Bug 1130811 - Handle various miscellaneous nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
authorJeff Walden <jwalden@mit.edu>
Tue, 10 Feb 2015 01:00:02 -0800
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Bug 1130811 - Handle various miscellaneous nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
--- a/js/src/frontend/ParseNode.cpp
+++ b/js/src/frontend/ParseNode.cpp
@@ -211,19 +211,23 @@ PushBinaryNodeChildren(ParseNode *node, 
     return PushResult::Recyclable;
 static PushResult
 PushBinaryNodeNullableChildren(ParseNode *node, NodeStack *stack)
     MOZ_ASSERT(node->isArity(PN_BINARY) || node->isArity(PN_BINARY_OBJ));
-    // This is *probably* PNK_SHORTHAND, but that's not yet clear.
-    if (node->pn_left != node->pn_right)
+    if (node->pn_left != node->pn_right) {
+        // XXX Is it ever the case that left == right any more?  I think this
+        //     used to be PNK_SHORTHAND, but its two children are now different
+        //     nodes that are structurally equivalent, so PNK_SHORTHAND doesn't
+        //     require this.
+    }
     return PushResult::Recyclable;
 static PushResult
 CanRecycleNullaryNode(ParseNode *node, NodeStack *stack)
@@ -285,31 +289,51 @@ PushNodeChildren(ParseNode *pn, NodeStac
       case PNK_COMPUTED_NAME:
       case PNK_ARRAYPUSH:
       case PNK_SPREAD:
       case PNK_MUTATEPROTO:
       case PNK_EXPORT:
         return PushUnaryNodeChild(pn, stack);
-      // Assignment nodes are binary with two non-null children.
+      // Nodes with a single nullable child.
+      case PNK_SEMI:
+        return PushUnaryNodeNullableChild(pn, stack);
+      // Binary nodes with two non-null children.
+      // All assignment and compound assignment nodes qualify.
       case PNK_ASSIGN:
       case PNK_ADDASSIGN:
       case PNK_SUBASSIGN:
       case PNK_BITORASSIGN:
       case PNK_LSHASSIGN:
       case PNK_RSHASSIGN:
       case PNK_URSHASSIGN:
       case PNK_MULASSIGN:
       case PNK_DIVASSIGN:
       case PNK_MODASSIGN:
+      // ...and a few others.
+      case PNK_COLON:
+      case PNK_CASE:
+      case PNK_SHORTHAND:
         return PushBinaryNodeChildren(pn, stack);
+      // Default nodes, for dumb reasons that we're not changing now (mostly
+      // structural semi-consistency with PNK_CASE nodes), have a null left
+      // node and a non-null right node.
+      case PNK_DEFAULT: {
+        MOZ_ASSERT(pn->isArity(PN_BINARY));
+        MOZ_ASSERT(pn->pn_left == nullptr);
+        stack->push(pn->pn_right);
+        return PushResult::Recyclable;
+      }
       // List nodes with all non-null children.
       case PNK_OR:
       case PNK_AND:
       case PNK_BITOR:
       case PNK_BITXOR:
       case PNK_BITAND:
       case PNK_STRICTEQ:
       case PNK_EQ:
@@ -327,42 +351,37 @@ PushNodeChildren(ParseNode *pn, NodeStac
       case PNK_ADD:
       case PNK_SUB:
       case PNK_STAR:
       case PNK_DIV:
       case PNK_MOD:
       case PNK_COMMA:
       case PNK_ARRAY:
       case PNK_OBJECT:
+      case PNK_VAR:
+      case PNK_CONST:
+      case PNK_GLOBALCONST:
         return PushListNodeChildren(pn, stack);
-      case PNK_SEMI:
       case PNK_CONDITIONAL:
-      case PNK_COLON:
-      case PNK_SHORTHAND:
       case PNK_DOT:
       case PNK_ELEM:
       case PNK_LABEL:
       case PNK_CALL:
       case PNK_NAME:
       case PNK_CALLSITEOBJ:
       case PNK_FUNCTION:
       case PNK_IF:
       case PNK_SWITCH:
-      case PNK_CASE:
-      case PNK_DEFAULT:
       case PNK_WHILE:
       case PNK_DOWHILE:
       case PNK_FOR:
-      case PNK_VAR:
-      case PNK_CONST:
-      case PNK_GLOBALCONST:
       case PNK_WITH:
       case PNK_RETURN:
       case PNK_NEW:
       case PNK_TRY:
       case PNK_CATCH:
       case PNK_CATCHLIST:
       case PNK_YIELD:
       case PNK_YIELD_STAR: