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Tue, 07 May 2019 20:00:24 +0200
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Bug 1549779 - [onboarding] Initialize brandings.ftl

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY  pageInfoWindow.width  "600">
<!ENTITY  pageInfoWindow.height "550">

<!ENTITY  copy.key              "C">
<!ENTITY  copy.label            "Lok">
<!ENTITY  copy.accesskey        "L">
<!ENTITY  selectall.key         "A">
<!ENTITY  selectall.label       "Yer weng">
<!ENTITY  selectall.accesskey   "w">
<!ENTITY  closeWindow.key       "w">

<!ENTITY  generalTab            "Lumuku">
<!ENTITY  generalTab.accesskey  "G">
<!ENTITY  generalTitle          "Wiye madit:">
<!ENTITY  generalURL            "Kanonge:">
<!ENTITY  generalType           "Kit:">
<!ENTITY  generalMode           "Kit me nyuto:">
<!ENTITY  generalSize           "Dit:">
<!ENTITY  generalReferrer       "URL ma tiko:">
<!ENTITY  generalSource         "Kama kakano nonge iye:">
<!ENTITY  generalModified       "Kiyubu:">
<!ENTITY  generalEncoding2      "Loko coc i kod:">
<!ENTITY  generalMetaName       "Nying">
<!ENTITY  generalMetaContent    "Gin manonge iye">

<!ENTITY  mediaTab              "Adyere">
<!ENTITY  mediaTab.accesskey    "M">
<!ENTITY  mediaLocation         "Kabedo:">
<!ENTITY  mediaText             "Coc marwate:">
<!ENTITY  mediaAltHeader        "Coc ma leyo aleya">
<!ENTITY  mediaAddress          "Kanonge">
<!ENTITY  mediaType             "Kit">
<!ENTITY  mediaSize             "Dit">
<!ENTITY  mediaCount            "Kwano">
<!ENTITY  mediaDimension        "Kit dite:">
<!ENTITY  mediaLongdesc         "Lok ikome mabor:">
<!ENTITY  mediaBlockImage.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY  mediaSaveAs           "Gwok calo…">
<!ENTITY  mediaSaveAs.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY  mediaSaveAs2.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY  mediaPreview          "Neno adyere:">

<!ENTITY  feedTab               "Lok">
<!ENTITY  feedTab.accesskey     "F">
<!ENTITY  feedSubscribe         "Cone">
<!ENTITY  feedSubscribe.accesskey "u">

<!ENTITY  permTab               "Rukuca">
<!ENTITY  permTab.accesskey     "P">
<!ENTITY  permUseDefault        "Tii ki makwongo">
<!ENTITY  permAskAlways         "Peny jwijwi">
<!ENTITY  permAllow             "Ye">
<!ENTITY  permAllowSession      "Ye pi kare">
<!ENTITY  permHide              "Kan">
<!ENTITY  permBlock             "Geng">
<!ENTITY  permissionsFor        "Rukuca pi:">
<!ENTITY  permPlugins           "Cak larwak">

<!ENTITY  securityTab           "Ber bedo">
<!ENTITY  securityTab.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY  securityView.certView "Nen karatac lok ada">
<!ENTITY  securityView.accesskey "V">
<!ENTITY  securityView.unknown   "Pe ngene">

<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.header   "Gin ma moko ada pa kakube">
<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.owner    "Rwode:">
<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.domain   "Kakube:">
<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.verifier "Lamoko ne aye:">
<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.validity "Kare ne bitum i:">

<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.header                   "Mung ki gin mukato">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.history                  "Mono alimo kakube man con mapat ki tin?">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.cookies                  "Kakube man tye kakano ngec (angija) i komputa mamega?">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewCookies              "Nen angija">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewCookies.accessKey    "k">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.siteData                 "Kakube man tye kakano ngec i kompiuta mamega?">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.clearSiteData            "Jwa Angija ki Data me kakube">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.clearSiteData.accessKey  "J">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.passwords                "Mono agwoko mung me donyo pi kakube man?">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewPasswords            "Nen mung me donyo ma kigwoko">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewPasswords.accessKey  "w">

<!ENTITY  securityView.technical.header                 "Lok matut pi ludiro ne">

<!ENTITY  helpButton.label                              "Kony">