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Bug 1549561 - Migrate strings from to aboutCertError.ftl

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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<!ENTITY migrationWizard.title          "Kel Wizard ki woko">

<!ENTITY importFrom.label               "Gin ayera me Kelo ki woko, Alama me buk, Gin mukato, Mung me donyo kacel ki tic mogo ki bot:">
<!ENTITY importFromUnix.label           "Kel ki woko ter, Alama me buk, Gin mukato, Mung me donyo kacel ki tic mogo kibot:">
<!ENTITY importFromBookmarks.label      "Kel Alama buk kiwoko ki bot:">

<!ENTITY importFromIE.label             "Microsoft Internet Explorer">
<!ENTITY importFromIE.accesskey         "M">
<!ENTITY importFromEdge.label           "Microsoft Edge">
<!ENTITY importFromEdge.accesskey       "E">
<!ENTITY importFromNothing.label        "Pe ikel gin mo ki woko">
<!ENTITY importFromNothing.accesskey    "P">
<!ENTITY importFromSafari.label         "Safari">
<!ENTITY importFromSafari.accesskey     "S">
<!ENTITY importFromCanary.label         "Chrome Canary">
<!ENTITY importFromCanary.accesskey     "n">
<!ENTITY importFromChrome.label         "Chrome">
<!ENTITY importFromChrome.accesskey     "C">
<!ENTITY importFromChromeBeta.label     "Chrome Beta">
<!ENTITY importFromChromeBeta.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY importFromChromeDev.label      "Chrome Dev">
<!ENTITY importFromChromeDev.accesskey  "D">
<!ENTITY importFromChromium.label       "Chromium">
<!ENTITY importFromChromium.accesskey   "u">
<!ENTITY importFromFirefox.label        "Firefox">
<!ENTITY importFromFirefox.accesskey    "x">
<!ENTITY importFrom360se.label          "360 layeny ma tye ki ber bedo">
<!ENTITY importFrom360se.accesskey      "3">

<!ENTITY noMigrationSources.label       "Pe tye purugram mo matye ki tic me alama buk, gin mukato onyo mung me donyo ma kiromo nongo.">

<!ENTITY importSource.title             "Kel Ter kacel ki Tic ki woko">
<!ENTITY importItems.title              "Jami me akela ki woko">
<!ENTITY importItems.label              "Yer jami me akela ki woko:">

<!ENTITY migrating.title                "Kelo ki woko…">
<!ENTITY migrating.label                "Jami magi kombedi kitye ka kelo ki woko…">

<!ENTITY selectProfile.title            "Yer Profile">
<!ENTITY selectProfile.label            "Profile magi nonge me kel ki iye:">

<!ENTITY done.title                     "Kel ki woko otum">
<!ENTITY done.label                     "Jami magi okele maber ki woko:">

<!ENTITY closeSourceBrowser.label       "Tim ber inen ni layeny ma kiyero ni kiloro woko mapud pe imede anyim.">