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Pontoon: Update Acholi (ach) localization of Firefox Localization authors: - denish <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

profileName_format=%S %S

# Browser Specific
sourceNameIE=Internet Explorer
sourceNameEdge=Microsoft Edge
sourceNameCanary=Google Chrome Canary
sourceNameChrome=Google Chrome
sourceNameChromeBeta=Google Chrome Beta
sourceNameChromeDev=Google Chrome Dev
sourceNameFirefox=Mozilla Firefox
sourceName360se=360 layeny ma tye ki ber bedo

importedBookmarksFolder=Ki i %S

importedSafariReadingList=Kwano nying (Ki i Safari)
importedEdgeReadingList=Jami akwana (Ki i Edge)

# Import Sources
# Note: When adding an import source for profile reset, add the string name to
# resetProfile.js if it should be listed in the reset dialog.
1_ie=Gin ayera me Intanet


4_ie=Gin mukato me yeny
4_edge=Gin mukato me yeny
4_safari=Gin mukato me yeny
4_chrome=Gin mukato me yeny
4_firefox_history_and_bookmarks=Gin mukato me yeny kacel ki Alama me buk
4_360se=Gin mukato me yeny

8_ie=Kigwoko ki i Gin mukato
8_edge=Kigwoko ki i Gin mukato
8_safari=Kigwoko ki i Gin mukato
8_chrome=Kigwoko ki i Gin mukato
8_firefox=Kigwoko ki i Gin mukato
8_360se=Kigwoko ki i Gin mukato

16_ie=Mung me donyo ma kigwoko
16_edge=Mung me donyo ma kigwoko
16_safari=Mung me donyo ma kigwoko
16_chrome=Mung me donyo ma kigwoko
16_firefox=Mung me donyo ma kigwoko
16_360se=Mung me donyo ma kigwoko

32_ie=Ma imaro loyo
32_edge=Ma imaro loyo
32_safari=Alama buk
32_chrome=Alama buk
32_360se=Alama buk

64_ie=Tic mukene
64_edge=Data mukene
64_safari=Tic mukene
64_chrome=Tic mukene
64_firefox_other=Tic mukene
64_360se=Data mukene

128_firefox=Dirica ki dirica matino

# Automigration undo notification.
# %1$S will be replaced with brandShortName, %2$S will be replaced with the name of the browser we imported from
automigration.undo.message2.all              = Pye cut i %1$S! Kel kakube ni ma imaro loyo, alamabuk, gin mukato ki mung me donyo ki i %2$S.
automigration.undo.message2.bookmarks        = Pye cut i %1$S! Kel kakube ni ma imaro loyo ki alamabuk ki i %2$S.
automigration.undo.message2.bookmarks.logins = Pye cut i %1$S! Kel kakube ni ma imaro loyo, alamabuk ki mung me donyo ki i %2$S.
automigration.undo.message2.bookmarks.visits = Pye cut i %1$S! Kel kakube ni ma imaro loyo, alamabuk ki gin mukato ki i %2$S.
automigration.undo.message2.logins           = Pye cut i %1$S! Kel mung me donyo mamegi ki i %2$S.
automigration.undo.message2.logins.visits    = Pye cut i %1$S! Kel kakube ni ma imaro loyo, gin mukato ki mung me donyo ki i %2$S.
automigration.undo.message2.visits           = Pye cut i %1$S! Kel kakube ni ma imaro loyo ki gin mukato ki i %2$S.
automigration.undo.keep2.label            = AYA, Aniang
automigration.undo.keep2.accesskey        = A
automigration.undo.dontkeep2.label        = Pe Apwoyo
automigration.undo.dontkeep2.accesskey    = P
automigration.undo.unknownbrowser         = Layeny mape ngene