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Pontoon: Update Acholi (ach) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Francesco Lodolo [:flod] <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

protections-panel-sendreportview-error = Bal mo obedo tye ikare me cwalo ripot. Tim ber item doki lacen.

# A link shown when ETP is disabled for a site. Opens the breakage report subview when clicked.
protections-panel-sitefixedsendreport-label = Kiyubo kakube? Cwal ripot

## These strings are used to define the different levels of
## Enhanced Tracking Protection.


# The link to be clicked to open the sub-panel view
protections-panel-site-not-working = Kakube pe tye katic?

# The heading/title of the sub-panel view
protections-panel-site-not-working-view =
    .title = Kakube Pe tye Katic?

## The "Allowed" header also includes a "Why?" link that, when hovered, shows
## a tooltip explaining why these items were not blocked in the page.

protections-panel-not-blocking-why-label = Pi ngo?
protections-panel-not-blocking-why-etp-off-tooltip = Kicano lulub kor weng ma i kakube man pien kijuko gwokke woko.


protections-panel-no-trackers-found = Pe tye lulub kor mo ma ngene bot { -brand-short-name } ma ononge i potbuk man.

## In the protections panel, Content Blocking category items are in three sections:
##   "Blocked" for categories being blocked in the current page,
##   "Allowed" for categories detected but not blocked in the current page, and
##   "None Detected" for categories not detected in the current page.
##   These strings are used in the header labels of each of these sections.

protections-panel-blocking-label = Kigengo
protections-panel-not-blocking-label = Ki yee
protections-panel-not-found-label = Pe ki Nongo mo


## In the Site Not Working? view, we suggest turning off protections if
## the user is experiencing issues with any of a variety of functionality.

# The header of the list
protections-panel-site-not-working-view-header = Juk woko gwokke kacce itye kanongo peko ki:

protections-panel-site-not-working-view-issue-list-forms = Pwom
protections-panel-site-not-working-view-issue-list-payments = Cul
protections-panel-site-not-working-view-issue-list-comments = Tam
protections-panel-site-not-working-view-issue-list-videos = Video

protections-panel-site-not-working-view-send-report = Cwal ripot


protections-panel-content-blocking-breakage-report-view-description = Gengo lulub kor moni mogo twero kelo peko ki kakube mogo. Miyo ripot ikom peko magi konyo weko { -brand-short-name } bedo ber pi dano weng. Cwalo ripot man bicwalo URL ki ngec ikom ter me layeny mamegi bot Mozilla. <label data-l10n-name="learn-more">Nong ngec mapol</label>
protections-panel-content-blocking-breakage-report-view-collection-url = URL
protections-panel-content-blocking-breakage-report-view-collection-url-label =
    .aria-label = URL
protections-panel-content-blocking-breakage-report-view-cancel =
    .label = Juki
protections-panel-content-blocking-breakage-report-view-send-report =
    .label = Cwal Ripot