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# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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# This is temporary until bug 1521632 is fixed

elevation-update-wizard =
    .title = Ngec manyen me purugram
elevation-details-link-label =
    .value = Lok yore kiyore
elevation-error-manual = I romo keto ngec manyen i { -brand-short-name } ki cingi kun i limo kakube man kadong gamo kit macok loyo:
elevation-finished-page = Ngec manyen tye atera me aketa
elevation-finished-background-page = Gwoko kuc ki bedo mot pa ngec manyen pi { -brand-short-name } kityeko gamo woko ci tye atera me aketa.
elevation-finished-background = Ngec manyen:
elevation-more-elevated = Ngec manyen man mito twero pa laloc. Ki biketo ngec manyen ne lacen ka { -brand-short-name } ocake. Itwero nwoyo cako { -brand-short-name } kombedi, mede ki tic kadong i cako lacen, onyo kwero ngec manyen man.