Bug 1471004 - ignore partner_subset if it's an empty list. r=tomprince a=release
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Wed, 05 Jun 2019 15:04:12 -0700
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Bug 1471004 - ignore partner_subset if it's an empty list. r=tomprince a=release The relpro action requires a list for partner_subset and defaults to `[]`. In `get_partner_config_by_url` we check to see `if partner_subset`, ignoring the subset if it's an empty list. We either need to do the same thing in `get_partner_config_by_kind`, or we need to allow for a `null` value in the action (or populate an empty `partner_subset` with the partners from the partner config in the action) Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D33861
--- a/taskcluster/taskgraph/util/partners.py
+++ b/taskcluster/taskgraph/util/partners.py
@@ -322,17 +322,17 @@ def get_partner_config_by_kind(config, k
     # TODO eme-free should be a partner; we shouldn't care about per-kind
     for k in partner_configs:
         if kind.startswith(k):
             kind_config = partner_configs[k]
         return {}
     # if we're only interested in a subset of partners we remove the rest
-    if isinstance(partner_subset, (list, tuple)):
+    if partner_subset:
         # TODO - should be fatal to have an unknown partner in partner_subset
         for partner in kind_config.keys():
             if partner not in partner_subset:
     return kind_config