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Pontoon: Update Acholi (ach) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Francesco Lodolo [:flod] <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# Download Cert dialog
# %S is a string representative of the certificate being downloaded/imported.
newCAMessage1=I mito geno "%S" pi tic magi?
unnamedCA=Twero me Waraga (pe kimino nying)

getPKCS12FilePasswordMessage=Tim ber i ket mung me donyo ma onongo kitiyo kwede me mungo catibiket man:

# Client auth
clientAuthRemember=Poo ikom moko tam man
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthNickAndSerial): Represents a single cert when the
# user is choosing from a list of certificates.
# %1$S is the nickname of the cert.
# %2$S is the serial number of the cert in AA:BB:CC hex format.
clientAuthNickAndSerial=%1$S [%2$S]
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthHostnameAndPort):
# %1$S is the hostname of the server.
# %2$S is the port of the server.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthMessage1): %S is the Organization of the server
# cert.
clientAuthMessage1=Dul: "%S"
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthMessage2): %S is the Organization of the issuer
# cert of the server cert.
clientAuthMessage2=Ki miyo ne Ite: "%S"
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthIssuedTo): %1$S is the Distinguished Name of the
# currently selected client cert, such as "CN=John Doe,OU=Example" (without
# quotes).
clientAuthIssuedTo=Kimiyo bot: %1$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthSerial): %1$S is the serial number of the selected
# cert in AA:BB:CC hex format.
clientAuthSerial=Ciral namba: %1$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthValidityPeriod):
# %1$S is the already localized notBefore date of the selected cert.
# %2$S is the already localized notAfter date of the selected cert.
clientAuthValidityPeriod=Tiyo cake i %1$S wa i %2$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthKeyUsages): %1$S is a comma separated list of
# already localized key usages the selected cert is valid for.
clientAuthKeyUsages=Tic ne mapire tek: %1$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthEmailAddresses): %1$S is a comma separated list of
# e-mail addresses the selected cert is valid for.
clientAuthEmailAddresses=Kanonge me email: %1$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthIssuedBy): %1$S is the Distinguished Name of the
# cert which issued the selected cert.
clientAuthIssuedBy=Lamiyo ne aye: %1$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(clientAuthStoredOn): %1$S is the name of the PKCS #11 token
# the selected cert is stored on.
clientAuthStoredOn=Kigwoko i: %1$S

# Page Info
pageInfo_NoEncryption=Kube Pe Kicono
pageInfo_Privacy_None1=Kakube %S pe cwako coc me pot buk ma itye kaneno.
pageInfo_Privacy_None2=Gicwalo Ngec iwi Intanet labongo coc ma romo neno gi jo mapat kun tero.\u0020 
pageInfo_Privacy_None4=Pot buk ma itye kaneno ni pe ki mungo ma onongo pwod pe kicwalo iwi Intanet.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (pageInfo_EncryptionWithBitsAndProtocol and pageInfo_BrokenEncryption):
# %1$S is the name of the encryption standard,
# %2$S is the key size of the cipher.
# %3$S is protocol version like "SSL 3" or "TLS 1.2"
pageInfo_EncryptionWithBitsAndProtocol=Kube kimungo woko (%1$S, %2$S bit keys, %3$S)
pageInfo_BrokenEncryption=Loko ngec i kod ma otur (%1$S, %2$S bit keys, %3$S)
pageInfo_Privacy_Encrypted1=Pot buk ma itye kaneno gicono woko mapwod gicwalo iwi Intanet.
pageInfo_Privacy_Encrypted2=Mungo coc miyo bedo tek pi jo mape ki twero me neno ngec mawoto ikin kompiuta. Ka dong man pe romo twere ni ngat mo okwano pot buk man ma tye kawot arir i kube.
pageInfo_MixedContent=Kicono Kube Maber
pageInfo_MixedContent2=Dul kom pot buk ma itye kaneno gucono woko mapwod gicwalo iwi intanet.
pageInfo_WeakCipher=Kube ni ki kakube man tiyo ki loko ngec i kod ma goro ki pe tye i mung. Jo mukene twero nno ngec mamegi onyo yiko kit kakube.

# Token Manager
password_not_set=(pe kitero) 
enable_fips=Mii tic me FIPS