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Bug 1549779 - [onboarding] Initialize brandings.ftl

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

restore-page-tab-title = Dwok kare
# The title is intended to be apologetic and disarming, expressing dismay
# and regret that we are unable to restore the session for the user
restore-page-error-title = Wa kwayo kica. Wa tye ka nongo peko i dwoko potbuk mamegi cen.
restore-page-problem-desc = Wa tye ka nongo peko i dwoko kare me yeny mamegi ma ogiko. Yer dwok kare mukato cen me temo doki.
restore-page-try-this = Pud pe twero dwoko cen kare mamegi? Kare mukene dirica matidi aye tye ka kelo peko. Nen dirica matino mukato, kwany woko gwet ki i dirica matino ma pe imito dwoko cen, ka dong i dwok cen.
restore-page-hide-tabs = Kan dirica matino mukato
restore-page-show-tabs = Nen dirica matino mukato
# When tabs are distributed across multiple windows, this message is used as a
# header above the group of tabs for each window.
# Variables:
#    $windowNumber: Progressive number associated to each window
restore-page-window-label = Dirica { $windowNumber }
restore-page-restore-header =
    .label = Dwok
restore-page-list-header =
    .label = Dirica ki dirica matino
restore-page-try-again-button =
    .label = Dwok kare
    .accesskey = D
restore-page-close-button =
    .label = Cak kare manyen
    .accesskey = N

## The following strings are used in about:welcomeback

welcome-back-tab-title = Loc!
welcome-back-page-title = Loc!
welcome-back-page-info = { -brand-short-name } tye ayuba me wot.
welcome-back-restore-button =
    .label = Waciti!
    .accesskey = L
welcome-back-restore-all-label = Dwok dirica ki dirica matino weng
welcome-back-restore-some-label = Nwo cano ma imito keken
welcome-back-page-info-link = Kikwanyo med-ikome ki yik mamegi woko ki ter me layeny mamegi kidwoko i makwongo. Kace man pe oyubo peko, <a data-l10n-name="link-more">ngong ngec mapol ikom ngo ma itwero timo.</a>