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Tue, 07 May 2019 20:00:24 +0200
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Bug 1549779 - [onboarding] Initialize brandings.ftl

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY      savedLogins.title               "Donyo iyie ma kigwoko">

<!ENTITY      closebutton.label               "Lori">
<!ENTITY      closebutton.accesskey           "L">

<!ENTITY             "Kakube">
<!ENTITY      treehead.username.label         "Nying me tic">
<!ENTITY      treehead.password.label         "Mung me donyo">
<!ENTITY      treehead.timeCreated.label         "Kitiyo kwede mukwongo">
<!ENTITY      treehead.timeLastUsed.label        "Kitiyo kwede me agiki">
<!ENTITY      treehead.timePasswordChanged.label "Kiloko me agiki">
<!ENTITY      treehead.timesUsed.label           "Tyen ma kitiyo kwede">

<!ENTITY      remove.label                    "Kwany">
<!ENTITY      remove.accesskey                "K">

<!ENTITY      addLogin.label                  "Med dony iyie">
<!ENTITY      addLogin.accesskey              "d">

<!ENTITY      import.label                    "Kel ki woko…">
<!ENTITY      import.accesskey                "e">

<!ENTITY      searchFilter.label              "Yeny">
<!ENTITY      searchFilter.accesskey          "Y">

<!ENTITY      windowClose.key                 "w">
<!ENTITY      focusSearch1.key                "f">
<!ENTITY      focusSearch2.key                "k">

<!ENTITY      copySiteUrlCmd.label            "Lok URL">
<!ENTITY      copySiteUrlCmd.accesskey        "y">

<!ENTITY      copyPasswordCmd.label           "Lok mung me donyo">
<!ENTITY      copyPasswordCmd.accesskey       "L">

<!ENTITY      copyUsernameCmd.label           "Lok nying me tic">
<!ENTITY      copyUsernameCmd.accesskey       "y">

<!ENTITY      editPasswordCmd.label           "Yub mung me donyo">
<!ENTITY      editPasswordCmd.accesskey       "b">

<!ENTITY      editUsernameCmd.label           "Yub Nying me tic">
<!ENTITY      editUsernameCmd.accesskey       "b">

<!ENTITY      launchSiteUrlCmd.label          "Lim URL">
<!ENTITY      launchSiteUrlCmd.accesskey      "V">