rou data">
 <!-- notification -->
 <!ENTITY testpilot.notification.close.tooltip            "Sluit">
 <!-- Firefox 4 beta version UI -->
 <!ENTITY testpilot.enable.label                        "Skakel gebruikerstudies aan">
 <!ENTITY testpilot.feedbackbutton.label                "Terugvoer">
-<!ENTITY testpilot.happy.label        "Firefox het my ongelukkig gemaak want...">
-<!ENTITY testpilot.sad.label          "Firefox het my hartseer gemaak want...">
+<!ENTITY testpilot.happy.label        "Firefox het my ongelukkig gemaak want…">
+<!ENTITY testpilot.sad.label          "Firefox het my hartseer gemaak want…">
--- a/browser/feedback/
+++ b/browser/feedback/
@@ -8,34 +8,34 @@ testpilot.submit = Indien
 testpilot.takeSurvey = Vul die opname in
 # Feedback button menu
 testpilot.turnOn = Skakel gebruikerstudies aan
 testpilot.turnOff = Skakel gebruikerstudies af
 # studies window
 testpilot.studiesWindow.noStudies = Ons werk tans aan 'n nuwe studie wat binnekort beskikbaar sal wees! Hou hier dop!
-testpilot.studiesWindow.uploading = Laai tans op...
+testpilot.studiesWindow.uploading = Laai tans op…
 testpilot.studiesWindow.unableToReachServer = Kon nie Mozilla bereik nie, dus probeer later weer.
 testpilot.studiesWindow.thanksForContributing = Dankie vir u bydrae!
 testpilot.studiesWindow.finishedOn = Klaar op %S
 testpilot.studiesWindow.canceledStudy = (Jy kan hierdie studie skrap)
 testpilot.studiesWindow.missedStudy = (Jy het hierdie studie misgeloop)
 testpilot.studiesWindow.willStart = Sal begin op %S
 testpilot.studiesWindow.gatheringData = Versamel tans data.
 testpilot.studiesWindow.willFinish = Sal klaar maak op %S
 testpilot.studiesWindow.proposeStudy = Stel jou eie studie voor
 # for pages = Kommentaar en bespreking » = Stel 'n toets voor » = @MozTestPilot op Twitter = @MozTestPilot op Twitter »
 # status page
-testpilot.statusPage.uploadingData = Laai nou data op...
+testpilot.statusPage.uploadingData = Laai nou data op…
 testpilot.statusPage.uploadErrorMsg = Oeps! Kon nie aan die Mozilla-bedieners koppel nie.  Dalk is jou netwerkverbinding af.
 testpilot.statusPage.willRetry = Toetsloods sal outomaties weer probeer; dit is dus OK om hierdie bladsy nou toe te maak.
 testpilot.statusPage.endedAlready = (Dit is reeds klaar en jy behoort eintlik nie hierdie bladsy te sien nie)
 testpilot.statusPage.todayAt =  vandag om %S
 testpilot.statusPage.endOn = op %S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (numExtensions): Semi-colon list of plural forms.
 # See:
 # #1 = number of extensions
@@ -89,10 +89,10 @@ testpilot.notification.readyToSubmit.mes
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotStudy = Nuwe Toetsloods-studie
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotStudy.pre.message = Die "%S" Toetsloods-studie is reg om te begin.
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotSurvey = Nuwe Toetsloods-opname
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotSurvey.message = Die "%S" Toetsloods-opname is beskikbaar.
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotResults = Nuwe Toetsloods-resultate
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotResults.message = Nuwe resultate is nou vir die "%S" Toetsloods-studie beskikbaar.
 testpilot.notification.autoUploadedData = Dankie!
 testpilot.notification.autoUploadedData.message = Die "%S"-studie is klaar, en jou data is ingedien!
-testpilot.notification.extensionUpdate = Uitbreiding-bywerking 
+testpilot.notification.extensionUpdate = Uitbreiding-bywerking
 testpilot.notification.extensionUpdate.message = Een van jou studies vereis 'n nuwer weergawe van Toetsloods. Jy kan die jongste weergawe kry deur middel van die byvoeging-venster.
--- a/security/manager/chrome/pipnss/
+++ b/security/manager/chrome/pipnss/
 SSL_ERROR_CERTIFICATE_UNKNOWN_ALERT=SSL-eweknie het 'n ongespesifiseerde probleem met sertifikaat wat dit ontvang het.
 SSL_ERROR_GENERATE_RANDOM_FAILURE=SSL se lukraaknommergenerator wou nie werk nie.
 SSL_ERROR_SIGN_HASHES_FAILURE=Kon nie data digitaal onderteken wat nodig is om jou sertifikate te verifieer nie.
 SSL_ERROR_EXTRACT_PUBLIC_KEY_FAILURE=SSL kon nie die publieke sleutel uit die eweknie se sertifikaat trek nie.
