Bug 831733 - GC: Transplant jsapi test (testBug604087) fails with rooting analysis r=billm
authorJon Coppeard <jcoppeard@mozilla.com>
Thu, 17 Jan 2013 10:09:14 +0000
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Bug 831733 - GC: Transplant jsapi test (testBug604087) fails with rooting analysis r=billm
--- a/js/src/jscompartment.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jscompartment.cpp
@@ -15,16 +15,17 @@
 #include "jsmath.h"
 #include "jsproxy.h"
 #include "jsscope.h"
 #include "jswatchpoint.h"
 #include "jswrapper.h"
 #include "assembler/wtf/Platform.h"
 #include "gc/Marking.h"
+#include "gc/Root.h"
 #include "js/MemoryMetrics.h"
 #include "methodjit/MethodJIT.h"
 #include "methodjit/PolyIC.h"
 #include "methodjit/MonoIC.h"
 #include "methodjit/Retcon.h"
 #include "vm/Debugger.h"
 #include "yarr/BumpPointerAllocator.h"
@@ -238,26 +239,30 @@ WrapForSameCompartment(JSContext *cx, Ha
     return true;
 JSCompartment::putWrapper(const CrossCompartmentKey &wrapped, const js::Value &wrapper)
+    JS_ASSERT(!IsPoisonedPtr(wrapped.wrapped));
+    JS_ASSERT(!IsPoisonedPtr(wrapped.debugger));
+    JS_ASSERT(!IsPoisonedPtr(wrapper.toGCThing()));
     JS_ASSERT_IF(wrapped.kind == CrossCompartmentKey::StringWrapper, wrapper.isString());
     JS_ASSERT_IF(wrapped.kind != CrossCompartmentKey::StringWrapper, wrapper.isObject());
     // todo: uncomment when bug 815999 is fixed:
     // JS_ASSERT(!wrapped.wrapped->isMarked(gc::GRAY));
     return crossCompartmentWrappers.put(wrapped, wrapper);
-JSCompartment::wrap(JSContext *cx, Value *vp, JSObject *existing)
+JSCompartment::wrap(JSContext *cx, Value *vp, JSObject *existingArg)
+    RootedObject existing(cx, existingArg);
     JS_ASSERT(cx->compartment == this);
     JS_ASSERT_IF(existing, existing->compartment() == cx->compartment);
     JS_ASSERT_IF(existing, vp->isObject());
     JS_ASSERT_IF(existing, IsDeadProxyObject(existing));
     unsigned flags = 0;
     JS_CHECK_CHROME_RECURSION(cx, return false);
--- a/js/src/jswrapper.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jswrapper.cpp
@@ -1044,18 +1044,20 @@ js::NukeCrossCompartmentWrappers(JSConte
     return JS_TRUE;
 // Given a cross-compartment wrapper |wobj|, update it to point to
 // |newTarget|. This recomputes the wrapper with JS_WrapValue, and thus can be
 // useful even if wrapper already points to newTarget.
-js::RemapWrapper(JSContext *cx, JSObject *wobj, JSObject *newTarget)
+js::RemapWrapper(JSContext *cx, JSObject *wobjArg, JSObject *newTargetArg)
+    RootedObject wobj(cx, wobjArg);
+    RootedObject newTarget(cx, newTargetArg);
     JSObject *origTarget = Wrapper::wrappedObject(wobj);
     Value origv = ObjectValue(*origTarget);
     JSCompartment *wcompartment = wobj->compartment();
     // If we're mapping to a different target (as opposed to just recomputing
@@ -1072,19 +1074,19 @@ js::RemapWrapper(JSContext *cx, JSObject
     // When we remove origv from the wrapper map, its wrapper, wobj, must
     // immediately cease to be a cross-compartment wrapper. Neuter it.
     NukeCrossCompartmentWrapper(cx, wobj);
     // First, we wrap it in the new compartment. We try to use the existing
     // wrapper, |wobj|, since it's been nuked anyway. The wrap() function has
     // the choice to reuse |wobj| or not.
-    JSObject *tobj = newTarget;
+    RootedObject tobj(cx, newTarget);
     AutoCompartment ac(cx, wobj);
-    if (!wcompartment->wrap(cx, &tobj, wobj))
+    if (!wcompartment->wrap(cx, tobj.address(), wobj))
     // If wrap() reused |wobj|, it will have overwritten it and returned with
     // |tobj == wobj|. Otherwise, |tobj| will point to a new wrapper and |wobj|
     // will still be nuked. In the latter case, we replace |wobj| with the
     // contents of the new wrapper in |tobj|.
     if (tobj != wobj) {
         // Now, because we need to maintain object identity, we do a brain
@@ -1102,20 +1104,21 @@ js::RemapWrapper(JSContext *cx, JSObject
     // wrapper, which has now been updated (via reuse or swap).
     wcompartment->putWrapper(ObjectValue(*newTarget), ObjectValue(*wobj));
     return true;
 // Remap all cross-compartment wrappers pointing to |oldTarget| to point to
 // |newTarget|. All wrappers are recomputed.
-js::RemapAllWrappersForObject(JSContext *cx, JSObject *oldTarget,
-                              JSObject *newTarget)
+js::RemapAllWrappersForObject(JSContext *cx, JSObject *oldTargetArg,
+                              JSObject *newTargetArg)
-    Value origv = ObjectValue(*oldTarget);
+    RootedValue origv(cx, ObjectValue(*oldTargetArg));
+    RootedObject newTarget(cx, newTargetArg);
     AutoWrapperVector toTransplant(cx);
     if (!toTransplant.reserve(cx->runtime->compartments.length()))
         return false;
     for (CompartmentsIter c(cx->runtime); !c.done(); c.next()) {
         if (WrapperMap::Ptr wp = c->lookupWrapper(origv)) {
             // We found a wrapper. Remember and root it.