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Pontoon: Update Acholi (ach) localization of Firefox Localization authors: - denish <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

rememberValue = Tii ki Lalo Mung me donyo pi poo ikom wel man.
rememberPassword = Tii ki Lalo Mung me donyo pi poo ikom mung me donyo man.
savePasswordTitle = Moki
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (saveLoginMsg, saveLoginMsgNoUser):
# %1$S is brandShortName, %2$S is the login's hostname.
saveLoginMsg = Imito ni %1$S ogwok donyo iyie man pi %2$S?
saveLoginMsgNoUser = Imito ni %1$S ogwok mung me donyo man pi %2$S?
saveLoginButtonAllow.label = Gwoki
saveLoginButtonAllow.accesskey = G
saveLoginButtonDeny.label = Pe i gwoki
saveLoginButtonDeny.accesskey = e
saveLoginButtonNever.label = Pe i gwok matwal
saveLoginButtonNever.accesskey = e
updateLoginMsg = I mito keto ngec manyen i donyo iyie man?
updateLoginMsgNoUser = I mito keto ngec manyen i mung me donyo man?
updateLoginButtonText = Ngec manyen
updateLoginButtonAccessKey = U
updateLoginButtonDeny.label = Pe iket ngec manyen
updateLoginButtonDeny.accesskey = e
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberPasswordMsg):
# 1st string is the username for the login, 2nd is the login's hostname.
# Note that long usernames may be truncated.
rememberPasswordMsg = I mito poo ikom mung me donyo pi “%1$S” i %2$S?
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberPasswordMsgNoUsername):
# String is the login's hostname.
rememberPasswordMsgNoUsername = I mito poo ikom mung me donyo ikom %S?
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (noUsernamePlaceholder):
# This is displayed in place of the username when it is missing.
noUsernamePlaceholder=Nying me tic pe
togglePasswordLabel=Nyut mung me donyo
notNowButtonText = &Pe Kombedi
neverForSiteButtonText = P&e matwal pi kakube man
rememberButtonText = &Poo
passwordChangeTitle = Mok loko mung me donyo
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (updatePasswordMsg):
# String is the username for the login.
updatePasswordMsg = I mito keto ngec manyen pi mung me donyo ma ki gwoko pi "%S"?
updatePasswordMsgNoUser = I mito keto ngec manyen pi mung me donyo ma ki gwoko ni?
userSelectText2 = Yer donyo iyie mene me aketa ngec manyen:
hidePasswords=Kan mung me donyo
showPasswords=Nyut mung me donyo
noMasterPasswordPrompt=Ada imito nyutu mungi me donyo?
removeAllPasswordsPrompt=Ada imito kwanyo woko mung me donyo weng?
removeAllPasswordsTitle=Kwany mung me donyo weng
removeLoginPrompt=Ada imito kwanyo woko donyo iye man?
removeLoginTitle=Kwany dony iye
autofillLoginsAndPasswords = Ket pirekene donyo iyie ki mung me donyo
loginsDescriptionAll2=Donyo iyie pi kakube magi ki gwoko gi i kompiuta mamegi
loginsDescriptionFiltered=Donyo iyie magi rwate ki yeny mamegi:
# This is used to show the context menu login items with their age.
# 1st string is the username for the login, 2nd is the login's age.
loginHostAge=%1$S (%2$S)
# String is used on the context menu when a login doesn't have a username.
noUsername=Nying me tic pe
duplicateLoginTitle=Dony iye dong tye
duplicateLogin=Dony iye marom dong tye.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (insecureFieldWarningDescription2, insecureFieldWarningDescription3):
# %1$S will contain insecureFieldWarningLearnMore and look like a link to indicate that clicking will open a tab with support information.
insecureFieldWarningDescription2 = Kube man pe tye ki ber bedo. Donyo iyie ma kiketo gi kany twero bedo ki goro. %1$S
insecureFieldWarningDescription3 = Donyo iyie ma kiketo gi kany twero bedo ki goro. %1$S
insecureFieldWarningLearnMore = Nong ngec mapol

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (viewSavedLogins.label):
# This label is used in the footer of login autocomplete menus.
viewSavedLogins.label= Nen donyo iyie ma kigwoko

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (removeAll, removeAllShown):
# removeAll and removeAllShown are both used on the same one button,
# never displayed together and can share the same accesskey.
# When only partial sites are shown as a result of keyword search,
# removeAllShown is displayed as button label.
# removeAll is displayed when no keyword search and all sites are shown.
removeAll.label=Kwany Weng
removeAllShown.label=Kwany ma kinyuto ni weng