 SSL_ERROR_SERVER_KEY_EXCHANGE_FAILURE=Ongespesifiseerde faling terwyl SSL-Server Key Exchange-bladskud verwerk het.
 SSL_ERROR_CLIENT_KEY_EXCHANGE_FAILURE=Ongespesifiseerde faling terwyl SSL-Client Key Exchange-bladskud verwerk het.
 SSL_ERROR_ENCRYPTION_FAILURE=Grootmaatdataenkripsiealgoritme in die gemerkte syfersuite het misluk.
 SSL_ERROR_DECRYPTION_FAILURE=Grootmaatdatadekripsiealgoritme in die gemerkte syfersuite het misluk.
-SSL_ERROR_SOCKET_WRITE_FAILURE=Poging om geënkripteerde data na onderliggende sok te skryf, het misluk. 
+SSL_ERROR_SOCKET_WRITE_FAILURE=Poging om geënkripteerde data na onderliggende sok te skryf, het misluk.
 SSL_ERROR_MD5_DIGEST_FAILURE=MD5-bundelfunksie het misluk.
 SSL_ERROR_SHA_DIGEST_FAILURE=SHA-1-bundelfunksie het misluk.
 SSL_ERROR_SYM_KEY_CONTEXT_FAILURE=Kon nie simmetriese sleutelkonteks skep nie.
 SSL_ERROR_SYM_KEY_UNWRAP_FAILURE=Kon nie die simmetriese sleutel in Client Key Exchange-boodskap ontvou nie.
 SSL_ERROR_PUB_KEY_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED=SSL-bediener het probeer om publieke sleutel van binnelandse graad met uitvoersyfersuite te gebruik.
 SSL_ERROR_IV_PARAM_FAILURE=PKCS11-kode kon nie 'n IV in 'n param vertaal nie.
 SSL_ERROR_INIT_CIPHER_SUITE_FAILURE=Kon nie die gemerkte syfersuite inisialiseer nie.
--- a/services/sync/
+++ b/services/sync/
@@ -1,23 +1,23 @@
 # %1: the user name (Ed), %2: the app name (Firefox), %3: the operating system (Android)
 client.name2 = %1$S se %2$S op %3$S
 # %S is the date and time at which the last sync successfully completed
 lastSync.label = Onlangsste bywerking: %S
-lastSyncInProgress.label = Onlangsste bywerking: besig...
+lastSyncInProgress.label = Onlangsste bywerking: besig…
 # %S is the username logged in
 connected.label = Verbind: %S
 disconnected.label = Ontkoppel
 connecting.label = Verbind tans…
 mobile.label = Mobiele boekmerke
-remote.pending.label = Afgeleë oortjies word gesinkroniseer...
+remote.pending.label = Afgeleë oortjies word gesinkroniseer…
 remote.missing.label = Sinkroniseer jou ander rekenaars weer om hul oortjies te bekyk
 remote.opened.label = Alle afgeleë oortjies is reeds oop
 remote.notification.label = Onlangse werkskerm-oortjies sal beskikbaar wees sodra hulle gesinkroniseer is
 error.login.title = Kon nie inteken nie
 error.login.description = Sync het 'n fout teëgekom toe dit gekoppel het: %1$S.  Probeer gerus weer.
 error.login.prefs.label = Voorkeure…
 error.login.prefs.accesskey = P
--- a/toolkit/chrome/mozapps/extensions/extensions.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/mozapps/extensions/extensions.dtd
@@ -165,14 +165,14 @@
 <!ENTITY addon.undoRemove.tooltip             "Hou hierdie byvoeging geïnstalleer">
 <!ENTITY addon.restartNow.label               "Herbegin nou">
 <!ENTITY addon.install.label                  "Installeer">
 <!ENTITY addon.install.tooltip                "Installeer hierdie byvoeging">
 <!ENTITY addon.updateNow.label                "Opdateer nou">
 <!ENTITY addon.updateNow.tooltip              "Installeer die bywerking vir hierdie byvoeging">
 <!ENTITY addon.includeUpdate.label            "Include in Update">
 <!ENTITY addon.updateAvailable.label          "An update is available">
-<!ENTITY addon.checkingForUpdates.label       "Kontroleer vir bywerkings...">
+<!ENTITY addon.checkingForUpdates.label       "Kontroleer vir bywerkings…">
 <!ENTITY addon.releaseNotes.label             "Vrystellingaantekeninge:">
 <!ENTITY addon.loadingReleaseNotes.label      "Laai tans…">
 <!ENTITY addon.errorLoadingReleaseNotes.label "Jammer, kon nie die vrystellingsaantekeninge laai nie.">
 <!ENTITY addon.createdBy.label                "Deur ">