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Add brand names for Relay and Firefox Profiler

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# These strings are used in the native GTK, Mac and Windows print dialogs.

# GTK titles:
optionsTabLabelGTK=Gin ayera

# Mac titles:
optionsTitleMac=Gin ayera:
appearanceTitleMac=Kit manen kwede:
pageHeadersTitleMac=Lawi pot buk:
pageFootersTitleMac=Te Pot Buk:

# Windows titles:
optionsTitleWindows=Gin ayera

# TRANSLATOR NOTE: For radio button labels and check button labels, an underscore _
# before a character will turn that character into an accesskey in the GTK dialog.
# e.g. "_As laid out" will make A the accesskey.
# In the Windows labels, use an ampersand (&).
# On Mac, underscores will be stripped.

shrinkToFit=Caa Woko Pimo ki keto Me M_ako Bor wi Pot Buk
selectionOnly=Go Yera_keken
printBGOptions=Go Jami manen i ngeye
printBGColors=Go rangi manen _I ngeye
printBGImages=Go cal manen _ingeye
headerFooter=Lawic ki Later Buk
left=Tung acam
right=Tung acuc
headerFooterTitle=Wie madito
headerFooterDate=Nino dwe/Cawa
headerFooterPage=Pot buk #
headerFooterPageTotal=Pot buk # me #
customHeaderFooterPrompt=Tim ber iket lawic buk cci kit ma jwi/later coc

summarySelectionOnlyTitle=Yer me goc
summaryShrinkToFitTitle=Jwik Wek Odony
summaryPrintBGColorsTitle=Go Rangi BG
summaryPrintBGImagesTitle=Go cal BG
summaryHeaderTitle=Lawi Pot Buk
summaryFooterTitle=Late Pot Buk
summaryOnValue=Dii ocak tic
summaryOffValue=Nek woko