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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# LOCALIZATION NOTE These strings are used inside the Performance Tools
# which is available from the Web Developer sub-menu -> 'Performance'.
# The correct localization of this file might be to keep it in
# English, or another language commonly spoken among web developers.
# You want to make that choice consistent across the developer tools.
# A good criteria is the language in which you'd find the best
# documentation on web development on the web. These strings
# are specifically for marker names in the performance tool.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (marker.label.*):
# These strings are displayed in the Performance Tool waterfall, identifying markers.
# We want to use the same wording as Google Chrome when appropriate.
marker.label.styles=Nwo ribo wel Kit
marker.label.paint=Wiro ki rangi
marker.label.composite=Composite Layers
marker.label.compositeForwardTransaction=Kicwalo Composite Request
marker.label.javascript=Lwongo me Tic
marker.label.parseHTML=Ngi HTML
marker.label.parseXML=Ngi XML
marker.label.domevent=Time pa DOM
marker.label.garbageCollection2=Coko yugi
marker.label.garbageCollection.incremental=GC ma kimedo
marker.label.garbageCollection.nonIncremental=GC ma pe mede
marker.label.cycleCollection=Coko lawala
marker.label.cycleCollection.forgetSkippable=Dwoko CC me Graph
marker.label.timestamp=Cawa me gin matime
marker.label.unknown=Pe ngene

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (marker.label.javascript.*):
# These strings are displayed as JavaScript markers that have special
# reasons that can be translated.
marker.label.javascript.scriptElement=Nyig coc
marker.label.javascript.promiseCallback=Lwongo cen me Cike
marker.label.javascript.promiseInit=Acaki me Promise
marker.label.javascript.jsURI=URI me JavaScript
marker.label.javascript.eventHandler=Lalor gin matime

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (marker.field.*):
# Strings used in the waterfall sidebar as property names.

# General marker fields

# General "reason" for a marker (JavaScript, Garbage Collection)
# General "type" for a marker (Cycle Collection, Garbage Collection)
# General "label" for a marker (user defined)

# Field names for stack values
marker.field.stack=Can me matangula:
marker.field.startStack=Omoko i acaki:
marker.field.endStack=Omoko i agiki:

# %S is the "Async Cause" of a marker, and this signifies that the cause
# was an asynchronous one in a displayed stack.
marker.field.asyncStack=(Pe rom: %S)

# For console.time markers
marker.field.consoleTimerName=Nying lapim cawa:

# For DOM Event markers
marker.field.DOMEventType=Kit pa time:

# Non-incremental cause for a Garbage Collection marker
marker.field.nonIncrementalCause=Lok mape mede:

# For "Recalculate Style" markers

# The type of operation performed by a Worker.
marker.worker.serializeDataOffMainThread=Can data ma i Worker
marker.worker.serializeDataOnMainThread=Can data ma i wuci mapire tek
marker.worker.deserializeDataOffMainThread=Ket kin data ma i Worker
marker.worker.deserializeDataOnMainThread=Ket kin data ma i wuci mapire tek

# The type of operation performed by a MessagePort

# Strings used in the waterfall sidebar as values.
marker.value.unknownFrame=<kabedo ma pe ngene>
marker.value.DOMEventTargetPhase=Ma kimito
marker.value.DOMEventBubblingPhase=Twak bwoyo

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (marker.gcreason.label.*):
# These strings are used to give a concise but readable description of a GC reason.
marker.gcreason.label.API=Lwongo me API
marker.gcreason.label.EAGER_ALLOC_TRIGGER=Lacak miti me pok
marker.gcreason.label.DESTROY_RUNTIME=Lor woko
marker.gcreason.label.LAST_DITCH=Kakano peke
marker.gcreason.label.TOO_MUCH_MALLOC=Kipoko Byte mapol ata
marker.gcreason.label.ALLOC_TRIGGER=Pok mapol ata
marker.gcreason.label.DEBUG_GC=Nong bal i GC
marker.gcreason.label.COMPARTMENT_REVIVED=Kicero Global
marker.gcreason.label.RESET=Tyek lawala ma mede
marker.gcreason.label.OUT_OF_NURSERY=Nursery opong woko
marker.gcreason.label.EVICT_NURSERY=Ryemo Nursery
marker.gcreason.label.FULL_STORE_BUFFER=Jami me Nursery tye katic tutwal
marker.gcreason.label.SHARED_MEMORY_LIMIT=Pok madwong pe olare
marker.gcreason.label.PERIODIC_FULL_GC=GC me Periodic ma opong
marker.gcreason.label.INCREMENTAL_TOO_SLOW=Pok woto ma dwir tutwal
marker.gcreason.label.MEM_PRESSURE=Kakan manok
marker.gcreason.label.CC_FORCED=Coko lawala aye odiyo
marker.gcreason.label.LOAD_END=Cano potbuk otum woko
marker.gcreason.label.PAGE_HIDE=Kicwalo i ngeye
marker.gcreason.label.NSJSCONTEXT_DESTROY=Bal ma orumo JS
marker.gcreason.label.SET_NEW_DOCUMENT=Dokumen manyen
marker.gcreason.label.SET_DOC_SHELL=Dokumen manyen
marker.gcreason.label.DOM_UTILS=Lwongo me API
marker.gcreason.label.DOM_WORKER=GC pa Periodic Worker
marker.gcreason.label.INTER_SLICE_GC=But GC me Periodic ma mede
marker.gcreason.label.FULL_GC_TIMER=GC me Periodic ma opong
marker.gcreason.label.SHUTDOWN_CC=Lor woko
marker.gcreason.label.DOM_WINDOW_UTILS=Latic pe katic
marker.gcreason.label.USER_INACTIVE=Latic pe katic

# The name of a nursery collection.